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  1. Trust me, the Majestic Q400 is very much in development. It's slow going, but that's because it is going to be made right, and not rushed onto the market. It is also going to perform superb compared to the real thing. It is awesome, even now.
  2. The Majestic Q400 will be far more advanced than anything I've seen released as freeware, and that includes PMDG.
  3. Very cheesy. I am so glad my airline doesn't issue hats.
  4. This thread is years old. There's another up to date thread running in the forums where I collated all the requests into a large list. Suffice to say there's more than 4 aircraft in it . It can be found here
  5. The wife didn't say that earlier when she came home to a ½ painted hallway :DIt's the winter season, I'm not exactly rushed off my feet.
  6. This thread is so long that it's hard to decipher what is wanted the most. It's just as well you had me to come to the rescue. I am in the middle of 10 days off work with nothing better to do so I went through the whole thread and made an excel spreadsheet of the planes people would like to see. There's alot of generics in this list, along with alot of, how can I say it, "odd" suggestions. I have tried not to duplicate where people have posted more than once, so there maybe the odd addition that was there twice. We can use this thread to keep count further down the line. Here goes.46 x Boeing 78741 x Boeing 77731 x Airbus 33030 x CRJ24 x BAE 14622 x Airbus 34021 x Boeing 71720 x Boeing 744 Remake19 x Airbus 32019 x RJ85/10016 x Boeing 76714 x Airbus 38013 x C-17 Globemaster12 x Airbus12 x Dash 8 Q40012 x Lockheed Tristar10 x Boeing 737 Classic10 x Boeing 747-800I/F9 x ATR-42/729 x DC-108 x Embraer Brazillia8 x King Air 200/3507 x Boeing 7277 x Boeing 7577 x MD-806 x Gulfstream 5505 x B1900D5 x Boeing 747 Classic5 x Dash 84 x Boeing 7074 x Boeing 737NGX for FS94 x Concorde4 x DC-84 x Fokker 504 x IL-963 x Airbus 3003 x Airbus 3103 x Airbus 3503 x AN-2253 x BAE ATP3 x Dassault Falcon 73 x Dornier 3283 x Embraer 170/1903 x Gulfstream 6503 x MD-903 x Saab 3403 x Tupolev 1542 x Beechcraft Baron2 x Bizjets2 x Convair2 x DC-42 x DC-92 x Global Express2 x F-162 x Fokker 282 x Learjet 452 x Saab 20002 x TBM 8502 x Tupolev 2042 x VC-101 x AN-121 x AN-1241 x AN-321 x B1-B Lancer1 x BA-609 Tilt Lifter1 x Boeing 747-SP1 x Boeing BBJ1 x Boeing Dreamlifter1 x C130 Hercules1 x Cessna 1621 x Cessna 172RG1 x Cessna Caravan1 x Cessna Citation1 x Cessna Citation X1 x Dash 71 x Dash 8 1001 x Dash 8 Q3001 x DC-31 x Embraer 1451 x Embraer Phenom 3001 x Eurofighter Typhoon1 x F-151 x F-22 Raptor1 x F2Y Sea Dart1 x F-35 Lightning1 x Fire Bombing Fleet1 x Fokker 70/1001 x Hawker 800XP1 x Learjet 401 x P-8 Anti Sub Hunter1 x Pilatus PC-121 x Remos GX1 x Spruce Goose1 x Tecnam P2006T1 x Tupolev 1441 x Tupolev 1481 x Tupolev 3341 x Twin OtterHere's the list in alphabetical order.12 x Airbus3 x Airbus 3003 x Airbus 31019 x Airbus 32031 x Airbus 33022 x Airbus 3403 x Airbus 35014 x Airbus 3801 x AN-121 x AN-1243 x AN-2251 x AN-329 x ATR-42/725 x B1900D1 x B1-B Lancer1 x BA-609 Tilt Lifter24 x BAE 1463 x BAE ATP2 x Beechcraft Baron2 x Bizjets4 x Boeing 70721 x Boeing 7177 x Boeing 72710 x Boeing 737 Classic4 x Boeing 737NGX for FS910 x Boeing 747-800I/F5 x Boeing 747 Classic20 x Boeing 744 Remake1 x Boeing 747-SP7 x Boeing 75716 x Boeing 76741 x Boeing 77746 x Boeing 7871 x Boeing BBJ1 x Boeing Dreamlifter13 x C-17 Globemaster1 x C130 Hercules1 x Cessna 1621 x Cessna 172RG1 x Cessna Caravan1 x Cessna Citation1 x Cessna Citation X4 x Concorde2 x Convair30 x CRJ1 x Dash 75 x Dash 81 x Dash 8 1001 x Dash 8 Q30012 x Dash 8 Q4003 x Dassault Falcon 71 x DC-32 x DC-44 x DC-82 x DC-99 x DC-103 x Dornier 3281 x Embraer 1453 x Embraer 170/1908 x Embraer Brazillia1 x Embraer Phenom 3001 x Eurofighter Typhoon1 x F-152 x F-161 x F-22 Raptor1 x F2Y Sea Dart1 x F-35 Lightning1 x Fire Bombing Fleet2 x Fokker 284 x Fokker 501 x Fokker 70/1002 x Global Express6 x Gulfstream 5503 x Gulfstream 6501 x Hawker 800XP4 x IL-968 x King Air 200/3501 x Learjet 402 x Learjet 4512 x Lockheed Tristar7 x MD-803 x MD-901 x P-8 Anti Sub Hunter1 x Pilatus PC-121 x Remos GX19 x RJ85/1003 x Saab 3402 x Saab 20001 x Spruce Goose2 x TBM 8501 x Tecnam P2006T1 x Tupolev 1441 x Tupolev 1481 x Tupolev 3341 x Twin Otter3 x Tupolev 1542 x Tupolev 2042 x VC-10I think it's pretty evident what the members on here want & don't want. The Boeing 787, 777, All Airbus types, CRJ, RJ/146 & 717 all come out with healthy readings. I think PMDGs policy on Military aircraft holds water looking at this.
  7. CameronI fly Q400s for a living, feel free to email/PM me.RgdsDean
  8. Hi Rich Before we go any further have you got the Battery Power switched on? The switch is inbetween the APU Gen 1 & 2 switches. Also ensure your Standby Power switch is not in the Off position. Another thing to check is your FSUIPC settings. You haven't uninstalled this recently too? If not, just make sure you have "Extend Battery Life" ticked in the Miscellaneous Tab within FSUIPC.
  9. Deano777


    You don't believe they are? That's only your opinion, like it is mine that they are missing an opportunity. On the other hand if you think developers get it right 100% of the time you are sadly mistaken :) Tristan, no, not now mate. See you Friday :)
  10. Deano777


    Never fear, the Majestic Q400 is going to be an absolute peach of an aeroplane. There's a massive gap in the market for this bird and I feel PMDG are missing a great opportunity by building the 200/300, but hey, it's their train set ;)
  11. Where do you find your fsx.cfg file? I have looked in the route directory and it isn't in there? Thanks.
  12. Unbelievable. You have posts like this: And then you see posts like this: You have to wonder how sad and pathetic some people are when they start ripping apart someone's spelling and grammar. It's bad enough on PPRuNe with the Spelling & Grammar Police. Gerry, have you really got nothing better to do? Paul Heaney puts all this nonsense into some kind of perspective. Nobody has any real issues in comparison have they? NGX not being released for a while? People's spelling & grammar? People no signing their names in here? Does it really matter? REALLY? Paul would swap his situation with any of yours in an instant. Open your eyes people. DeputyDog, good on ya.
  13. Hi Guys Thanks for your replies, very helpful. Callum, I am running a standard Nvidia 9600GT at the moment, so just upgrading the MoBoard will see a significant performance upgrade? Have you got a link to the 1155 MoBoard? I am a novice when it comes to the motherboards unfortunately. Thanks in advanceDean
  14. It has to be the Q400 for me, but as Majestic's is looking absolutely stunning it seems pointless for PMDG to make one now.I too would like to see a 717-200, or a quality, and updated A380/767/A330/787
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