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  1. I was on the understanding it was not a Q400 but a Q300?
  2. Well said MarkDave, Flight sim is no more of a fantasy than the game of cricket or football I play some weekends, Mark has it spot on here, I think you are being rather forgetful of the common denominator in all this, it's called money, and good money spent as well. If you were to buy a car or new television which had "issues" wouldn't you be peeved if the support for it suddenly disappeared? I don't want to pry into your personal life because I have better things to do, but maybe some people on here can't afford to be buying a second rate product, maybe some people here, and remember there are alot of kids here, have saved up their pocket money for weeks or months to be able to afford to purchase a PSS product in good faith. Maybe the money spent on PSS by yourself is insignificant, but just remember there are people here with different motives to yourself, and that should be perfectly acceptable to you. No matter how well we feel we are "part of the flight sim family" here remember PSS were made who they were by the paying public, no different to any business, some directly and some indirectly, but the public is what makes companies what they are.There is no excuse for PSS not to post on here and let people know what is happening, it doesn't matter how small the info, it will all be pertinent, even a retailer that is going out of business has the decency to put up a sign in the window.How hard can it be for a member of PSS to post something here? you are harping on about them not likely to as they are getting slagged, what do you expect? and quite frankly it is my opinion that the majority of PSS users on this forum couldn't give one iota now whether they have gone out of business or not. PSS are expendable remember, no developer is bigger than the horses that feed it, and if one drops by the wayside (PSS), there will be someone else willing to develop. __________________________________________________Q400 DriverQVA CFI
  3. Excuse my ignorance but what plane are we talking about here?The TERR button on most airliners would mean Terrain Mapping, it does on ours, but I can't see a flight sim a/c being able to model terrain mapping because it is so vast, I may be wrong, but personally I reckon the button is there for show.__________________________________________________Q400 DriverQVA CFI
  4. DaveWhat purpose does the website serve to us? I'll tell you, absolutely nothing, you can't purchase from it and you can't get support from it, it's no more use than a chocolate teapot. The only thing the website is doing is allowing us who have paid for aircraft to download them before the plug is pulled__________________________________________________Q400 DriverQVA CFI
  5. I used to despise all the whingers & moaners on here who whine about the smallest things, but I am afraid I am turning into one of those.If you have received a mail from Graham then he has net access, if he has net access then he can access these forums, if he can access these forums he can make a post himself without relying on a proxy post from someone else, I find this very bizarre.__________________________________________________Q400 DriverQVA CFI
  6. Norman, that may be so, but just a little note containing "please bear with us whilst we sort out x, an announcement will be made shortly" would not be too hard would it? There is no way the members of the PSS "team" are not reading these forums.Dean__________________________________________________Q400 DriverQVA CFI
  7. >Or even Copyright lawI see the Avsim forum spelling & grammar police are alive and well :-roll__________________________________________________Q400 DriverQVA CFI
  8. >If you don't approve of their attitude then maybe offer to>help eh?Missing the point Dave, people have paid for their product (I know you're aware of this) and when they see this "so called" company treating their customers in this manner there will be no enthusiasm to help, why should they? PSS obviously don't give a toss about their customers.I fly the Dash for a living, I am in a position to help, which I will do any way I can but the "silence" of PSS is just breeding more contempt, and if they are indeed still going to trade they may just have put the final nail in the proverbial coffin by keeping zipped.Dean__________________________________________________Q400 DriverQVA CFI
  9. Well I tested it today and we do indeed get a little white circle come up for the TOD point, they say you learn something every day, how true ;)
  10. CW has it spot on, that's what we use on the Q400. Incidentally the Q400 uses the newer UNS-1E FMC with VNAV capability, we do not get a TOD point in ARC mode either, plus there is no autothrottle as expected. VNAV is against company SOPs so we can't use it.D777
  11. JDW how do you decipher that from the previous post? I can't see anything in the last post that would even point to what you are saying
  12. It's ok ignore :-roll I did another search and found itThanks againDean
  13. Hi allI have done a search, but found nothing significant, basically in the 2D cockpit I am sat too low, in FS9 you can hold down SHIFT and press ENTER to "look over" the cockpit and DELETE to "lower" the view, what do I have to do in FSX to get it to do the same? is there an option in the key assignments I can use? if not this will make FSX very disappointingThank you for your helpRgdsDean
  14. Hi guysas above lol, i cant run fs2004 in window mode, it stays full screen, I have searched menus to no avail, can anyone enlighten a 'blind for looking' chap on how u do it?Thnx in advanceDean :)
  15. baaaa me bad, thnx anyway m8, I found them soon after typing the other post :DDean.
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