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  1. Checked the documentation. It outlines the same procedures required to start the JS41. Lets not forget here that the Metro and the JS41 have the SAME engine. Meaning the same procedures are required to start it. Albeit the JS41 engine is a larger variant. Unfortunately they just aren't modelled correctly. Has anyone also found that when moving the prop levers that the engines are very "jumpy?" Not a technical term but the surge and do some very weird things. It may just be the way it's mapped to the Saitek throttle.
  2. TPE331 is the Garrett. So you are correct in saying the principles of the JS41 and this are the same. The start locks however are not simulated in this add-on, and the feathering isn't quite right. Visuals are very well indeed and the flight model is nice. I can't justify completing a flight with it as the start locks and feathering isn't correct. If you can look past some of the realism then it's a great aircraft.
  3. As far as I can see the start locks are not simulated...kind of bothers me. Don't mean to be "that guy" but it is a big part of the TPE331 engine.
  4. Holy ************ guys! Couple questions to ask you all (serious questions, not trying to be sarcastic) 1. Where do you guys find the time? 2. What do you do for 16 hours? 3. Do you just leave the simulation be for hours on end while you do your own thing? Does ATC not bother you? 4. (Okay this one is a little sarcastic) How far away is the Xbox from your sim station? I'd love to be able to sit down and fly from YVR-SSY but I just don't have the time :( that and I don't know the systems well enough of the T7 yet!
  5. +3 or 4 (not sure how many people want it! :() for CanJet and Sunwing. +1 for the SkyTeam Delta colours. Looking good boys!
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