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  1. Majority of airlines keep the APU running if the plane is doing a quick turn. Yes, you're burning Jet A but in the grand scheme of things it's not as much as keeping an engine running. For longer turns, they'll go with scenario A you outlined. Come to think of it the only time I ever see scenario B happen is for a regional prop. Just feather the engines (if its a free turbine) and connect the power then shut down. Hope this helps!
  2. Just a little tidbit to get you even more excited, here is a gentleman who has actual experience flying the Proline 21. Apparently the depth of this simulation is very realistic.
  3. The Proline 21 features a FMS as seen in this brochure from Rockwell Collins: http://www.rockwellcollins.com/~/media/Files/Unsecure/Marketing%20Bulletins%20Rev1/BRS/MBLPV%20FMS%20Upgrade%20King%20Air%20BRS110125.aspx Therefore putting a Garmin GPS in it would be defeating the entire purpose of having a Proline 21 in the first place. EDIT: My apologies if that sounds way more sarcastic than it is meant to be.
  4. I can't think of a non-VLJ that utilizes the G1000 (besides the Phenom 300...but that is still VLJ no?). Larger biz jets use the G3000 (e.g. the newer Citations). That being said, F1 makes a really good Mustang w/ G1000...but it's a VLJ. F1 also makes a B200 with a really good G1000 simulation...but it's a turboprop. To my knowledge there isn't such thing both in FSX nor real life that you are requesting. Then again, I could be overlooking something or just plain wrong haha.
  5. Just think of it being a large SR22. No computers, but everything is done mechanically. The red lever shuts off the engine, and the PL controls power. Pilatus/Cirrus have made it super easy that way...almost like controlling a jet. Just set your power and forget!
  6. I'm no expert on the Pilatus however the engine is not managed through a computer/FADEC. There are two levers: the power lever, and the fuel condition lever. The engine has 3 modes (all controlled through the fuel condition lever). Cut Off/Feather - when selected, the fuel is cut off and the prop immediately feathers. Ground Idle - the engine maintains ~1000 RPM for ground operations. Flight Idle - the engine maintains ~1700 RPM for flight operations. There's a bit of trickery however with this. I know a few pilots who select Ground Idle in the air, as when the pull the PL back there is a larger "disc" effect allowing for more drag during a descent. Anyways, like I said, I'm no expert. Just know that the prop never exceeds 1700 RPM and there is no way of controlling the RPM in the aircraft.
  7. Glad to see the 400LS is in the lease However a PT6 adaption from you guys certainly has me wondering.
  8. I'm thrilled. Joe told me about this about a week ago and my grin touched my ears! Hey Joe, not getting ahead of ourselves here but wouldn't a -14 be fun as well? Maybe a 400LS in the distant future? Anyways shut up and take my money! $$
  9. Hey Les, That would require a lot of attention from both companies with a happy "in between" or compromise. Flysimware is a small company that is growing rapidly with this magnificent product. I'm not saying anything it's not possible however, Flysimware has a lot to focus on right now within their own company. Especially because they are working on another Garret-powered wonder, on top of a release they are continuing to work on. Who knows what the future will hold, however a joint-partnership with HiFi seems doubtful for the time being, seeing as only PMDG has those rights right now. Enjoy the 441!
  10. I got to say Joe I was on the fence about the textures, but seeing that post you have sold me. The fact a developer like Flysimware is pushing harder even though the simulation has been released, and is pushing updates is what I want. Unfortunately I'm a pilot in waiting for a northern operator so I won't be able to see my machine until christmas...then I'll treat myself to the 441. Great job on the a/c guys. You have a definite customer for the 22nd of Dec
  11. I really hope so. From the "under the hood" perspective this is one of the best turboprops produced for FSX. It's just unfortunate the texturing both external and internal look pre-2008.
  12. Checked the documentation. It outlines the same procedures required to start the JS41. Lets not forget here that the Metro and the JS41 have the SAME engine. Meaning the same procedures are required to start it. Albeit the JS41 engine is a larger variant. Unfortunately they just aren't modelled correctly. Has anyone also found that when moving the prop levers that the engines are very "jumpy?" Not a technical term but the surge and do some very weird things. It may just be the way it's mapped to the Saitek throttle.
  13. TPE331 is the Garrett. So you are correct in saying the principles of the JS41 and this are the same. The start locks however are not simulated in this add-on, and the feathering isn't quite right. Visuals are very well indeed and the flight model is nice. I can't justify completing a flight with it as the start locks and feathering isn't correct. If you can look past some of the realism then it's a great aircraft.
  14. As far as I can see the start locks are not simulated...kind of bothers me. Don't mean to be "that guy" but it is a big part of the TPE331 engine.
  15. In the RL Q400, when taxiing I notice the prop pitch remains relatively the same (small angle) and then only when the PLs are in alpha the blades increase pitch into a higher angle. In the MS Q400, its almost as if its directly linked to throttle % or throttle position. In either case, can anyone clarify which one is true?
  16. Holy ************ guys! Couple questions to ask you all (serious questions, not trying to be sarcastic) 1. Where do you guys find the time? 2. What do you do for 16 hours? 3. Do you just leave the simulation be for hours on end while you do your own thing? Does ATC not bother you? 4. (Okay this one is a little sarcastic) How far away is the Xbox from your sim station? I'd love to be able to sit down and fly from YVR-SSY but I just don't have the time :( that and I don't know the systems well enough of the T7 yet!
  17. Only vintage plane I'll buy :) Can we expect 3D propellors modelled? I think those are the coolest things I heard about this plane. What is the purpose of this Redbull plane? Is it just a flying advertisement, or do they fly cargo with it? Also, where would it fly (if it did)? Looks awesome
  18. +3 or 4 (not sure how many people want it! :() for CanJet and Sunwing. +1 for the SkyTeam Delta colours. Looking good boys!
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