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  1. JoeDiamond

    IRS reset

    No turn is short enough that you would need to do a fast alignment. You are better off just doing a full alignment every flight.
  2. JoeDiamond

    IRS reset

    We realign the IRUs every flight.
  3. JoeDiamond

    Trim question for PMDG 737NGX

    I never will understand the logic of the FMC giving the trim setting to the nearest .01 when the trim wheel pointer is at least .1 wide. Measure it with a micrometer, cut it with an axe.
  4. JoeDiamond

    Speed target range in VNAV descent

    I just don't see what Boeing expects me to do with this information. It's not going to change how i'm flying the airplane.
  5. JoeDiamond

    Speed target range in VNAV descent

    At least the NPS scales give you useful information and in the case of our operation eliminate the need to monitor the ANP value on PROG page 4/4 when flying non-ils approaches.
  6. JoeDiamond

    Speed target range in VNAV descent

    Honestly, I don't see any useful need for that display. It's just something else to clutter up the PFD.
  7. JoeDiamond

    Speed target range in VNAV descent

    I've never seen that option before. It would help to know what FMC software version they have.
  8. JoeDiamond

    fast way to set MINS

    No worries, it’s all good.
  9. JoeDiamond

    fast way to set MINS

    Nice to know, but not exactly relevant given that we are talking about the 737, which by the way works exactly as I described.
  10. JoeDiamond

    fast way to set MINS

    The actual aircraft certainly does. Turn the knob slightly to change by 1 foot increments, turn farther and it changes in 10 foot increments.
  11. JoeDiamond

    fast way to set MINS

    I was referring to the actual airplane.
  12. JoeDiamond

    fast way to set MINS

    It's like the 777. The knob does not spin but has fast and slow positions for both increase and decrease.
  13. JoeDiamond

    HUD and ISFD Viewing Angles

    In the airplane you have to sit fairly close to the HUD to view it properly. You can't see much else if you are looking through the HUD but it's not really an issue because the whole idea of the HUD is that you don't need to look anywhere else.
  14. JoeDiamond

    Wheel well lights inop?

    I’d prefer they spend the resources fixing things that actually matter while flying the airplane, such as the master caution light.
  15. JoeDiamond

    Wheel well lights inop?

    Wheel well lights in a simulator? In that case better make sure the fire warning light in the wheel well works also, and the fire bottle pressure gauges, and the hydraulic reservoir quantity gauges, and the NGS status lights along with all that other stuff you will never look at in a simulator.