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  1. I'm sure you've already seen it, but the latest info is here: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/537705-13jun18-xplane-user-updates/ It doesn't look like they have any news to share about it yet. I'm also still on the fence about it, and have been since release. I really like the aircraft, but the nebulous future of the add-on is making me hesitate.
  2. I tend to wait and see when new add-ons get released so I didn't immediately jump on the DC-6. I've been on the fence about it ever since, but this is the news I had been waiting for! Everything else I am more than patient for. Thanks 🙂
  3. Apart from other suggestions made, you might also just want to try and delete (i.e. move elsewhere/backup and delete) your preferences folder and see if that improves your issues.
  4. I'm glad the plane is being updated frequently, but from what I have seen the graphical quality of the interior (panel in particular) is still lackluster for a current day add-on. It just seems extremely flat. I've been following the dev blogs but don't really see a lot of improvement in that area. Has anyone flown it recently and is able to comment? I don't generally care for the most cutting edge graphics, but if what I'm looking at all flight doesn't appeal to me, it's a tough one to swallow (especially with a similar plane being available for XP11).
  5. I agree. They are a very, very good series of video tutorials increasing in complexity over time. But to be fair, they do have one of the best educators in the X-Plane environment on their team. @Janov's many videos on scenery development are always fantastic tend to provide the perfect balance of being concise and to the point with enough knowledge to understand the logic behind a tool or function. Maybe he'll do a short series on the A320 some day as he apparently does currently fly the Airbus, although I hear he's not too fond of it ;)
  6. @alpilotx as you are currently active here and HD Mesh v4 is on the horizon... have you heard anything from Ben, Andras? Since it has been a few months. Otherwise maybe we should try and bug him on the dev blog about it ;)
  7. It is a private developer beta right now. During the Cosford Flight Sim Show, next week was mentioned regarding the public beta release.
  8. @avgeek1 Sooo, what's the status on the video interview you mentioned? :)
  9. Thanks for chiming in, Robert. Most of us just like the product and would love to fly it, but would obviously find it hard investing the price with this (from the consumer's perspective) uncertainty. We'll be patient for news!
  10. I have to say I really enjoyed this stream, especially with the almost the entire LR team being there, and hope hope they do more of these at their next meetings. Not all of it was new, but we got a very personal Q&A session and that's what it was advertised as. This was a very general all over the place Q&A session, so I don't think you could expect that. You can always comment on the issue on the dev blog and see if you can get some more info. Probably doesn't lead to it getting improved any faster though.
  11. Unfortunately this is not being answered. I know me and many others are looking to pick up this beauty, but only if there is some form of future XP11 support.
  12. I can't echo this sentiment at all and as @sd_flyer has said, I would be careful to generalize. I have only had good experiences with Flight Factor's support. The 767 works well for me and many others. Buyer beware indeed, although that certainly does not apply to this aircraft. I'm inclined to believe this is a classic case of PEBKAC.
  13. I would say the best overall is the JAR A330 since it's a little more stable compared to the 320. Best FBW is the QPAC A320 or A350 by far.
  14. Yes.You'll have to mess with your lights.txt file found in X-Plane 11\Resources\bitmaps\world\lites at your own risk. Have a look around line 767. Instructions and comments are found at the top of the file.
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