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  1. Ah yes, I see now that the original [Lights] section is edited by AILRP and therefore not reflective of the original. I have followed the steps and now the wingtip strobes are gone. I'm imagining that any updates via AIM-OCI will overwrite that, so may raise that with AIG as well. Many thanks once again for your fantastic and expeditious support!!
  2. Hi Simbol, Hope you're staying safe and healthy! I wasn't able to find any reference to this, so wondering if perhaps there's something not quite right with my setup. It is my understanding (and observation) that the 100, 200 and 300 series Dash-8's utilise a vertical stabiliser rotating beacon and traditional wingtip strobes however the Q400 utilises a single top flashing red beacon (recognition light and combination vertical stabiliser/bottom fuselage strobe (or anti-collision light as Bombardier call it) with no wing tip strobes. The AOM I have confirms this. With AI Lights Reborn, there are wing tip strobes flashing with the tail/fuselage strobes and the configuration seems to confirm this, with strobes listed with 4 different positions: [FSREBORN_LIGHTS_CTRL] light.0=3, 3.55, -46.64, 0.35, fx_navred light.1=3, 3.55, 46.64, 0.35, fx_navgre light.2=2, 4.05, -46.65, 0.35, fx_strobe light.3=2, 4.05, 46.65,0.35 , fx_strobe light.4=1, 9.25, 0, -9.85, fx_strobe light.5=1, 18.51, 0, -1.28, fx_beacon light.6=1, -48.5, 0, 13.1, fx_strobe light.7=3, -56.3, 0, 12.2, fx_navwhi I imagine I could delete the two entries that have similar positions to the navigation lights and renumber the rest but I'm wondering what controls this? Is this something connected with the attached objects of the TFS model or is this something that AI Lights Reborn determines from an internal directory? I also imagine that doing this would be overwritten anytime I run the apply settings function in the future? The lights section of the aircraft.cfg seems to suggest that it's a function of AI Lights Reborn as only one strobe position is listed: [lights] //Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit, 5=landing light.0=3, 3.55, -46.64, 0.35, fx_fsreborn_navred2836 light.1=3, 3.55, 46.64, 0.35, fx_fsreborn_navgre2836 light.2=2, 0, 0, 0, fx_fsreborn_stcs2836 light.3=1, 18.51, 0, -1.28, fx_fsreborn_beacon2836 light.4=3, -56.3, 0, 12.2, fx_fsreborn_navwhi2836 I know text can hide tone so I wish to assure you that I am in no way complaining, to the contrary the lack of reports leads me to believe an error on my part or set up. Are you able to advise how AI Lights Reborn handles this allocation? If relevant I have the Professional Edition and the version number is currently showing 1.36.0 Kind regards, Haydn
  3. Life saver for me as well - thought I was going crazy! Has anybody had any success in fixing this with the AIG Manager? I've also noticed similar behaviour in the Contrail App (but to a much lesser extent). I tried turning off Windows Hardware Acceleration in display settings - no change, however. Cheers
  4. In addition to Bryan's suggestions I can only offer what works in my case. I am using an external speaker and a headset. Bryan and I spent some time trying to work through what might be causing it and ultimately settled on some oddity that cannot currently be explained or determined. I am able to get FS2Crew to work by: Before starting Prepar3D I set my headset to be the active sound device. This is achieved by clicking the speaker button in the lower right hand system bar (between the language and network connection icons). There is an up arrow that you can click that lists available sound devices. In my case, it says "Headset Earphone (HyperX Virtual Surround Sound)" Start Prepar3D Once Prepar3D is loaded, leaving the Windows Sound Device as my headset, in the P3D sound settings I select: Primary Playback Device - My speaker Voice Playback Device - My headset Voice Capture Device - My headset Loading a flight with those settings (and any additional recommendations from FS2Crew) works for me.
  5. Hi Simbol, I can confirm the amended file is now picking up the Orbx models. Thank you for taking the time to look into this. Cheers!
  6. No problems! Yes there is. At the Orbx forums there's a Compatibility Sub-Forum that covers most common airports and what needs to be amended. For FSDT's KLAX you'll find it under the "SCA Compatibility index" thread (it's currently pinned). Be aware you may need to re-apply the fixes after running the Couatl updater. FSDT don't have a manager like Flight Beam's so you'll need to do it manually by renaming the bgls from ".bgl" to ".off". As Dave_YVR said, not sure on that one.
  7. Per the Flight Beam Forums (KSFOHD FTX NorCal Compatibility), on Orbx recommendations all of them. As I understand it, the Flight Beam manager automatically identifies all files in conflict and simply provides a slightly more user friendly way to turn conflicting bgl's to off (rather than the traditional ".bgl" --> ".off" rename method). I note you are on P3Dv5. There was a compatibility fix issued by Flight Beam for that specific issue, and the installers were updated later that day (April 14 2020). If you haven't done so, you may need to download a new installer (Flight Beam Specific Announcement here).
  8. No problems - it's not urgent. I can still use my Sim without issue, would just be nice to have your fantastic lights on my Australian GA traffic 🙂 It was an odd one and I thought worth bringing to your attention. Thanks for the help though (and the fantastic program) - sincerely appreciated.
  9. I can definitely confirm the models are installed outside of the core sim folder. Also confirming no ORBX models found within the core P3D simobjects folder. Reference the non-full paths I had a look at AIM-OCI and they use full paths, however when I explored further at other scenery/aircraft that use the discovery method (addon.xml in the addon folder rather than in "Dcouments") they don't have full paths either. None of my ORBX or FlyTampa scenery have full paths, nor do the Aerosoft A3XX buses or the A2A Cessna 182 (these last two are probably more relevant as they are simobjects). There must be some flexibility if you're installing by that method as the addon.xml file is in the actual addon folder not elsewhere on the computer (e.g. Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons).
  10. Correct - no panel folders inside the AI models, in each aircraft parent folder there is the following: model folder soundai folder Fallback texture folder (common propeller and night cabin textures) Multiple livery folders Aircraft.cfg .air folder There are a few obscure models but most are from various well known authors such as FAIB and HTAI. I believe it is, the addon.xml has this: P.
  11. Thanks Simbol - can't see any panel folders. There are panel entries in the aircraft.cfg but they're not attached to anything (e.g. "panel=") I couldn't find any other mentions of this issue, so I figure either not many others are using the Orbx traffic or I've missed something
  12. Hi Simbol and all, I'm having some trouble in getting AI Lights Reborn Professional to capture the models in the Orbx packages during the model scan process. Currently using P3Dv4.5. I currently have the following AI setup: AIG-OCI Orbx Australia & New Zealand and North American GA (for Aus & NZ I only use the GA packages to avoid interference with AIG-OCI flight plans) My own manually created flight plans Both the OCI and my own plan models are captured by AILRBP however the Orbx ones are not. From my brief review, the Orbx models are common models that are also in use in other packages. The Orbx package uses the discovery addon.xml method and I have confirmed it is active in the programdata\...\add-ons.cfg file (not present in the the roaming\...\add-ons.cfg file): [DiscoveryPath.0] PATH=F:\P3D External\AI Traffic\Orbx2\p3dv4 TITLE=Orbx AI Traffic ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=false The other two AI packages are in the same "P3D External\AI Traffic" folder. Any thoughts on why AILRBP might not be seeing these models? Have I missed something in my set up? Cheers!
  13. Some further feedback: Microphone Completely reinstalled Windows 10 fresh - still the issue persists Hardware is a Razer Leviathan Soundbar (optical out) and a HyperX Cloud II headset (USB) After some further troubleshooting, I've discovered the following: If I start P3D with the headset set as the active playback device, FS2Crew works I can alter the sound settings within P3D to route sound as I desire (engines, switches to sound bar/voice to headset) If I start P3D with "Realtek Digital Output (Realtek(R) Audio)" selected, FS2Crew does not work RAAS plays through sound bar regardless of what is set in the P3D sound settings No green bar when any words spoken Device in FS2Crew defaults to "Realtek Digital Output (Realtek(R) Audio)" regardless of what was set previously or what is set in the P3D audio settings So it would appear I have somewhat of a work around but I am completely beat as to why it's occurring. The soundbar has no built in microphone and there are no microphone settings within the Realtek Audio manager (have even tried with the audio manager uninstalled). Language Settings Bizarrely, the language seems to work counter to how the manual reads (unless I've misread something - which is entirely possible!). Per my links above (reposted in the spoiler below): Windows 10 Settings Display Language - English (Australia) Preferred Language English (Australia) [Default] English (United States) Speech Language - "English (Australia)" Control Panel Speech Recognition Advanced Settings Language - "Microsoft Speech Recogniser 8.0 for Windows (English - US)" There are no other options in the drop down menu "Settings" is unavailable (greyed out) I would generally consider myself to be reasonably tech savvy and certainly audio savvy but this one has me totally and completely beat! Unless anyone has any other suggestions, I think I'm going to have to chalk this one up to some bizarre Windows setting that Microsoft maybe knows about but no one else does. I haven't been able to find any information any where else that suggests a similar problem. Cheers, Haydn
  14. Thanks Pete, that was the path I was looking at anyway but good to hear I was looking at the right option! Thanks for the suggestion, I tried changing all three of those settings to your suggestions - still no luck unfortunately. Sincerely appreciate you taking a look and providing some suggestions - getting frustrated so happy to try anything! Cheers, Haydn
  15. Thanks Bryan, I was figuring that's where I was headed. Sincerely appreciate your assistance. Before I completely head down that path, can I get you do double check my settings just in case I've missed something: Windows 10 Language Settings Windows 10 Language Settings - Speech Part 1 & Part 2 (Scrolled Down) Control Panel Speech Recognition Settings Do you know if the Control Panel Speech Recognition Settings should have an EN-AU option? I haven't been able to find any information on that trawling through Microsoft forums. From reading the FS2Crew manuals I'm thinking it should? If I install EN-UK that option pops up but nothing for EN-AU.
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