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  1. Dan,Thanks for your rapid response.I've downloaded the latest Airac: 0801.After running the PMDG_0801.exe the FMC was updated, but no SID/STARS.I found the updated SID/STARS folder in the FMCWPNavData folder, deleted the contents of the PMDGNavData folder and copied the SID/STARS folder into this folder.Since then everything looks fine.Great to have this help!Best regards,Johan van Wijngaarden
  2. Hi Joe,Received your mail and logged in your php message board.Uhhhh YES I'll be there again!RegardsJohan
  3. Hi Nathan,It's all included!Once you start the engines: the covers and cones will be removed.RegardsJohan van Wijngaarden
  4. Hi Mike,A very well done job, Mike!!(found your mail after I returned home after a few days off...).RegardsJohan van Wijngaarden
  5. Hi all,This did the trick for me also.Besides of this: disable automatic cookies and be sure you configure your IE to manual. Throw away all your cookies and start from the bottom.Till now I'm able to use Norton IS 2004 with success!!CheersJohan
  6. Hi Aidi, Robert!Thanks for your input.I bought the Asus 9800XT, and connected my secondary monitor on the dvi output with the supplied adapted.Works with an overall superb quality.CheersJohan
  7. Hi Aidi,Thanks for your rapid reply!I've never thought of the possibility using an adapter. This might be a solution!Till now I had a Nvidia TNT2 card as secondary card too(and this card is automaticly detected by WinXP built inn software), but it's worth to try your first suggestion.Nevertheless I'm curious to know what is happening when you use two radeon based cards.Let's wait and see if someone jumps in......!RegardsJohan
  8. As I didn't find my answers by searching the forums topics, so I'm posting this message here:Yesterday my pci videocard (TNT2 based)died.I'm considering an upgrade for my AGP videocard to a Radeon 9800 XT as my current AGP Nvidia videocard is getting too old.Question: when I install an AGP Radeon based 9800XT videocard, what is the choise for a pci videocard. Do I have to stick to a pci radeon videocard as well to avoid driver conflicts? Or do I create conflicts when installing 2 radeon based cards. I'd appreciate your opinion and advise!Johan van WijngaardenEHAM
  9. Same here. I tried out the CH software but callibrating was a problem.Johan
  10. I'm using the autosave.dll from Peter Dowson,needed it twice and all I can say: it does the work good.You can find the file here: http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.htmlRegardsJohan van WijngaardenEHAM
  11. HansPlease copy the original text from the readme.txt, because the header is missing in my original posting (can't edit my original posting because the editing timelimit has expired).Look for the header "FrameCallNoWarn" as well to copy into your fs9.cfg file, OK ?!Sie joe!JohanEHAM
  12. Hi Hans,Your problem is related with the installation of SBRelay.The readme.txt of SBRelay says this:"A note about warnings in FS2004:Each time FS2004 sees a new aircraft from the Common Shapes Library (CSL),it will show a warning saying the aircraft is not fully compatible, and will ask if you want to disable the unsupported features on the aircraft. From what I can tell, the best thing to do here is to click "No". FS2004 will then add a line to the fs9.cfg file so that it won't give you the same warning for that particular aircraft again. If you'd like to add all of the lines to the fs9.cfg file in advance (and prevent the warnings), just copy the lines below and paste them in the [FrameCallNoWarn] section. See the section above for how to find the fs9.cfg file on your hard drive.If you've never been warned about an aircraft before, you probably won't be able to find a [FrameCallNoWarn] section in the fs9.cfg file. Be sure to search for it to make sure, but if you can't find it, just go to the bottom of the file and add it, along with all the other lines for the individual aircraft.Here are the lines to add (only add the first line if it's not already in the file somewhere):[FrameCallNoWarn]~van=1A320=1A340=1AT72=1B1=1B206=1B52=1B707=1B727=1B737=1B744=1B767=1BA46=1BE10=1BE18=1BE35=1BE55=1C130=1C152=1C172=1C182=1C188=1C5=1CAR=1CONC=1CSL=1D8100run=1DC10=1DC3=1DC4=1DC9=1DH8B=1DHC2=1DHC6=1F14=1F4=1F5=1ffg7=1FORD_POS=1G21=1J3=1LJ45=1M113=1Master CSL=1OHP=1P28A=1P28R=1P32R=1P51=1Pa28r180=1SAIL=1SF34=1SH33=1ST75=1STS=1T37=1TOBA=1TUG=1Tug1=1TWR=1U2=1UH1=1UH1D=1UH60=1ULT=1VAN=1XSR=1 For sure: once you've followed this instruction you 'll never see this warning again.....Cheers !Johan van WijngaardenEHAM
  13. Hi Chris,There is no need to remove your addon, but when you run FSNAVDBC: exclude your addon from the database and you will be fine, supposed your addon uses the same parameters FS2004 does.Hope this will help you out.Cheers!Johan
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