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  1. Looks good but has turned my X-plane 11 into a slide show! Unusable. Hope these guys are going to fix it ASAP!
  2. I tried it and it works fine. Bet you have the GPS switch on instead of nav. (left side of panel)DickDavis
  3. After installing FS2Crew, when I start in the preconfigured mode of engines running,the PFD is dark. So is the nav display but I can bring it up by turning on brightness control. Nothing I have tried will turn on the PFD. Does this mean that I can no longer use ATR 500 without using FS2 Crew? DickDavis
  4. http://www.feelthere.com/2005/Dick Davis this works for me
  5. Please disreguard my origional post. The problem must have been in the use of flight for the Cessna. Its fine now. Thanks Bryan,for you fast reply and help Dick Davis
  6. Installed program yesterday and worked with it for a while. With no problems. Everything seemed to work ok. This morning program crashes as soon as I try to switch from the default Cessna to ATR 500. Have tried about half dozen times,all with the same result. In the "send message to Microsoft?" window it says FS2Crewsec.gau is the problem. The only ting I,ve installed on computer since FS2Crew is a music downloader from MSN. What to do next? Thanks, Dick DavisP4 2.4ghz 1 gig ram,Nvidia 5600,Windows XP.
  7. We moved to Yachats,Or from Yakima,Wa two years ago. Son Gene and I both like flying out of Newport,Eugene and PDX because its close to here. I especially like using real world weather if we have bad weather conditions.Also go between PDX and KSEA a lot. Like just about any of the aircraft depending on the mood I am in. Like the PMDG turboprops,Carenado planes,default Baron and Flight 1 Bonanza and Cessna 172. Especially still use PSS Dash 8. For longer distance I still like PSS Airbus, PMDG 737,747,Level D 767. Older son, Rich is with the FAA in Hillsboro. Real world pilot but not current now. He is just starting to build a home cockpit for MSFS. Just starting my 3rd year of retirement so if I,m not walking on the beach I can usually be found on the computer doing flight simulator. Richard
  8. Hi Barry, I just brought up my ADF in the Flight 1 172. I find that it works in the vc,but you have to click on the right hand bottom screw to do so.(in the VC) Also it works at night. When changing views it does dissappear,requiring another click to bring it back. Also I,ve had to resize it to fit the panel better by shrinking it with the mouse. Kind of a pain,but better than no ADF. Richard
  9. Is it possible to fly PMDG 737 with FS2Crew not activated? For instance, you don,t want to take the time to go through the start up process from cold and dark? Or to do the same with an engine running start up mode? If so do you just click off the FS2 Crew windows? Thanks Dick Davis
  10. Hi Mike, What a great post! Iam an almost 65, retired coffee salesman living on the coast in Yachats,Or.Have been doing FS since it first came out and just love this hobby. My son,Gene,shares this home and he loves simming,too and he writes reviews of FS products in spare time. Another son is with the FAA in Portland,Or and he was licensed to fly at 18. I had about 10 hours, 35 years ago in a Cessna 150.At our gettogethers its much fun and laughs seeing who is going to crash and burn trying to do ILS landing in near zero conditions!Have collected scads of aviation books and instrument chart books.Even still have the old ILS books from "Airbus" program.Used to take my kids atop terminal bld at KSEA to watch airplanes.(early 60,s)Prob spend 3 hours a day with MSFS. Thanks for stirring up the memories. Dick Davis
  11. Sorry, in the last post meant to say thanks Oliver Moser for excellent L1011 freeware and also thanks to Ralph and Co. for the best payware,RFPB.Dick Davis
  12. And thank you PBenoit for that good information. Would certainly appreciate any more you can send our way. I have RFPB2nd Gen and your docs are the best we,ve had from any payware add on. Many hours of learning and enjoyment instead of frustration as some are. Thanks again from an old retired simmer.(Started with FS1 way back when!)Also thanks to Ralph and co for this excellent freeware.
  13. I can not get the autopilot to work on A310 panel by Simon Topmann. Can get it up and running with all the switches on,but for some reason the auto pilot switch flips off as soon as I try to engage it. This is a great panel and would like to be able to use it. Did normal install and also the update. Any help would be appreciated.Thanks
  14. Hi, Have spent a couple of hours with this and get as far as the engines running and then it kicks me out back to the desk top. Think I,ve got panel updated ok. Any ideas? Thanks
  15. Hi, Could you possibly post the x & y coordinates? I was sure hoping that someone would come up with this for the DC3. Thanks Dick Davis
  16. Hi and thanks for your replys. Think your right on the last post. Seems like nav needle works sometimes and then not at other times. I could not find anything in the manual about it.
  17. Are these supposed to be accurate in FS9? Can,t seem to get them to work right. Pointer does not change position as airplane turns and can not tune some nav stations. Thanks.
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