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  1. Sasa

    FTX EU Germany North Released!

    It must be there. Please make sure you have installed the latest ORBX libs which include of ton of POIs for the region (and also some custom hangar buildings to Finkenwerder).
  2. Hi Guys!Just wanted to ask if there's anything new like the good old CVA Converter to convert FSDS files to 3DS or Gmax? Maybe some tool that can even convert the material/texture assignments?Bests,Sascha
  3. Hi!Does anyone of you know how I can contact Bill Melichar? The e-mail address mentioned in his readme's (Boeing707320...) doesn't work anymore. :(Just wanted to send him some photos of Guam airport (I've been there in january).Sasa
  4. Sasa


    >I was looking at it...but where are you going to fly from>there (Lukla) to?Well, there are two more airfields included plus a provisional helipad. All in all the following airfields are included:LuklaSyngbochePhapluMt. Everest Basecamp (helipad)Sasa
  5. Hello Guys,I wondering how I can do an visibility tweak, as done in MDLTweaker, directly in the ASM file. Is there a description about this somewhere?I'm still having problems with MDL Tweaker II Alpha on my two systems together large MDL files, that's why I want to find a solution to get around this.Sasa
  6. Good to know! Thanks Holger! :)
  7. Hi!I placed some landclasses in Ground2k4 and now I'm wondering why the snow/ice areas have some "funny" lines running through them when as long as you are not close.I can remember that I read about this bug one or two years ago and now I'm wondering if someone found a sollution in the meantime?Sasa
  8. > It can give you the option of using only one season (which will show > up when flying in any season, too), or using the entire set.This is my problem. I don't want to use the entire set, but only 3 textures without all 6 seasonal textures in the output.Sasa
  9. Hello,I'm trying to create a custom terrain using resample.exe with the following season textures:Summer for Summer, Fall and SpringWinter for Winter and HardWinterLightMap for NightBut everytime I run resample.exe with my ini file, it creates textures for summer, fall, spring, hardwinter, winter and night. This takes twice as much space as actually required. Is there any way to get around that?Sasa
  10. Sure. A nice idea. :)But isn't it a fact that textures for VTP2 polys have to have a size of 256x256 or less?It would be quite difficult to cover an area with around single 450 texture polygons and hope that all of them will fit to each other.Best regards,Sasa
  11. VTP Photo?I guess you mean VTP2 polygons using a texture? Same problem there:They won't show through photorealistic phototiles done with the resample tool of the Terrain SDK. :(Best regards,Sasa
  12. > Could you not draw a VTP line for the waves?> That is how they are normally placed. I know that> photo scenery supresses VTP elements, but could> it be that the wave itself is still showing?No, unfortunately it doesn't show through photo scenery. :(Sasa
  13. Hi,If you use the BGLComp SDK for FS2004 something like this code should work:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
  14. Hello,Is there any way to display wave effects on photorealistic scenery?At first step by XML I inserted the effect "fx_waves.fx". Of course this effect showed only once and disapeared.Then I tried using "wavecontroller.fx" which is - referring to the effects SDK - used for the default waves, too. Unfortunately NOTHING was visible there. :(My XML code for inserting the effect looks like this:Best regards,Sasa
  15. Hi,Is there anything new about converting FSDS files to Gmax?The CVA Converter is one step in this direction but often it doesn't work as it should and it is not possible to export/import the texture coordinates as well. :(Sasa