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  1. Thanks, Ray. Once more 'saviour of the day' 🙂 Is it just me - or are things becoming unnescesarily complicated? I shall be 82 in a few weeks time but that excuse is becoming a bit 'thin' even for me...:( A bit 'round the houses' but got there in the end and that's what counts 🙂 Thanks again, Ken 😉
  2. Good morning, Ray... I installed ORBX Cairns airport this morning - rebooted the system then ran RC and attempted to run the database update... Each time I have tried this all I see is a window telling me that 1: RC failed to make all of the data files! and 2: RC failed to make FStarRC RWS file! I am running FSUIPC6.1 with MakeRunways 4.91. P3D is located at 'P:\' Any and all suggestions welcomed 🙂 Ken 😉
  3. Sorted!!! 🙂 Tried each of the suggestions above - no change to the excess buildings... 😞 Solved the issue by purchasing YBCS from ORBX - a great marketing strategy! Anyway, it's only money and nothing is being spent on other 'stuff' during these Covid-days... Thanks for all your time. Ken 😉
  4. Sure looks like you've got another ADE/AFCAD/AFX file active somewhere. Thanks for your interest... Can you point me in the direction of the above files, please? A search on my system reveals nothing!!! I have uninstalled P3D and run a completely new installation which I note is a couple of points above the Hotfix that I had been running. Version 5.1.1226829 is now installed - but - the same issue applies!!! Pushback is certainly a workround but not what I am looking to achieve... Ken 😉
  5. Link to my post on ORBX Support...see if the link displays the screenshot! https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/206474-ybcs-excess-buidings-burying-aircraft/
  6. P3Dv5.1xxxxx, W10, YBCS (default P3D version) Aircraft at gate ~~~ note the excess buildings! I only have ORBX scenery add-ons but no specific scenery for YBCS so this must be the 'default' P3D in-built scenery! So far as I can tell this is the only airfield with this issue... How to fix?
  7. Hi Alex, please accept my sincere apologies! The error/ommision was entirely MY fault... I create my own 'hybrid' panels and had done so on the same day as updating LNM and P3D... After much faffing about following your posts above and an installation of a previous LNM - having the same non-result - I have spent a few hours on the problem before finding I had made an error in the new panel I was creating and had typed an incorrect gauge name! Having found the error (and corrected it) I am pleased to say that I now have both waypoint and destination distances in the MFD screen 😀 Sorry to have wasted your time. Ken 😉
  8. Hi Alex ~~~ images sent via 'We TRansfer'... Thanks for your input - F12 brings up the details I wanted. Never used that short-cut previously as it was part of the 'information' window'! Is there an archive of previous versions of LNM? I would like to try the version which I know gave me the details I wanted together with the MFD detail of destination distance... Thanks for your time. Ken 😉
  9. W10 - P3D5.1.12.26829 (installed/updates 2-days ago) - LNM v2.6.10 - AIRAC 2102. Since updating P3D5 and LNM I have a few questions. There used be a flight 'progress' window which indicated flight length; distance to go; height (current above MSL) and current height above ground. These are not available now! Unless (of course) I am looking in the wrong place(s). Also - in the MFD screen when using a plan at the bottom of the screen shows VOR1 and VOR2 when in 'Nav mode'. During auto-cruise (GPS button and VOR/LOC on my GoFlight MCPPro) the VOR1 screen position used to show next waypoint name and distance; VOR2 position showed destination code (eg LOWI) and distance to go. Since the updates these VOR positions now show VOR1 with the next VOR name but showing distance to next waypoint (unnamed); VOR2 position shows tuned VOR station name and distance. I must say that the previous details of next waypoint name and distance and destination distance to go to be of more use. Since observing these 'changes' I have uninstalled LNM together with the folder ABarthel, rebooted the system and reinstalled LNM, run the P3D database, installed the AIRAC, re-run P3D5 with a new plan...still as above! Are these 'changes' now correct - or - am I missing something? Apologies in advance for heaping this upon you 🥵 Thanks for what assistance you are able to give. Ken 😉
  10. 'Check your add-on scenery. Something introduces this ILS.' ~~~ The only scenery add-ons that I have are from Orbx... They include various Pacific North West (PNW) files which are in the PAJN area. I shall try disabling these and check the results - will let you know. Ken 😉
  11. ? ~~~ I aam using Navigraph 2101...LNM database updated to 2101... In LNM\Scenery Library\2 P3dv5\Navigraph AIRAC Cylcle 2101\Use Navigraph for all features\Spurious ILS disappears but there is NO paking shown... In LNM\Scenery Library\2 P3dv5\Navigraph AIRAC Cylcle 2101\Use Navigraph for Navaids and Procedures...Parking comes back but the 'spurious' ILS returns! https://imgur.com/a/jHfks8i
  12. Hi Alex, W10 - P3D5 - LNM v2.6.7 Just completed a flight PANC - PAJN ~~~ arriving PAJN note TWO approaches on ILS: IJDL 109.90 61M and PAJN 36W 108.00, 331M. There is also a note on 36W that states 'LOC DO NOT USE IJDL'. On the map the actual aiport only has a single runway 08/26! Also Radar Contact only gives the single 08 option. The runway 08 is an offset ILS approach which I have only attempted once before and made a complete dog's breakfast of it 🥵) This time, however, a completely successful outcome 😊...using IJDL - 08! Just installed v2.6.8 and the same two ILS approaches are shown (36W ILS feathers extend way past the airport in both versions). LNM scenery DB updated after each installation. Is this a genuine 'error' or am I seeing/reading something that is not there? Best, Ken 😉
  13. Thanks, Alex... In the fullness of time ~~~ all things come to he who waits ~~~ etc, etc. Ken 😉
  14. Hi Alex, I thought that I had read somewhere in the forum of a 'wish list' but a search reveals nothing! If there is such a thing as a wish list could I ask how difficult it would be to make available what I have heard described as the 'Boeing Banana'! This was a feature in the previous (alternative) planner/map that I used and was very useful as it gave a prediction (the blue banana) on the map at the location of the ascent/decent arrival point. Very useful if attempting a crossing point at a specific altitude where you could see if you were ahead or behind the curve... Not really trying to bog you down but I am reminded of a comment to me from my old Managing Director: he said to me "if you want anything doing, give it to a busy man". It worked for me over many years in management 🙂 Ken 😉
  15. Good morning, Alex... yes, Kai Tak is in the correct P3Dv5 scenery.cfg file at number 138. The plot thickens! For the purposes of my 'tour' leg I can both land and take off from the runways (both ends) it would just be 'nice' to be able to taxi in and out and see where I am aiming for!!! Don't waste any more time on it - I'm sure you have other really important things to be attending to. Ken 😉
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