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  1. I've been very critical,but there are also great things....See attachment FSX_OK.jpgThoug the issue with the non-existing overcast remains..See attachments... FSX_not_OK.jpg is supposed to be a overcast between the plane and the ground...AC5
  2. Allright then again,After having instaled the demo of FSX in a Windows XP environment, today I have installed it in a Windows vista environment, (a different HDD on the same rig)I must say, there is a couple of neat things as I've already posted.:-)But the overall impression is kinda of "pre alpha".High hopes are given from Microsoft about the efficiency of Direct X 10 and the "Games friendliness" of Vista. Well, after installing FSX in Vista let me tell you (hopefully because the beta status of the OS and the graphic card drivers),that there is no difference whatsoever between Vista - DX 10 and XP DX 9.3 at this time. Lockups of the demo and all the issues mentioned in this thread were on both OS's and DX versions at the order of the day, spoiling the enjoyment.And another couple of things... - The nice reflections on the water come - even at midday - ONLY from the moon...- If you rise the traffic General aviation and Airline both to 100 % ALL the textures - airplane and terrain go extremely blurry.Overall, I'm not impressed. MUCH work is to be done on both FSX - DX10 and the OS Vista... x( AC5
  3. Allright then.Very nice reflections, water, general improvements in the interface, plane selection, screenshots. real feeling of flight... (head bob) etc... great work..But I do hope that the final version of FSX will be more stable... The overall impression is of a very "delicate" software, lockups each 5 minutes stability issues.. cockpits turning black, water flooding everything, By the way I'm running FSX at 1920 x 1200, AA > Application controlled Aniso filtering 16 x Anti aliasing and anisotropic filtering enabled in FSX . No autogen or Dinamyc scenery or traffic, because they kill the fps's.Another issue I've noticed is that when the menu bar (pulldown > ALT key) is visible, the simulator stutters just a little, at 30 + FPS.If I press the ALT key for a while in order to hide the menu bar, the stutters are far more noticeable, even at 30 + FPS.The beaver seems to be much more stable than the baron or the ultra light, for whatever reason.The anti-aliasing settings of the graphics card drivers seem to have no influence in FSX, only with the internal FSX AA I've noticed a difference. In the same rig I run FS 2004 quite smootly with 8xS AA 8x Aniso, Best quality, V-Sync enabled, and AA disabled in FS 2004 internally.AC5
  4. But not for me... Uninstalled, reinstalled, Version 1.0 = CTD'sUpdated to version 1.1 = CTD's... And by the way...It is not our job as customers to find out if the patch works with or without interim update or what... This is PMDG's Job!OBVIOUSLY There is something really wrong with this patch... (and with the uninstaller)Deeply disappointed,AC5
  5. No way... CTD's with this update 1.1 also here.. as soon as you swithch to cockpit view... Starting from "default" situations / flights.With or without the no-CD patch..And I had similar problems with the 737 - 800 - 900 No problems with the 737 - 700 (Or with dozens of other payware aircraft I have)Helooooooooooooo PMDG!AC5
  6. ac5

    FS 2006

  7. Awesome!Can't wait! Great work PMDG!AC5
  8. >Do you want us to release it today as is?Well, no, CS, please don't. Don't do it again as you did it with that 707 (copy-paste 727)And no, sir Dakota, it is not that want something I can
  9. No Stampilot,That's no FACT.... That's a Pre-Pre-alpha-render, made in 3d max or whathever 3D program they're using, and get ready to wait YEARS and two versions of FS's for that plane as the endless wait for the C-130 Hercules proves!!!!!!!!! x( x( x( x( x( x( x( x( x( x( x( x( x( x( x(
  10. Shots and previews are of NO USE!We want FACTS!AC5
  11. Fine, fine.....But the Herc?AC5
  12. No reply from CS.....The least that we expect is a reply here, as the "construction"in their website and forum goes on and on and on.... AC5
  13. No Markm, I do agree with you that the Herk is going to be worth waiting...And no problem with support here too.Surely a top-notch fabolous product as all the great CS planes (wich I own them all).But the point is: If we have to wait more than two years (development time for a new version of MS FS) for a planewich has been previewed over and over.... Then we'll be flying it when we're all old! And it is going to be the version for the previous MSFS, and here we go again with the hassle of updating all the planes.....Moreover... those great screenshots 9 months old of the 767.... Ridicolous! Why 9 months old? It takes 15 seconds to make a new screenshot! If the plane is "well in progress" why not take 6 minutes time to make 20 new screenshots....Vapor ware.... Too many projecte, too similar (767 and 757)and no planes coming out! Just renderings and nice screenshots...This is not enough! Fried air!AC5
  14. Vapor Ware..... :-mad And oblivious to their customers...... :-( Previewing Vapor Ware planes for years..... (Herc).............. Even MS is faster.... They release a sim version more often than CS planes...(Herc).............. :( AC5
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