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  1. Rob, thanks for your reply. The airspeed was slowly creeping downward in cruise, not in the climb. It may have had something to do with the cruise speed entered in the MCDU. I input a speed different than that recommeded. On a further flight, I used the recommeded speed and all was well. Rob
  2. Good evening. I just purchased the A330 and have have encountered a problem with decreasing speed at altitude. The autopilot is set correctly but the airspeed slowly creeps downward. I read in a review that this problem existed when the product was originally released but had since been corrected. Can anyone advise on how to correct this issue. Thanks.Rob
  3. Just purchased PSS's B-757 which I assume is the latest version. THe problem I have is that all of the flight deck lighting does not work. The manual shows 5 knobs for cockpit lighting but only 2 work. The numbers on the glareshield do not illuminate. Is there a fix for this? ThanksTwinotter59
  4. Thankyou for the inforamtion Pori82. However, this is just a single aircraft for personal use and not a vitual airline. Would you still consider the request?Rob
  5. I am looking for a kind repainter who would paint the above in the colors of Alta Flights. See Attachedhttp://www.airliners.net/open.file/0414992/M/Thanks. Rob
  6. Can anyone paint the attached scheme (Alta Charters) Cessna Caravan. Thanks. twinotter59
  7. Can anyone paint the attached scheme (Alta Charters) Cessna Caravan. Thanks. twinotter59
  8. Hi all. Looking for someone to repaint the Caravan Deluxe in Alta. Flight paint scheme. Thanks. Twinotter59
  9. Can altitude callouts/warnings be added to the Dash 8? Thanks.
  10. Just wondering if someone can help with the FMC for DHC8. Each and every time I select the above aircraft, the FMC is off and I cannot tern it on. I am running in FS9 and have the latest version. Thanks,
  11. I'm wondering if anyone can help with this problem. Each time I want to change IFR destination in flight, FS9 crashes. Any ideas?x( Rob
  12. I appreciate the info. Thanks anyways.
  13. I am looking for someone to repaint the default bell 206 (FS9) in Canadian Helicopter livery.Thanks.
  14. Ken, Yes, the post is pinned. For some reason or other, when I go to download, the site is showing as a restricted on my computer and I am unable to change this. Any other ideas? Thanks, Rob
  15. IN the past, I have been able to download from library. Purchased a new computer and am unable to download. I keep getting "Action Cancelled". Can anyone help. I recently joined Vatsim and the required download for squawk box takes me to AVSIM. Thanks.Rob
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