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  1. Looks good! Is the NASA selling Computers for FSX use? :wink:
  2. Nice shots! Did you do a flapless takeoff? I thought that's a Fokker-phenomena
  3. TomEDDW

    Heavy stuttering...need help please!

    I deinstalled P3D and FSX:SE and went back to FSX Boxed Edition. Now everything runs smooth...too bad that i would like to play P3D What are P3D and FSX Steam doing different that they produce thist stuttering?
  4. TomEDDW

    Heavy stuttering...need help please!

    Thanks for your reply but limiting it to 30 FPS makes stuttering even worse. EDIT: The stuttering/pause problem applies to FSX:SE as well. Tom
  5. Hey folks! I recently made the change from FSX to P3D and i have a quite stuttery P3D with steady FPS at 60 on a 120 Hz Monitor. Flying and panning around is really jerky and the sim is not enjoyable for me. I have observed, that the stutters go away as soon as is press P and pause the sim. Everything smoothens up then. Repressing P gives me stutters again. Has anybody experienced this? Or has a clue on this? My specs: I7-3820 @ 4.5 Ghz Asus X79 Sabertooth Nvidia GTX970 16 GB RAM Win 7 P3D is freshly installed and untweaked except Optimize Parts =1 I lowered all Graphics, tried different vSynch and Refreshrate options as well as different ways of limiting the Framerate. Nothing helped so far. Quite similar problem with FSX:SE which never had any problems before. So...many thanks in advance! Tom
  6. TomEDDW

    Moving from FSX to Prepar3d

    You will not regret the Changeover i think. Despite the Problems i still have, i can see how much smoother and faster P3D runs. I just have to get rid of my stuttering issue and i'll be the happiest of simmers.
  7. TomEDDW

    Moving from FSX to Prepar3d

    Hey! I did the change few days ago and have nothing but problems. Stuttering all over the place while having steady Frames of 60. Seems to be a vSynch problem here. Maybe i have to get a new Monitor with better refreshrate than 60Hz. Dont get me wrong. The Sim seems to be great and very smooth. Or it would be without the microstuttering. Regards, Tom
  8. Hello everyone! I recently got several GA planes from Carenado (Rockwell Commander, Beech Baron and Cessna 340). With all of those plane i get uncontrollable RPMs at higher altitudes. Means that RPM starts to rise at a certain Altitude (usually around FL100 to 150) and i am only able to change RPM via Manifold pressure settings. Searching the web i came across this forum but unfortunately the thread was not continued at some point... So maybe one of the tech-guys has found a solution for this? Best regards, Tom
  9. I recently had a similar problem which i was able to solve by finding out the right balance between Affinity Mask and Bufferpools/reject threshold setting. Below is how i set mine and it is working very well. Give it a try! [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask=84 -------------------------------------------------------------- [bUFFERPOOLS] Usepools=1 Poolsize=0 RejectThreshold=102400 Tom
  10. TomEDDW

    Question about aerodynamics!

    I'm talking about Autoflying. And i'm pretty sure this can be influenced somehow by editing the Aircraft.cfg or the .AIR file but i don't know which entries to edit! Tom
  11. TomEDDW

    Question about aerodynamics!

    Ok, here is what i observe: Flying level at a constant speed gives me a specific pitch situation. Lets say 5 degrees nose up. Starting/Flying a turn leads to a loss of lift so the pilot/autopilot needs to pitch up to maintain altitude. I hope i am right so far... @G550: I think we were talking about the same thing but i did'nt express the right way...sry for that! So i would like to reduce the mentioned effect because in my opinion it is too much... Best regards, Tom
  12. Hey guys! Just a simple question today for the techfreaks out there... How can i reduce the fact that an aircraft pitches up while flying a turn? I know that its the way a real aircraft behaves. But in my specific case i would like to reduce this effect cause i think it is modelled a bit too exaggerated... Is there a way to modify the .AIR file (airplane dynamics) that way? Thanks in advance! Tom
  13. @retard ( ) That didn't help at all But thanks anyway! I settled down with AM=84, Usepools=1, Poolsize=0 and RejectThreshold=102400 and for some reason all problems are gone... I'm pretty sure i had that configuration before without any success... But i will do as Confucius said: "As long as it's stutter free, enjoy as long as you can!" Lets see how long it lasts this time! Tom
  14. thanks minimums! FSX never fails to surprise me! But i feel like spending more time fiddling around with its odd behaviours than actually be flying the sim.
  15. First, thanks very much for your replies! The AM 80 setting was with HT enabled...i should have mentioned that. sorry! I used to get 60 FPS in all kind of flight stages with all kinds of weather! Thats why im so shocked to have stutters again after it was running smooth for weeks. As far as i know i didn't change anything to my system. Traffic and Autogen is set to zero at the moment. FSX Professional Edition. And it was 16 GB of RAM indeed... Thanks so far! The testing goes on! Tom Ps.: Its very strange/annoying how FSX can run butter smooth for quite a long time and then all of a sudden it starts to stutter again without changes being made.... :mad: