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  1. Dale_Reitz

    Carenado PC12 integration

    I guess I should have said for X-Plane, sorry about that. And I did see in other posts that it's a bear to get it to work. Anyway, I purchased it yesterday and had a problem on the install. I pointed the installer to my X-Plane 11 Directory "G:\X-Plane11" but it placed the gauge folder in C:\Program Files(86) instead. Thanks for the reply, glad to have a Real GPS to fly with
  2. Dale_Reitz

    Carenado PC12 integration

    I take it that these are stand alone GPS Windows and can not replace the GPS in the 3D Cockpit like they did in FSX? Beat Regards, Dale Reitz
  3. I have been on back order for these throttles since LAST SEPTEMBER with FSPilotshop, The back order wait list was 30 days now its 90, it keeps getting move further and further. Oh but they give you an option to add that money to purchase a more expensive throttle setup, I for one can't afford to buy $500 throttles, my budget is tight now. Had to quit flying, my saitek throttles are worn out, move them 2 inches and they spike full.
  4. Dale_Reitz

    PMDG 737NGX Livery Availability

    Who ever does that is going to have a fun time aligning the textures,I can't understand why you would make a Master Fuselage with gaps between sections instead of making the entire fuselage and marking where to cut out the sections.I'm not bashing the kit maker as I know what it's like to make kits, but it makes it a nightmare to align when you have a tapered width stripe that runs the length of the fuselage, now with a constant width stripe, you wouldn't have a problem. To whom ever made the kit, I'd say you did a good job but would you kindly consider taking out the gaps between sections on the master? Best Regards,Dale Reitz
  5. Dale_Reitz

    Bumpy Runways

    Hi,I had the same problem, but I was using Ultimate Terrain and I found the problem was with the Adjusted City/Landclass option, as soon as I de-selected that option the bumps were gone.Best Regards
  6. Hi Everyone,I just had an interesting event going in to Vegas, the winds were reported at KLAS 101656Z 04010G18KT 10SM CLR 26/M06 A3009, Radar Contact4 gave me runway 25L for landing, during approach, I heard RC4 give a Suncountry flight approach vectors for 7L, low and behold during my final approach tower cleared me to land on 25L, in the attached picture you can clearly see my approach with head on traffic inbound for 7 Left and Right.Any ideas of what went wrong?Thanks,Dale Reitz
  7. Dale_Reitz

    Canned Chatter

    Yes, thats what I was getting at, it would have been nice to hear different chatter.Blue SkiesDale Reitz http://www.jdtllc.com/images/rcv4bannersupporter.jpg
  8. Dale_Reitz

    Canned Chatter

    Got the CD today, Install was a breeze, but I can't believe you put the same canned chatter files that's been used in the past 2 versions!Otherwise my first flight with Version4 is going well.Dale Reitzlink:jdtllc.com|http://jdtllc.com/images/RCsupporter.jpg
  9. Dale_Reitz

    Arrival Problem

    Yep, thats the problem, I'm not getting to 10K soon enough, I'm trying to follow my descent profile on my PMDG 737-700, so I will have to descend a little faster when center gives me the initial descent at 60 mi or so.Thanks JDlink:jdtllc.com|http://jdtllc.com/images/RCsupporter.jpg
  10. Dale_Reitz

    Arrival Problem

    Hi All,I am having a problem when I am arriving at my destination airport,RC3.1 keeps telling me to turn 90 degrees off of my approach heading when reaching 10K then resume on course when able.Example my flight to Midway last night I was desending through 12K the controller told me to fly heading 264 upon reaching 10K, proceded on course when able, 2 second later, I get "I say again fly heading 264" I was still desending through 11800, ok so I turn to 264, I get Contact arrival on ###.##, I contact arrival, now I get fly heading 064, 180 degrees out, this is the heading I should of recieved in the first place,it's really bugging me as i get this on just about every flight.I do not get a crossing altitude like before, "Expect to cross DO DO at 10 thousand 250 kts."I am using RC3.1 Version is a complete re-install of RC3, Can't wait for RC4, this is the only ATC program I use as I never fly on-line and I fly every day, So any help will be gratefully appreciated.Thanks,Dale Reitz
  11. Dale_Reitz

    About 600-700

    I for one would appreciate a 600/700 version, as I fly 40 to 50 hrs a month for Virtual Southwest with the PMDG 600/700, have the upgrade to 800/900 series.Thanks!Dale Reitz
  12. Dale_Reitz

    About 600-700

    I for one would appreciate a 600/700 version, as I fly 40 to 50 hrs a month for Virtual Southwest with the PMDG 600/700, have the upgrade to 800/900 series.Thanks!Dale Reitz