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  1. Hello team,Just checking in to say that TS server will be up and running at the very least. As for FSHost...I don't know yet. Might put both on my laptop during the race.My interest in flying has declined steadily and I haven't started FS in months. Might go back to FS9 when I upgrade later this spring.Basically the addons I used had issues that never got resolved and impacted what I loved to do. This and the crappy framerate in FS finally put me off.Doubt I'll be doing any flying.
  2. Even the P-38 we use are not flown to specs.WEP is 3000rpm and 60MP for 5 minutesMil Power is 3000rpm and 54MP for 15 minutes.Continuous Power is 2600rpm and 44MP.The speed drops considerably at the max cont. power setting compared to what we used last year, which was Mil Power.Going down this road would create a lot of problems imo.I would like to see all aircraft flown to specs, but that would be impossible to verify. It would also exclude most, if not all, warbirds as they are not that fast when flown to specs.
  3. From what I have been able to figure out this is a Mooney M20J from 1985. It looks like it has speed brakes, and thats the first model with those and still using the ugly square side windows. They moved to rounded windows in 1987.Engine used is the Lycoming I0-360-A3B6D with 200hp, which is a normal aspirated engine.Not to sound ungrateful, and this is probably the only Mooney they have had access to. But I had hoped for a later version without the square windows and a turbocharged engine. I am sure a lot of people will enjoy this one, but I'll continue using the default one. The square windows just puts me off, and no turbo...eh...I fly Mooney for the speed and ability to get above weather.Just my opinion and some info for those interested.
  4. Think I found the reason....There are a couple of stations not far from Vancouver.Saturna Island MAPS (CWEZ) SSE of the airport and White Rock AWRS (CWWK) ESE. Both are about 20nm from CYVR.The important thing here is that these stations dont give aviation related metars, so AS is ignoring them and interpolate from nearby valid stations. In the case of CWEZ it will be affected by the station at Victoria Intl(CYYJ), and at 1500z its reporting a 2sm visibility.At the other station, CWWK, its the same. Closest valid metar to that station is Abbotsford(CYXX).Flying south you probably got close to Saturna Island and in range of that station which was probably reporting 2sm visibility.Your ASv6 settings look ok to me.Hope this helped to explain the visibility issues.
  5. Hi,Do you have the exact zulu time when this happend?I'd like to try this myself.@JimI have seen this happen before a couple of times. Though it was a long time ago and it might have been fixed.What happen is that the winds aloft are high, but the metar report calm on ground. So when you get off the ground and up a few hundred feet the winds aloft take over and cause a big change in winds.Never seen it happen instantly as you leave the ground though...Same thing with wind direction. It can be 180 degrees oposite of the airport wind just above the ground layer. Dont know if this happens in the real world as I am no pilot.
  6. Hi there,At what altitude are you flying?Did you get in range of a new station? If so what is the metar for that station showing?Post your ASv6.ini content or take a screenshot of the options window.
  7. I see you mention DX10. You using Vista?From what I can find there are no drivers for the 9250 from AMD/ATI for Vista, so I guess you have to use the driver thats already installed. These drivers are often basic ones that dont always work well in games and such.If you are using Win XP then the latest driver is Catalyst 6.11Used the Control Center once and never again. Was to slow and used to much memory, so I just install the driver itself and use ATI Tray Tools.As Jim says...if that options window screenshot is taken at the same time as the main window, then Global Writes should not be on. You are only 4nm from the station.The Auto GW Toggle tells AS to write global wx when you are far from a station, so the only time Global Writes should be on is when flying over ocean or other places where there are few stations.Update to the latest FSUIPC which is 3.75 for FS9. Dont know if that will help, but its worth a try.
  8. Hi Dave,Go to http://www.ead.eurocontrol.int/eadcms/eadsite/index.php.htmlSelect Login/Register. After registration you go to the same page and select Login.New page opens for login and password. This will take you to the EAD Basic Home page.Click Enter Applications at the top left. This will open a new window/tab.Depending on your profile settings it will either be java or html based. Either way you want to go to PAMS Light(opens new window).In here its pretty self explanatory, but I'll point out the key features.Authority (Code) is the country. After picking that you select AIP Type. You want charts so select that. Next you select AD in the Part option, or ENR if you want enroute charts.Once these selections have been made you can either click Load or use Search. The Load button will load all charts available for that section, AD or ENR, so that might be a lot to scroll through to find the airport of interest.Best is to use search. The search window will also tell you which section you are searching. If you are in the UK and want to find charts for Heathrow, put in the appropriate selections and use search. Then use *EGLL* in document name search. This will list all document in the selected section that contains EGLL.Note that if Charts is not available in the AIP Type, then the country havent added that yet. Some only list Circulars and Supplements.Read more about this here: http://www.ead.eurocontrol.int/eadcms/eads...&Itemid=49.htmlHope this help you find what you need.
  9. This looks like a settings problem with the drivers.I bet something changed when you reinstalled.I seem to remember something about the early 9xxx cards and problems with fog table.What Catalyst driver version are you using?Also please post a metar when on ground and this happen.
  10. Are you using Build 522?Can you reproduce this on the ground?If so copy and paste the metar in here
  11. Turn off weather in FSInn.Read the manual to find out how because I don't know ;)
  12. Hi Damian,>... 23Z will include reports from 22:00Z to about 22:29Z by design.That seem wrong to me though. I am expecting weather for the hour of 2300 not what was before.Hope you figure this out. Getting metars from around 2150Z in a 23z cycle doesn't sound right :)Like I said in the first post, everything was normal before July 23rd 2000Z.PS! Are you getting my emails?
  13. Hi Jim,I've sent him a couple of emails over the past year, but never got a reply.Wonder if a spam filer is deleting my emails or something :)
  14. Noticed this recently when I did a download. Not used it much, but I am certain that this was not happening before.Example:Download UTC hour set to 23z. The reports in that archive is from around 2200z, while I was expecting them to be from around 2300Z.After a lot of archive downloads I think I have found the problem.Try download July 23 and UTC hour 20. It will return an error.After this point the archive is wrong.
  15. One hour of uncompressed data is around 1.3mb24 hours compressed using windows xp zip is around 10mb24 hours compressed using winrar best compression = ~6.2mb6.2mb x 30.5 days = ~189mb x 12 = ~2.27gb for a year
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