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  1. Here the same problem with P3Dv3. Are there any solutions?
  2. Hello, I wanted to install repainted textures on the 777LR, showing the livery of my Virtual Airline. These repainted textures are working within FSX, but not at P3Dv3.1. The tail fin, horizontal stabilizer and engines are black, the rest of the plane shows up correctly. It seems, the "pmdg_777_tail.dds" isn't showing up. The painter did also a repaint for the freighter version of the PMDG 777F. Here the tail unit and engines are showing up correctly within P3Dv3 and also FSX. But if I take this working freighter texture and copy it to the 777LR, it remains black. What can I do? Where is the difference? Best regards Chris
  3. Thanks Bryan for your patience and the solution to solve the problem.It seemed, that the FSX Security Warning regarding the FS2Crew files has not been working.After changing several E-Mails with Bryan, I backed up the fsx.cfg file and deleted it, de-installed FS2Crew A320 and re-installed it. After that, when loading FSX the first time, I have been asked, if I want to trust the publisher of FS2Crew and everything worked fine.Great support, thanks
  4. Hello Bryan,thanks for your fast responce. As I told, Wilco A320 PIC is running without any problems at Vista 64, FSX SP1 and also with the navigraph database. Just after installing FS2Crew, FSX is crashing to desktop, when A320PIc is selected. The joystick (Logitech Wingman Extreme) is plugged in all the time. I will do a screenshot from the error report and send it directly to you.Have a nice weekendChris
  5. HelloI own FS X SP1 (German Edition) running on German Vista 64 Home Premium and Wilco A320 (latest Version 3a). Today I bought FS2Crew for the Wilco A320.When loading Wilco A320 (of course in 2-D-Panel Mode) with FS2Crew panel file FSX crashes to desktop. When switching to the default panel file, FS X and Wilco A320 are loading without any problems.What can I do?Please helpThanksChris Schnaedelbach
  6. Hello, I have installed FS 9.1 Win XP SP2 and FSUIPC 3.71. Also I have installed PSS Boeing 777 for FS9. If I uncheck "Disconnect Elevator Trim Axis for A/P" in FSUIPC, PSS A320 is flying without any problems within FS9.1. If I check it, the plane is simply unflyable within FS9.1 with A/P engaged, diving all the time, no A/T working and not stoping climbing at CRZ Altitude. Best regardsChris Schnaedelbach
  7. cyb4


    Just another question:Is it possible to upload it to the website of the Virtual Airline also?
  8. This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...topic_id=221182
  9. Hi,problem is solved with a old driver from March 2004. I installed NVidia Display driver and now it is ok with my FX5600 graphic adapter.Thanks for your helpChris
  10. Hi Norman. I checked it out. I have had the newest NVidia driver installed, also with that is the problem. That problem is also there with an elder NVidia driver. Is there a elder driver version, you can recommend?Best regards
  11. I thought, I got the newest NVidia Driver; but I will look for a better one and report, if the problem is solved.Thx
  12. Hi,when ADIRU isn't activated, but cockpit lighting is on, there is a black area around the switch. Just a minor bug, but could be fixed with the patch.http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/136259.jpgBest regards
  13. Hi,using the 777 with VC I have some trouble with the display. As you can see on the attached screenshot below, if I touch with the mouse cursor one of the clickable switches or buttons of the 2-D-Cockpit, in the lower half of the display opens temporary another part of the cockpit (here Overhead Panel). When I move the curor away, it is ok again. That bug doesn't happen when I load a 777 without the VC. I use an Athlon 2600 with 1.25GB Ram, WinXP Home NVidia FX5600 256MB Ram and the newest drivers. Any ideas?
  14. Here also FS9 Lockup when changing the route at CRZ. Tried to fly from KLAX to KSEA. During the CRZ flight I added the Arrival Route to the FMC and inserted 34L and OLM4 Arrival. That was ok. Then I wanted to add an additional waypoint (Place-Bearing-Distance, called KSEA341/12). That was just shown in white on the ND, but than FS9 locked up; I was not able to activate that new waypoint.
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