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  1. I built my last desktop for fs in 2010 and I'm not going to lie I haven't simmed in about 3 years, but that would convince me to build a new one start upgrading to the new stuff. The would be so freaking cool if that was the case. Another reason is because I want to go the VR route and nothing has come out to pique my interest, yet. But that's a different story.
  2. Mettar? You have a link by any chance?
  3. I'm very curious about getting one of these. My only concern is actually flying the plane. Do you have a yoke and pedals in front of you or what is your input to fly the plane? and do you have any issues with operating the controls?
  4. Planes I've flown:PA28-140 150 conversionC172-140/150/160Passenger:Q400727-200737-200/300/500/700/800757-200767-200/300/400A300A320A340-600Md82/83/87DC-10-30CRJEMB
  5. I would like to point out that you are the only one in Arianes favor.
  6. So I should just send you what exactly to get the 757 backed up?I have the confirmation e-mail and the installers but no backup file (it didnt work for me for some reason) and I am about to do a major upgrade to my computer
  7. I would go for the future so go with quad and overclock it, but get the right cpu revision (think its g0 dunno.) DX10 should be a little faster because of the architecture so I would go with that and hope it works out for you.
  8. If I had the chance to do it I would personally do it. It will better for the future. The two cpus are the same except that the q6600 has 2 dies instead of one like the e6600If you have it go for it (very good for fsx)
  9. Do you want dx10 or dx9?dx10 for fsx (but the dx10 cards will run fs9) or dx9 for fs9 and fsxdx10 <100 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814141062 8600gtcheapest but very bad save up for better stuff like http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814130312 8800gts rev2
  10. I say the lds 767 was my first one then (and I knew nothing - I was even mad when I bought the lds because I thought it did not work, but I read and I found out how to use it) I found some others for bigger challenges like the super 80 etc. (no pmdg yet but waiting for the magnificent md-11 and the ngx and hopefully buy the 747x soon once I build my new comp)
  11. Ok I have figured it out I will wait. I will wait for the g92 cards, the nforce 700 (it will only support ddr2) and the new QX9650. I am thinking about the x38 chipset, but from what I hear it will not be for SLI, but some rumors say so. So I will wait.
  12. That is probably right because when I recieved the key it was about 100 characters and it is usually about 20ish
  13. Hi I just reinstalled my entire fs platform and all of my addons. I also reinstalled my rc 4.3. When I emailed you for the key you first gave me a very long key (not a problem but it used to be much shorter). Secondly when I pasted the key into the box for registration the program just closes and when I go to restart rc 4.3 the same unregistered page comes back up. I tried to put the key in again, but it just repeats the cycle. Any help?
  14. Well I will wait on the Barcelona because the new intels I think will blow everything out of the water. Also I want full dx10 so I will wait for the 9800gtx. There would be no point in upgrading if I want to stay with dx9 because my gpu is a 7900gtx right now and the processor is a pee 965. I decided to go with the ddr2 because I think that this will be better right now because I will probably upgrade in 3-4 years.
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