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  1. Me too! Trying to re-install, will let you know in many hours time if that fixes things 😠 The number of us reporting the same issue suggests a flawed update. All the best, John
  2. Hi there,Sorry, I've only just found this thread. I've checked and can confirm there are problems with this scenery.The runway info comes from the file AF2_GMMN.bgl which contains a bewildering set of runways. Why the scenery designer has done what he's done is a question for him but the AF2 file, in addition to the expected runways 17L/35R and 17R/35L also includes the following:35R/17L, length 2625 feet with the heading of 35R given as 164.02035L/17R, length 3937 feet with the heading of 35L given as 164.300These are the values RC is picking up.The AF2 file also contains runways 33R/15L, 33L/15R, 34L/16R, 36R/18L.33R, 33L, 34L and 36R all have headings of around 164.There may well be reasons why the scenery has been designed this way but it appears a real mess :-(We'll look into it but I'm not exactly sure what we can do with so much incorrect information in the scenery file. I've checked how the scenery appears in FlightSim Commander, and it lists all the spurious runways as well as the correct ones so it isn't just RC that's having problems here.All the best,John
  3. Hi Mike,Re-installing RC shouldn't have any effect since the window itself is part of FSUIPC.I find that in full screen mode I can't undock any windows. I get exactly what you showed in your screenshot - which is actually the context menu for undocking the forward view window with the undock option greyed out. The RC window menu is much shorter.Clearly this is at least one other window which, like me, you cannot undock in full screen mode.Can you confirm that you are able to undock windows in full screen mode and move them to your second monitor. I'm probably getting confused here. I took your last message to suggest you can but the screenshot suggests otherwise.All the best,John
  4. If you look under 'keyboard' in Radar Contact options you should find a keystroke for 'Display Window' (in mine it's shift' but I can't remember if that's the default). That should reopen the window.If you have the registered version of FSUIPC you can set a hotkey in FSUIPC to toggle the display on or off. All the best,John
  5. Mike,One final thing I just remembered - it's a long time since I used it.If you really want to run FS9 in full screen mode and have the RC text appear on the second monitor you can use a utility called 'ShowText' which is provided with the advdisplay download from http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.htmlIf you want to try it let me know and I'll try and write down some step by step instructions.All the best,John
  6. Hi there,Correct if you are using the 'Radar Contact' window provided by FSUIPC 3.75 and on. This window is 'transparent' and it's docked state is remembered by FS. It behaves just like the FSATC window in fact.All the best,John
  7. Hi there,I run in windowed mode when using a second monitor to avoid the problems this can cause.If I do what is being suggested (go window mode, undock, move it to the second monitor, and then go full screen) it does work but my second monitor then just displays the undocked box. the rest of the display is blank and, for example, the FSNavigator display I usually have on it disappears.This happens whenever I undock and move one of the FS windows to the second monitor then go full screen. Maybe it's the way my video drivers work but that's what happens ;-)The only satisfactory method I've found when using a second monitor and wanting to have some of the FS windows (including the RC one) displayed on it is to run the main display in windowed mode.Also, as might have been mentioned already, make sure the mouse pointer is over the menu bar of the radar contact window before right clicking and undocking. Otherwise the wrong window gets undocked and the RC window disappears!All the best,John
  8. Nicholas,On my machine I can either give Y: or Y: as the path and things work. A long shot but you might try giving Z: as the path instead of just Z:All the best,John
  9. I assume jd means the r4.csv file found in the RC4data folder.All the best,John
  10. Hi Nicholas,The "Error 6 rc4 module get departure information" is probably because we haven't rebuilt the scenery database correctly as yet.It does, however, suggest that RC can communicate with the server (which was the main reason to try it!)As for the Overflow that's out of my area I'm afraid. Hopefully jd will pick up on that one. What happened when you put in Z: as the path to the r5.csv file. Did you just get the 'file not found' message?All the best,John
  11. Hi again,We'll get this fixed!From one of your earlier messages I had the feeling that you have Flight Simulator 9 mapped as the Z drive. Try entering Z: when RC asks for the path and see if that works.If it doesn't could you go into 'My Computer' on your client and confirm exactly what names there are for your mapped drives (including the drive letters).In my case they are:flight simulator 9 on 'Mesh Desktop (Bigmesh)'(Y:)Flight Simulator Files on 'Mesh Desktop (Bigmesh)'(Z:)Could you confirm that when you open the mapped 'Flight Simulator 9' drive it takes you straight to your main FS folder containing the r5.csv file.Also check if you can set the FLT/.WX Path to the Flight Simulator Files folder on your server (use the button on the main RC screen).Then make sure you can load a flight plan from that folder into RC.As a temporary work around for the rebuild scenery db problem run makerwys on the server then copy the files r5.csv and r4.csv to the root C drive on your client. When rc asks for the path direct it to C:I see what you mean about the smileys - I got them too!All the best,John
  12. Hi there,We are close to getting this fixed I'm sure!First thought. When you run makerwy in your FS9 folder is a file called r5.csv created? If not make sure you have downloaded the latest version of makerwy.exe from http://forums.simflight.com/viewtopic.php?...b8b10064e09b30bAll the best,John
  13. I tried going over the North pole during testing and things got really strange. I seem to remember Pete Dowson explaining that the FS world isn't actually spherical but you only notice very close to the poles! I seem to remember that it stops at 89 deg 30 mins latitude. RC's calculations are based on a spherical world. Hence the problem.All the best,John
  14. Hi there,Sorry for the delay in answering, my network started playing up - microsoft knowledge base fixed it, something about having to edit the registry because of my antivirus program :-(It works okay here with the main FS folder mapped as the Y: drive on the client. Details of how I set this up are below.Anyway now I'm back up and running here's what I've done.To keep things simple I've used mapped drives.I've shared the 'My documentsFlight Simulator Files' and 'C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9' folders on the server with permission for network users to change my files (vital for RC to work on the client).On the client I've mapped the Flight Simulator Files folder as the Z drive and the Flight Simulator 9 folder as the Y drive.When I run 'rebuild scenerydb' on RCv4.3 I am asked if it is a widefs configuration (answer yes).I then follow the instruction to run makerwys on the server.I then enter Y: as the path RC asks for and carry on okaying all the messages.It also works if I use the UNC path BIGMESHFlight Simulator 9wher 'BIGMESH' is the network name of my server and 'Flight Simulator 9' is the Share Name for my main FS9 folder.Hope this helps.All the best,John
  15. Hi there,More interesting things - my wife's just had me repainting the garden shed ;-)Anyway, first of all you only need to have RC installed on the client PC to run it via widefs. You just need to make sure you have makerwys.exe in the main FS folder on the server.Secondly the upgrade instructions are found on http://www.jdtllc.com/news.htm which includes the link to the release notes http://www.jdtllc.com/v4/notes%20for%204.3.txt.Thirdly check to see if the file rcv3.dat exists in your main RC folder on the client - or even in your RC folder on the server since it sounds as if you have an installation there. If it doesn't you may need to reinstall from the CD then go through the upgrade process. However if you have v4.1 working then the upgrade to 4.2 should simply be a case of replacing the rcv4.exe file with the one available at http://www.davevollmer.com/rcv4_3831.zipAll the best,John
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