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    Ariane Design 737-900ER X2

    I ordered the new 737-800 X2 sim from Ariane and what I got I didn't understand. No executables, and no instructions. It took going to the forums to get an idea how this works, but from what I gather, there is an activation key (which I have sent an e-mail to obtain), but does it include an executable that will open the files? Right now, they cannot be opened as there are no programs associated with them.Or did I get this wrong??It's a little aggrevating, considering between the plane and the airline package the whole thing cost $148.00. That's the most I've ever paid for a sim and the worst documentation as well. Not very good. If I don't get an activation key soon, I'm going to file a complaint with Ariane, then my credit card company. It is riduculous that we have to wait up to seven days for a product this expensive.Again, did I get this wrong??Any thoughts, thanks!Dave
  2. baw716


    >I'd say we're all real grateful to both of you guys. Keep it>coming. Makin' it real makes all the difference. A big AMEN to that one!BTW, The change to 16C/34C has to do with two things:a) confusion over taxiway T, which looks suspiciously like a runway, it runs nearly the entire length of 16/34C and is very wide. We had one Aeroflot driver actually try to land on Tango, which precipitated a lot of hand wringing at the Port of Seattle.:( the construction of the new 16R/34L, which will be a little shorter than the previous one (now 16/34C). While the runway will not be completed for another two years; the work is being started on laying the foundations for the concrete, so POS decided to go forward with the renaming of the runways. I guess if an Aeroflot driver can miss it, with the new runway...someone else could with much more dire consequences.Again, thanks for all the hard work on keeping the SID and STARS updated. It's a big job and having it updated makes a huge difference in flying, especially online.Cheers,David LambSenior Captain, United Virtual Airlines
  3. I might be wrong about this...but I don't think so. It would seem that the FS2Crew procedures for the PMDG747 may be based on UAL procedures. They seem to be very similar to the procedures outlined in Mike Ray's book (especially the CDAP approach -800fpm on the final, which is a callout on the procedure).I agree with the premise here...Mike Ray's books are outstanding. That said, without FS2Crew, you are flying the bird doing the work of two people...and it really does take two people to fly the aircraft, especially if something goes wrong and you have to pull out the non-normal checklist. The rule there is: Fly the airplane, fly the airplane, fly the airplane. Usually, the other guy is working the checklist. Pretty hard to do when you are by yourself.The only thing that FS2Crew could do to make it more "realistic" is to put you in the Captain's seat. In other words, make it interactive, where you, as the captain, call for the item, checklist, etc. instead of pushing a button where the FS2Crew captain is talking. This is the only part of FS2Crew that I find somewhat hard to use, since I am used to calling my own checklists. However, voice response is expensive technology and to have it respond logically would take an enormous amount of programming, which would make the product ultimately cost prohibitive.So, finding the balance between the two, use FS2Crew and Mike Ray's book as the above poster has really is the best marriage of the two worlds.Cheers,David LambSenior Captain, United Airlines Virtual
  4. Robert,I have not posted on this forum before; however, I am a regular in other places...Your point above is very well taken. It is for that reason that I will wait until you have made your decisions about which direction you will head and once your products are ready, then I will make the appropriate upgrades.There are many factors that go into the decisions you have to make; not the least of which is the fact that you are a business and there needs to be a certain return on your investment. As I see it, this is an investment, an investment in a hobby I have spent thousands of dollars to support. We all must work together to advance the quality of what we purchase.To my bretheren, I appreciate what you say, but Robert is right. The work PMDG does keeps getting better and better and while we are all anxious to move ahead and pull the manufacturers with us, the reality is that it really is the other way around. So, let's be greatful for what we have, and be excited about what will come. We can be well assured that PMDG will get it right...they haven't disapppointed so far.Cheers,David Lamb/baw716
  5. baw716

    SimConnect = FSUIPC?

    Pete,While I don't wish to speak for anyone other than myself, I suspect many will share the feelings that I would like to convey.I have used Flight Simulator from its very inception. In my humble opinion, there has been no greater utility, no greater contribution to the FS community and the functionality of Flight Sim than FSUIPC. The level of dedication and commitment you have shown to the development and improvement of simulated flight has no equal. Absent FSUIPC, there would not be many of the absolutely astounding add-ons that have come into existance.While I am intrigued to hear of SimConnect and your participation in the development of it as a part of FS X, it has also given me a certain sense of relief. Microsoft is billing this to be their best product yet, with SimConnect, I am sure that will live up to its billing and that the community of programmers, developers and companies dedicated to building quality add-ons for Flight Simulator will be able to make their products better because of the work that you have done.Thank you for all you have done and what you are continuing to do to make FS the product it can be. While we will miss you when you retire, you certainly will always hold a special place in the hearts of the millions of us who owe you a debt of gratitude for your contribution to this, our hobby, our livelihoods and our passion.David L. Lambbaw716
  6. baw716

    Updated 777 Service Pack Fixes

    May I suggest at this stage that we do not ask for any other changes/features to be added? The idea is to get something to us and if we keep asking for stuff, the service update will never get released. My sense of the community is that we would rather have a fully functional service pack NOW than later; to keep asking for stuff just keeps bogging things down.Let's see what comes from the Service Pack, then we can comment further should there be things we want to see added (and what you have suggested to be added is not a bad idea). To motivate PSS to add things which are "nice to add" features...anything that is not currently included could be a "cost" add on. Getting money for an add on is a good motivator to get a company to actually make it...of course, presuming a) they can do it and :( we can get it before we all require a bronze box and pallbearers.CheersDave/baw716
  7. baw716

    777 Issues-An Open Letter to Graham

    John,Thanks for the info on Page 3.I will attempt to reproduce the CDU issue; I'll advise if it happens exactly as before.I will post my incident on the "Tracking CDU Crashes..." thread. Just a comment: It was the first time the CDU had locked up on me. That said, I haven't tried to insert specific waypoints either...but as I said before, after 8 hrs and having this happen...I wasn't a happy camper.Many thanks,Dave Lamb
  8. I have read the previous thread that you closed with regard to the issues which seem to pervade this 777. I have today discovered first hand the issue of the CDU lock up which, after 8 hours of flying, I found, at a minimum, to be quite frustrating. This message is not meant to throw more fuel on the fire regarding the 777. I do wish to emplore you to consider the following:You are in business to make money. We get that. However, the tone of your responses in some cases to close discussion on a support issue has been distressing; the CDU issue in particular is one which seems to be quite pervasive, from what I have read below. A lot of us have pleaded with you and your staff to fix this problem, yet we have nothing.If you want to promote the 757, go ahead, promote it. However, I think there are many people on this forum who are so disgusted with the kind of response that you have given those of us who have paid for the 777, you may find it a little difficult to get the 757 off to a good start. I say this in light of the fact there are at least three other 757 offerings upcoming in the market (iFDG, Level D and Captain Sim). The Level D seems to be the one closest to completion of the three.In fairness, those people who have posted angry remarks meant to do nothing but stir the pot should have their posts deleted. There is no place for abusive behavior on this, or any forum.With that said, if this is a support forum, then by all means, please keep it a support forum. There are many of us who need support on the 777 and we need it now.Of course, you could just delete this post. This is your right; it is your forum. I have been very careful over time to not post things which have already been said. However, this time, I have to act. I ask you not to delete my post. Should you do so, then I shall take note of that action. This is not the only forum on AVSIM.Please put of your sales skills into communicating the issues that we may expect to see in any "update". This will help your business cause far more than simply deleting posts or closing threads to avoid giving answers to questions which you do not wish to address.Sincerely,David Lamb/baw716
  9. baw716

    Polar Nav

    If I have read correctly, the top end of the FS world is at N89.30. If this is correct, then polar routings that are south of that latitude should be flyable, e.g. North America-Asia, ACA POLAR2 tops out at DEVID (N89.00W168.58.4) and two routes (B480 and G490) split at that point and head south to Irkutsk and Nobosibirsk respectively (this is on the Jepp Arctic Polar/North Pacific Enroute Chart dated 4 Aug 05). One of the Alaska-Europe polar routes go directly over the North Pole, but a couple of others go slightly south; so, again, it should be possible to fly a routing as long as it is south of the magic line, which appears to be N89.30.Any thoughts?ThanksDave (baw716)
  10. baw716

    Another NVAV Question

    Sam,To answer this question, I think I need to defer to my T7 drivers. What I know and learned about VNAV (and this applies to the 747-400 as well), is that any change in the MCP altitude will affect VNAV. The degree of impact is minimal if it is a 2000 ft change over, say 50 miles. However, if you are at the start of your flight and you have step climbs programmed into your flight and you have to change MCP altitude, say for weather, it is my understanding that each of the legs that are affected by the change are modified to adjust to the step climb level that is entered based on the adjusted weight of the aircraft. Again, I stress this is my understanding, don't take it as gospel. I will ask my sources and get an accurate answer for you.Regards,Dave/baw716
  11. baw716

    Another NVAV Question

    According to Leo A. and a couple of other T7 retired drivers, VNAV is not suppose to do anything if you inadvertently extend the flaps. It should remain in climb mode. This is definitely a bug in the FMC logic, but there are other factors involved in the VNAV issue. This is why it is such a bugger to fix.Regards,Dave/baw716
  12. baw716

    777 Patch Update

    Phil,As far as I know, you can't delete the speed restriction on the real FMC either. Try changing it. See if that works and let me know how you fare.Good luckDave (baw716)
  13. baw716

    Another NVAV Question

    Sam,VNAV will advance to DES mode if the flaps are inadvertently extended in the climb. If you are using the keyboard to make flap retractions, make very certain you hit the button squarely. There's been more than once I've hit F6 to pull the flaps up and accidently hit F7 and caused myself some grief.However as you said, this is why we have pilots in the cockpit :)Your description of the PFD/ND reverting back to its original state is odd; I've not heard that reported before.Give it a go again and if it repeats, you might want to offload the T7, run a reg cleaner, spyware check and defrag then reload the T7. I have found that in some cases, there were bad reg entries and by clearing it and reloading it, I was able to solve the problem.Good luckDavebaw716
  14. baw716

    Another NVAV Question

    Dany,There are a number of issues that people have with VNAV. However, some of the issues with VNAV have to do with the complexity of the logic of this FMC. I made a rather large posting on this subject; but the short of it is that if you set an altitude in the MCP that is higher than the optimum, VNAV will not engage. You must set an altitude that is lower than the optimum on the MCP.Also, when you do the pre-departure setup, the altitude setup is done in the INIT REF page. You don't touch altitude on the VNAV pages before departure. Once you are airborne, if you want to make altitude changes, you can make it on the VNAV CRZ page, so long as you are within the optimum parameter set out on the VNAV CRZ page.Third, very rarely, in fact almost never, is the initial MCP altitude setup for your cruise altitude. Usually, your clearance is for anywhere between 3000-23000 feet. Once you are airborne, you continue to increase the MCP altitude and VNAV will adjust the climb accordingly to give you best performance in the climb.Fourth, as a rule, I don't arm LNAV/VNAV on the ground. Once you hit TOGA, the aircraft will follow the ground track and once off the ground will continue to fly the same track. Above 400, you can engage LNAV/VNAV; however, often many pilots will not use VNAV until after flap retraction is complete. Usually, the IAS is set to V2+20kts, then out of 400 feet, you hit FLCH and then you increase your speed in the IAS as you bring the flaps up. Once the flaps are up and you are clean, then hit VNAV and it will hold your speed at 250kts (what is put in the speed/alt restriction page on the VNAV CLB page) until 10000 at which time VNAV will speed you up to your programmed climb speed.There are some issues (I won't call them problems...since the occurance is not always the same) with VNAV. Certain actions by the pilot will force VNAV out of the current mode into either CRZ or DES mode. While this is a issue that must be watched carefully in your climb, it is not a disaster. You can switch to FLCH managed climb or SPD+V/S (however, be careful with V/S because there is no altitude protection unless you have something set in the MCP altitude and even then, you need to adjust your V/S down so you don't bust through the altitude (this is especially important on the descent).A number of us have brought this issue in the VNAV logic to the PSS team and they are trying to work out a solution. The principal difficulty here is that the failure is inconsistent. We know it fails under certain circumstances, but for others, it fails intermittently. Its a bugger, since unless the failure can be reproduced consistently, its difficult to fix. In my post on VNAV flying, there are some work arounds if you get into the situation where VNAV craps out on you. The beauty of this aircraft is that you don't NEED VNAV to fly the airplane. The flip side of that is that you probably won't get as efficient fuel burn and you will have to watch speed and altitude like a hawk.I hope this rather long winded answer gives you some sense of the issue, that we know about it, PSS knows about it and what some of the work arounds are until the VNAV logic is corrected. Since it is an exceptionally complicated problem, I don't hold a great deal of hope that it will be solved in the very short term, since there are some other issues (specifically the CDU crash), which are more pressing and that need to be fixed as soon as possible.If you have more questions, please feel free to post them and if PSS can answer then, terrific; I have a lot of resource material on the 777 FMC (the real one), so either myself or one of the real T7 drivers on this forum can answer the question for you. There are some real fine resources here...all you have to do is ask.Good luckDave Lambbaw716
  15. baw716

    777 Patch Update

    Norman,Many thanks...Dave (baw716)