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  1. Hello Guys, This is my new rig. Above 4.6 ghz I´m having some crashes. See the tests results... Regards Bruno
  2. I had a chance to perform the tests on my friend`s computer.Intel I7-2600K @4.3 Ghz (HT Off)Corsair 2x 4Gb 1600 (9-9-9-24)EVGA GTX570 SC 1280MBHD Samsung 7200 RPM 1TBResults:TEST2 - 12432 FRAMES - 23 MIN - 54 MAX - 41.440 AVGTEST3 - 11865 FRAMES - 21 MIN - 53 MAX - 39.550 AVGTEST4 - 12311 FRAMES - 23 MIN - 54 MAX - 41.037 AVGAVG FPS: 40,675 I also performed the tests with HT on but the same results. (40,7 AVG FPS)Actually I was expecting to have better results on his computer.Best RegardsBruno F Guimarães
  3. Hello guys,See my results and hardware specifications:Hardware:- Intel I7-920 @3.8Ghz HT off- Cooler Master Hyper Z600- Board ASUS Rampage II Xtreme- 3x2GB 1525mhz (9-9-9-24) Tri-Channel- GPU Zotac GTX570 1280mb (default overclock)- HD Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM 500GBResults:Test 2 - 10999 - 300000 ms - 22 min - 49 max - 36,6 avg Test 3 - 10999 - 300000 ms - 22 min - 49 max - 36,6 avgTest 4 - 10805 - 300000 ms - 21 min - 48 max - 36,1 avgRegards,Bruno F Guimarães
  4. Welcome to FSX...I upgraded from Radeon 1900XTX 512mb to HD2900XT 512mb and not much improvements, maybe 3-4 FPS moreThen I changed from Core2 Duo 6600 to QuadCore 6600 and from 2 to 4GB Corsair (800), so I got good improvements, 6-8 FPS more.I could see that FSX uses a lot of processor and memory.Flying with thirty party airplanes, add-on scenery and Active Sky and when there are some thunderstorm around, my FPS goes to 5 or 8 FPS... very slow...Try installing Need For Speed Carbon or Pro Street, so you'll be happy with your system. RegardsBruno
  5. Hello guys,Do you know what file contain all the joystick configuration?Every 3 or 4 FSX starup I must reconfigure again all my joystick buttons, throttle axis and rudder pedal.I'll save a copy of the file with all the controllers configured to back-up when this issue occurs.Maybe this is happening due to a not sucessfull FSX shut down.ThanksBruno
  6. I'm looking for a new PSU, maybe I'll get a powerfull one for the next 2 years.The ATI Control Panel shows 507Mhz for GPU and 514Mhz for memory.Too slow. Let's gonna see after PSU replacement.ThanksBruno
  7. Hello,I've upgraded my VGA from a Radeon X1900XTX to HD2900XT 512Mb, but the results were not satisfactory to me. Not much improves at all.Are there anybody else here running HD2900XT ??My power supply does not have the 2x4 PCI-E connector. Is this affect the default performance of the video card?BrunoMy system:Intel CORE 2 6600, 2Gb RAM (667), Sapphire HD2900XT 512DDR3, Asus P5LD2-SE, Vista (32)
  8. Hi Dave,Are you running your processor Overclocked? If yes try to run it with default settings. I experienced similar flicker when I switching to full screen. But this was not related to O.C...I heard FSX has some memory leakage issue too...Regards
  9. I am not expert on scenery development, but I've been trying to correct and improve my local airport (Jundiai - SDJD). The default airport altitude is almost 500ft above than it should be. I edited APX file and it corrected only runaway and a small area around it. The region around airport boundries is still high. I tried using flatten area with SceneGenX software, but it did not work. I realize that flatten areas generate and separeted .bgl files. Maybe FSX does not read this files.But when I use airport polygon (APRON) it works as a flatten area. Sure it's not pretty to use APRON to flat region around airport boundries because APRON is covered by a texture.Any suggest is appreciated.RegardsBruno
  10. Hi Neil,I'm having problems when lowering flaps and with ATC communication.Using either onboard sound, SoundMax Integrated Digital HD Audio and latest driver.I'm thinking on buying a new sound card, this really bothers me and "hurt" my ears.Bruno
  11. By the first time in my FS history, I could save money enough to build a good machine to run FS. Here in Brazil PC parts cost a lot, imagine the exchange and taxes...even buying at black market as I always do...Im running a AMD Athlon 64 3800 X2, 2 GB kingston memory, board asus A8SN SLI Premium and a powerfull ATI RADEON X1900XTX 512mb.I am at the same situation as our friend above is, with this powerfull machine I handle about 15-25 FPS... BUT Im running with full option on, AA6X Anisotropic 16X, everything full, high resolution clouds from Activie Sky 6, Trafego Brazil (Brazilian Airliners AI Traffic, this one sucks many FPS), high resolution Brazil ground mesh, realistic scenery and off course 3rd party aircraft. If I would run FS with no add-on...I would experience about 40 FPS at Los Angeles, with full display option on...as I
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