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  1. Krister Lindblad

    Congratulations Maam-Sim!

    WOW! Congratulations! A very much deserved award. Regards,Krister - DCA1539
  2. Krister Lindblad

    L-1011 autopilot problem

    Disregard. I think I have got it working now.
  3. Krister Lindblad

    L-1011 autopilot problem

    Hello!I have got a problem with the autopilot on the L-1011 from Classic Liners, Vol. 2. The autopilot switches itself off and the autopilot buttons on the panel stop responding to changes a little now and then. It happens both on the ground and in the air. So far I have not been able to figure out some sort of pattern for when it happens. If if happens in the air with the autopilot on, I get the normal autopilot disconnect sound at the same time. The flight director button on the MCP behaves the same way. Reloading the aircraft in the sims seems to "re-set" the autopilot and then it usually works again for awhile. This is with FS9.1 and FSUIPC 3.73.Have been reading the manual and searching online without finding any solutions. Any ideas anyone? Seems like a fine airliner. I have not been able to fly it very much due to the above problems, but I do like it. If I could only get the autopilot to work too, it would be even better. ;-)Regards,Krister
  4. Krister Lindblad


    That makes two of us. I can't access it either. Strange! I thought the site was down. BR,Krister
  5. Krister Lindblad

    Feelthere ERJ 145 problems...

    >I tried registering to feelthere's website for some support,>but I can't get the activation email from 2 email addies that>I used... Hi!Regarding the forum registration, I had the same problem. In a sticky message in their forums it says:"We aware some of you are not receiving registration emails. In this case please send an email to support at with the following information:-your product's serial number-your registered username-your estiamted date of registration"I followed the above instruction and had my account manually enabled by them in a day or two. Best regards,Krister
  6. UT Europe, yes. Think I have had this problem for about a week now. Not quite sure when the first time was. The problems I have been experiencing when using TrackIR is that after approx 20 minutes flying in VC mode, the texture of the aircraft disappears, the computer is no longer able to access any network, pressing Ctr-Alt-Del to open the task manager stops having any effect and most of the time the sound in FS2004 also disappears. I sometimes also get the same strange weird graphics as in your picture if I wait another minute or two. While all this is happening, FS2004 continues running perfectly in all other respects. Not sure if the strange graphics we both get are related to my above problems when using TrackIR. On the other hand, I think the problems have at least started at the same time here at my place. Have scanned for viruses and spyware, reinstalled video drivers and DirectX. Made no difference as far as I could tell. As a final(?) test I have removed the TrackIR software. I am right now test flying SK531 ESSA-EGLL with the PMDG 736 to see what will happen. BR,Krister - SAS902
  7. Hi Egbert!I can see your picture. I can also tell you that I am having the same problem. Nvidia 7800GTX in my case. I am afraid I have no idea what is causing it so far. Are you possibly using TrackIR when this happens? The reason I ask is I have seen other strange things happening at my computer lately when I do so. Still testing things here to see what works and what does not. BR,Krister - SAS902