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  1. Roger that... no rush here for sure. I just hope the E8500 isn't going to be in short supply. I'm sure it will be a popular option.One other thing... Vista or XP, and if Vista, 32 Bit or 64 bit? I would like to stick with 32 bit in case there are known compatability issues with a 64 bit OS, particularly with programs other than FS.~Nate
  2. It would still be cool to get a reply, but I see lots of discussion on the cores and would just need to purchase something within budget.
  3. Hi all,What would be better?E6850 Core 2 Duo at 3 GHz and 1333 FSBorQ6600 Core 2 Quad at 2.4 GHz and 1066 FSBPlanning on an NVIDIA 8800 GT with, hopefully, 512 MB of RAM to pair with the processor power. Plus 2 Gigs of RAM appropriate for the FSB speed.Thoughts?~Nate
  4. If I wanted to calculate the glide slope angle without referencing a chart, how would I go about that? Assume I know my height above airport and distance to the airport. Thanks!~NateEdit - Oh my, I just realized the calculations I was doing are off because I forgot to convert to the same units. Distance is in NM (ergo nautical feet), height is in MSL, which is not nautical.
  5. Mother of god, please A319/20/21 update...Please no A380. There are two in the entire world right now... that can wait. The 19/20/21 series is so ubiquitous in this day in age, so many more people are familiar with it, and you already have a huge base of people FLYING said series, probably most all wishing it had half the features of the latest aircraft you've released.I say your Airbii are so good, let the other companies play with Boeing.~Nate
  6. I just thought of something that might be mildly useful in a (possible) future patch.Could you add the "Refresh" and "Update AI" commands into the right-click menu for the icon in the system tray when you hit "Hide?"This could save a little time and window opening when we want to make sure the weather in FS is freshly, well, refreshed when we start a flight. Or (even better), add those as part of a module into FS such that we could tweak with a couple of minor things without Alt-Tabbing out of the sim?Just an idea, just feels like it might save a few keystrokes and mouse clicks here and there. Thanks!~Nate
  7. Hi guys,Ok, I've read the manual, set my options, etc. etc. I just want to get a consensus on the best way to start ASV to get the maximum benefit when starting a flight.My startup options are all on at present (incl. start paused and un-pause with FS Ready), I use online updates, and AE is set as ICS + Random Sky/Env with Autosave Theme on Submit.Here's what I typically do:1.) Start ASV2.) Hit New Route and put in the appropriate info (I don't use FS Flight Plans... too much of a pain to work with in FS9) and click process.3.) Hit refresh to let it DL the weather and I guess set the AE textures in FS.4.) Start FS and go flying.Good? Bad? Indifferent?Any suggestions appreciated.~Nate
  8. Is there any status update to this? I see there is a database for the ERJ.Any chance that database also works for the CRJ?~Nate
  9. Has anyone out there possibly created or collected a set of instructions and/or downloads for the best way to install and have set up the PSS A319/20/21 series in FS9?I'm looking to re-install the beast and try yet again to get a smooth operation out of it... just curious what experiments people have tried and succeded with to make the PSS bus worthy of FS9 operations! Thanks!~Nate
  10. Obviously by the large number of posts quickly generated in this thread, this is a hot topic. A good number of YOUR PREVIOUS CUSTOMERS (including myself) have voiced honest, albeit sometimes brash, opinions regarding the pricing of your new product.I already know 10 people from other forums that I frequent that have stated they will not be buying ASV because of the price, and most of them are already owners of 4.5. On the low end, that's $280 for your company lost, just from people I've observed posting. Given the laws of probability, it's not likely that these are the only 10 people that will not give you repeat business.Many others have stated quite throughly that the marketing of the new product was at the very least somewhat, I'll say, off-kilter. A few days before I purchased 4.5, I specifically asked about whether there would be a discount when ASV comes out. The reply in the affirmative helped my decision to buy, but I was still skeptical of something EXACTLY like this happening. I put faith in HiFi to give a fair price to previous customers.On 05/18/05, essentialy $39 came out of my account for the purchase of this product that I had only very recently before then read rave reviews about. After watching so many sim companies flounder (read push back) on release dates on products, after even inferring that the product was "near release," I decided that, between the wait for your new product to come out, and the now falsified assumption that a fair discount would be given to previous users of AS4/4.5 for what (as stated above) amounts to an upgrade to an end user of this product, despite potentially complete re-development.For all those that bring the argument that it costs $100 an hour to fly in a real plane, or some other touchy monetary value comparison, or that this product gives you the hours and hours of enjoyment that you claim: I challenge you to place a dollar amount on just how much, monetarily, this program gives you and you expect it to give you in enjoyment or otherwise, and GIVE HiFi that money for the product. If you are that pleased with the product, I'm sure they would be perfectly happy with your sentiment.Toward that end, of course this company is going to enjoy hearing support from people who say these sort of things. What company would deny positive "word-of-mouth" marketing? Of course you are going to get new business, and surely there has been plenty that has already poured in. My argument is that there apparantly are many previous customers of your products who are put off by the way this situation was handled, both in terms of release and pricing issues.To me, this product is still an add on that smooths over some rough spots in how FS handles weather by default. Not to say that that I wasn't impressed with what 4.5 did, but firing it up for the first time still made me scratch about what I spend nearly $40 on. ActiveSky is an upgrade to an existing product, both M$ Flight Sim, and previous HiFi sim FS weather products.To that, when I purchased 4.5, I ACCEPTED the likelihood of an upgrade price. $28, though, was a rather unexpected gut-punch which I still reel from after reading all posts on this forum and more carefully considering HiFi's position. $5 or $10 I figured in my head would be the new "Hey, thanks for buying from us before" price, especially for a product in the same line of task goal. $20 I would have balked at, and would have liked to see some proof (other than pretty screens, area-restricted-demo possibly) of product viability, enhancements, and performance before throwing down for this upgrade. $28 (in all fairness, $27.99... but why do companies bother with the 1 penny off in this day in age anyway) though is, in my mind, a wholly unreasonable price for someone who recently placed faith enough in your company and the opinions of others to purchase product, only to be utterly suprised by this new development.I have little faith that HiFi will restructure pricing. They are (as yet another stated above) in the free market and taking advantage of their right to price and profit as they choose. With that said, I state my own high concern about the image HiFi gives as a customer-service oriented company when the product offered to very recent, possibly new customers (in my case, less than 1 month prior) when using a "brand new" piece of software essentially will cost them $67 total when they could have waited only slightly longer and paid "merely" $39 had people been better informed by the company prior.I'm just going to observe now and hope that HiFi attempts to make this right to its previous customers.~Nate
  11. Strange thing about your post actually... M$ has offered upgrade pricing in the past. Not to mention the mail in rebates.
  12. $28 is insane. I just purchased 4.5 nary a month ago because I wanted to give this company business. $28 from my wallet ain't happening. I'll go buy from Flight1 and get Flight Environment for $23. I'll get the METARs from you, and the good graphics from them for $6 less.
  13. Could you imagine the blockbuster they would have on their hands if they fully modeled the A318/19/20/21 series updated for the FS9 world?PMDG is synonymous with excellence both in product and support. Anyone who has been around the FS community knows that. Whatever PMDG puts their name on will sell like hotcakes :)~Nate
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