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  1. Hello to all.I have planned a flight as usual (have lot of experience with FMC) and inserted all the necessary datas. Activated LNAV and VNAV on the runway and took of. After engaging the AP LNAV worked fine, but no throttle control and no climb control - that means NO VNAV! So I went into overspeed and the plane began to sink instead of climbing, and all with engaged AP, LNAV, VNAV.Then first tried to fly manually and engaged AP, LNAV and VNAV one more time. But no speed limitation 250/10000 was accepted and no VNAV function at all.So I had to take the plane manually for a back track to the airport for an immediate landing...uh what a pleasure for the passengers..!Any idea to solve this? What am I doing wrong? The patch is V1.1.Thanks for every help, and - thanks for the new and very fine flight dynamics!Boris, Switzerland
  2. Hello to everyone.As many others I tried to install the newest -800/900s to my Win XP system. The 600/700 series was already running perfect. But trying to install the new one I got the error message:"An I/O error occured while installing a file. This is normally caused by bad installation media or a corrupt installation file".So I deleted the whole PMDG, tried to re-install the ground package with all patches but with the first exe-file I now get the same error message. Now I have nothing more of PMDG on my system and don't know what to do. Before everything went fine before trying the 800/900s..!Any help for me?! Thank you very much.Boris, Switzerland