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  1. Just outstanding the work that has gone into this. Great post thanks for sharing what we soon have the chance to experience.
  2. I say bright hot sunshine becoming foggy then beautiful sunshine again then maybe little wind say 350/07kts and throw in CAVOK to finish with
  3. Just like the real aircraft. Awesome. Whats the trigger or time frame for the warning/alarm - every hour ?
  4. Will FLT DIR bars only display if / or does LNAV VNAV have to be armed?
  5. Seen a few already in the last few posts, unless youve seen the features in other addons before
  6. What is the average fule burn per hour in kg's on the T7?
  7. LIKE. Hybrid design of NG & 787. Very neat.
  8. Does anyone have any data/load sheets and real world freighter plans for the 777 that they maybe able to share? Im looking forward to using the Freighter version when released and would be good to simulate loads & destinations used by the 200F version.
  9. OUTSTANDING. And its parked at my home airport YMML with a route programmed / DEST of VHHH. (which livery are you in?)
  10. Cheers, thought it was interesting when i noticed it on some vids. Hopefully here from some RW's as you say.
  11. Hi all, have watched several cockpit dvd's on the NG and i following various flows/tutorials for the NGX - question is in the flows/tutorials before engine start calls for Elec Hyd pumps to be turned on. After watching real life cockpit action they have been turned on after engine start - does it matter (obviously it doesnt if they do it) but what is normal practice or would it be different SOP's for diff airlines?
  12. Jeff_B

    Cockpit images

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