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  1. Thanks Tebin just wanted to clarrify. Great work
  2. Have purchased thanks for a great addon. So its essential we have to run the makerunway every time or just onece after the installation?
  3. Jeff_B

    How do you program to an Alternate airport

    the steps needed are explained really well in the 2nd tutorial - a must read, great info on advanced programming features such as this. You should give it a read so much to learn.
  4. Great work thanks for sharing, great forum as we can share.
  5. Jeff_B

    Norwegian Air Shuttle Livery Bundle

    They look awesome...all of them. Huge effort.
  6. Jeff_B

    Angle of Attack Training

    Interesting reading. This is why (and without knowing i was doing it) never went down the AOA path even though i was enthusiastic & excited from their sneak peak videos etc. And found their site bit awkward. The NGx is a blow-away . . show stopper. (derrrr).Im sure in time they will deliver, as PMDG did. All good things take time (such a putrid saying but it is what it is) and in the meantime will continue with hardcopy FCOMS i purchased.P.S. when is the 777 being released. Thanks in advance !!!!!!!!
  7. Jeff_B

    What are NGX Long and Short Panel States?

    Think he was looking for more info regarding the actual states/settings they are configure to - long - what exactly or how is the aircraft configured for this. The intro doesnt give this.
  8. AFter SP1 the touchdown sounded like something was crashing or going through a mincer before hand it sound it. Might try your new sound.
  9. Jeff_B

    2D cockpit - outside view is now too low...

    Hope there is a hotfix for this as if you change views it reverts back to the low down view again. Bit annoying was good before the SP1
  10. Jeff_B

    New 737NGX checklist available

    Nice 1, cheers
  11. Jeff_B

    PMDG 737 NGX liveries

    The new revised Virgin Blue (Australia) - Now Virgin Australia.Sorry just saw few requests above on this same livery. +4 !!
  12. Jeff_B

    PMDG 737 NGX liveries

    LOL. but i'll take that livery also.
  13. Jeff_B

    PMDG 737 NGX liveries

    Qantas (737-800)Virgin Blue (737-700, 737-800)Pacific Blue (737-800)Hope so . . . they are the exact 3 i will be flying across Aust.
  14. Jeff_B


    I tried this but got stuck at "select command copy prompt" i couldnt see this because I removed the video card as you said. Should i plug the video card back in and try again?
  15. Jeff_B

    JS41 Startup Guide

    Great guide. Is it possible to have a copy of this in PDF format?Jeff