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  1. Thanks Tebin just wanted to clarrify. Great work
  2. Have purchased thanks for a great addon. So its essential we have to run the makerunway every time or just onece after the installation?
  3. They look awesome...all of them. Huge effort.
  4. Interesting reading. This is why (and without knowing i was doing it) never went down the AOA path even though i was enthusiastic & excited from their sneak peak videos etc. And found their site bit awkward. The NGx is a blow-away . . show stopper. (derrrr).Im sure in time they will deliver, as PMDG did. All good things take time (such a putrid saying but it is what it is) and in the meantime will continue with hardcopy FCOMS i purchased.P.S. when is the 777 being released. Thanks in advance !!!!!!!!
  5. Hi,

    Here is the link: http://www.rmfc.us/photos/PMDG_737NGX_Normal_Flow_Checklist.pdf

    Looking forward to your input.


  6. I would like to preview your checklist when ready. Thanks Jeff

  7. Howdy Captain!

  8. Ya ya ya, blabber blabber

  9. I tried this but got stuck at "select command copy prompt" i couldnt see this because I removed the video card as you said. Should i plug the video card back in and try again?
  10. Great guide. Is it possible to have a copy of this in PDF format?Jeff
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