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  1. Hallo to all I am a newbie with Linda. I have installed everything as described. But doors do not open automatically on the 737NGX. The baggages are loaded and unloaded automatic without asking to open the doors. So thats great. I use the newest FSUIPC reg. But why stay all doors closed? Thanks for every help! I have installed GSX library and 737 profiles. All the best, Boris, Swiss
  2. Thanks AndrewI had a look in the BIOS and there is USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 enabled. Don't know if I could do more there? I don't think so. But if you have experience with that please let me know what else especially in the BIOS I coud do.Happy flights to you,Boris
  3. Hello!None of them! No alarms at all. Always silence in the cockpit.Actually it seems I have a lot of problems with the USB-Connectors on the computer. And maybe these Probs with USB are connected with the other probs of shutting down the engines automatically..!? Who knows..!? The PFC Throttle Quadrant is moving forward and backwards itself without doing anything by me ! And this on the ground when the airplane is waiting for engine start. Just APU Power available. So all the system are closed. And then the throttles begin to move. The flaps are going out and coming in immediately again, the warning sound is beeping about Flaps.. and ohter warnings, meanwhile the MD-11 is standing at the gate! It is absolute crazy for me ! Seems my planes are moved by ghost hands..!!? I really never have experienced thing like that in my last 20 years of pc flying !!!! :( :( I have installed the newest drivers I could for graphic, sound, gamecontrollers and..and.and.. So all I could. I really don't know what to do now! Earlier I had a good running FS9.1. The system manager in Win XP shows no yellow or red problems at the time. Seems I will have to quit my service as active pilot at cheese-air.ch ..!!Or is there any help outside in the www...!?Thanks, Boris
  4. Hello, my name is Boris and since two days I really have unknown problems with my beloved MD-11:I really do hope anyone can help me!Since a long time I fly the wonderful MD-11 of PMDG on FS9.1. At the beginning I never had problems with it. Now I had to re-setup my whole home network computers because something went wrong.Since the system is setup for new I have problems with the MD-11 in flight!At cruize level 340 I could fly yesterday for 2 hours with no problems. Then suddenly all 3 engines went down.!!!? They made a shutdown themselves fully automatically!! The plane was on autopilot and autothrottle and flew on NAV and PROF. No special weather situations. Windhield heat on. Eng and wing anti ice off. Normal cruise. The engines were NOT restartable.My computers are networked via WideFS 6.78 and FSUIPC 3.81. One PC is for FS91, the other for ASV6.5-weather, and the third computer is for FSFlightKeeper. All went okay before. I have installed the first program.exe and then updated to MD-11 for FS2004 v1.20.0055.My system is INTEL i7-940, 6GB DDR3 RAM, GTX-260 Nvidia, XP Home SP3.So what could it be if the MD-11 iselves shuts down all 3 engines in a total normal cruise flight?! :( :( PLEASE ! could you help me solve this problem? Do you know this problem?Thank you very much for any help!Boris, Switzerland
  5. Thanks Dan,instead of 'Repair' I have restarted my computer - and now all goes okay. Before that I could not load any MD-11 with correct panels in no way..!Strange to me - but finally I'm glad to have my MD-11 back fully operational... But my landing in VHHH 25L is gone.no way to continue the broken flight...!Boris
  6. Hello to allI have seen there is written a lot about Out Of Memory Problems. After an OOM is happened I restart FS91 and go to my last saved flight file to continue the same flight.Sometimes it workes very fine. Sometimes not!Actually an OOM is happened with MD-11 while flying an approach at VHHH. So I called up the last saved good situation and the MD-11 comes up at the correct position.BUT at this time all gauges are gone ! and all the panel is only black screens..!? :( Can someone help me please? Did I do anything wrong?!Thanks a lot for any help!Boris, Switzerland
  7. I found the solution: Thanks to John! (see posting above)I did as he described and have deleted all my saved flights (My Docs..Flight Sim Files...) and for now everything is working fine again!I am so happy about that and now on my way from Basel to Delhi this night of course in an MD-11F ..!Hope this helps to all the other flight simmers too...Boris :(
  8. I found the solution: THANK YOU John!I did as you described and have deleted all the saved flights (My Docs..Flight Sim Files...) and for now everything is working fine again!I am so happy about that and now on my way from Basel to Delhi this night of course in an MD-11F ..!Hope this helps to all the other flight simmers too...Boris :(
  9. Of course! Both version available!Just mean FS9 only in package with FSX version. FS9 not as a stand alone product like it was earlier...Right?All the best,Boris
  10. HelloPleaes could you explain shortly where I can re-install this Visual C++ runtime module.I would like to try it out.Thanks, Boris
  11. Hello ArtHave you seen the problems listed behind the link below?It's really hard to understand why such problems starting from one minute to the other. Before I had never ever such probs with the MD-11.I hope there is not a file inserted which is running out of time; the FS9-MD-11 is off at PMDG website..! Only FSX versions available!Borishttp://forums1.avsim.net/index.php?showtopic=255515
  12. Hello DonI'm sorry but I can't help you. Since today I have the same problem like you. I have NO idea what is going on here. After flying a lot of hours without any problems, my FS9.1 hangs when I push the button BLOCK (Fuel) on INIT page 2 on the FMS. :( And there is no way at all to return to the desktop - so I have to break down my computer every time this happens. The crazy thing is, if I have to shutdown the computer the sound of the flightsim and the ATC is running with no problems..! It seems only the screen and all the keyboards are frozen.Would be very happy if someone could help us!Thanks a lot to all,Boris, Switzerland
  13. Hi Rolitake sounds of other (freeware)Planes or mix your own sound with GOLDWAVE or other good programs. Doesn't matter which file you take, you only have to call the exact name of it in the sound.cfg, that's all. Then it will be played.Boris
  14. Hello JeffI think you have to create any APU-Sound at your own. Just like me. I have inputed the apu config lines in the sound.cfg at the end of all entries and have inserted a wav-file to the other original pmdg-md-11-sound files. That works very fine to me and makes a lot of pleasure if the big baby is parked at the gate or on the ramp..!Here you can see a port of mine entries in the sound.cfg (ge or pw):"////****AB HIER TEST APU BORSI 10JAN09**** ! ! ! ! re-configured on 21Jan09;APU-extern-Sound[JET_WHINE.1.15]filename=Int-APUflags=0viewpoint=1rparams=0.050000,1.000000,0.200000,0.250000vparams=0.035320,13.829787,0.200000,0.000000,0.200000,0.000000,0.200000,0.000000,0.200000,0.000000,0.200000,0.000000,0.200000,0.000000,0.200000,0.000000link=JET_WHINE.1.16[JET_WHINE.2.14]filename=Int-APUflags=0"Maybe you can do it the same way.Always 4 greens...Boris
  15. Hello to everyone,finally I found the superb lookiing repaint from Lewis Hamilton on PMDG-Site for download. The link ist NOT more broken for FS9 download.But: after installing I was shocked:The repaint colours were mixed with the PMDG ground repaint..! Seems there went something worng with it!Any one else but me the same experience ? Or could it be a problem on my own machine..?Please try out!Thanks for your feedbacks!Boris
  16. Hallo Darren,have you tried with 3D Lights of Shockwave? They have wonderful rotating red beacons which are good visible. The rotating speed seems to be nearly as fast as they are at the real MD-11. I use this beacon at my PMDG-MD-11's. Works fine for me. But until now I only have inserted the red beacon into the aircraft.cfg. All the other lights such as Taxi, Landing light, Wing- or runway turn off should have to be done in the cfg. But it takes a lot of time to set the lights on the right place on the fuselage...Greetings, Boris, Switzerland
  17. Oh - okay!Thanks for your replay Dan.Didn't really know that.(But it makes not a lot of sense to me..using vor1 and vor2 at the same time for the same station..)Boris
  18. Is it my mistake or a system problem ? :( I try to explain: On FMS I have selected automatic receiving of radio stations via NAV RADIO button. That means I have not manual-selected any frequency in FMS.On the glarshield (it is there where you can select BARO and MINIMUMS and MAP and PLAN and so on) I have pushed the buttons VOR1 and VOR2.So I am expecting each VOR receiver would select its own radio station for good navigation possibility.But ALWAYS the VOR1- and VOR2-arrows are showing to the SAME station on the nd.Question: Should the arrows of VOR1 and VOR2 not show to different directions and stations on the navigation display ?So I could have 2 positions and this could be a better navigation to me!..difficult for me to explain in english, sorry..! :( See you,Boris
  19. Yes, Holger,I'm going to do the same: I will assign a key stroke on my Saitek command unit (in German: zus
  20. Yes, it is exactly that: Using a clickspot is faster and easier in case of an go around !Boris
  21. Hello dear simmers.In manual of the beloved md-11 there is written about an clickspot on MCP for TOGA.Sorry: But since 10 days I'm looking for this clickspot, but can not find it!!Please can you tell me where I can find it?Thanks a lot, Boris
  22. Hello dear Michael. Thanks a lot for your answer. It might be that - because in the meantime I had successfull actions with no problems at all. Maybe I have tried to engage Autoflight at 399'..(!).All the best, Boris
  23. Dear Friends,what a wonderful airplane we became with MD-11, many thanks that for !Using the Tutorial 1 and so I am pushing NAV and AUTOFLIGHT when on ground, on taxi or before. Using a full programmed route with Origin and Destination and everything necessary.After takeoff, on climb-out I push AUTOFLIGHT again at about 400ft AGL but then I become the warning sound "Autopilot off" ! So I have to push it again immediately to re-engage the AP. After that all goes fine.But my question is: Did I understand something wrong in the Tutorial 1 when pushing AUTOFLIGHT before takeoff ?!(Take a look at Tutorial 1, Page 20, under "Taxi procedures flow").I have tried to push only NAV and PROF before take-off and then push AUTOFLIGHT the first time after lift-off, but it did not work right !(But I have seen that in a Youtube Video of a real Martinair MD-11 doing so..!!?..strange..!..).Can someone help me to solve the problem with getting the sound A/P off after takeoff when pushing AUTOFLIGHT ?Thank you very much for any help!Boris, Switzerland
  24. Hello to all.I have planned a flight as usual (have lot of experience with FMC) and inserted all the necessary datas. Activated LNAV and VNAV on the runway and took of. After engaging the AP LNAV worked fine, but no throttle control and no climb control - that means NO VNAV! So I went into overspeed and the plane began to sink instead of climbing, and all with engaged AP, LNAV, VNAV.Then first tried to fly manually and engaged AP, LNAV and VNAV one more time. But no speed limitation 250/10000 was accepted and no VNAV function at all.So I had to take the plane manually for a back track to the airport for an immediate landing...uh what a pleasure for the passengers..!Any idea to solve this? What am I doing wrong? The patch is V1.1.Thanks for every help, and - thanks for the new and very fine flight dynamics!Boris, Switzerland
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