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  1. Hi Richard - I'm in Modbury, an internet "black spot" requieing wireless, or submission to our telco wannabe monopoly. I have a couple of FS friends nearby who are happy for me to get downloads via them, but it's sufficiently frequent to be a nuisance. So, I do have other options but appreciate the offer. I'd really just like the same access other areas have, but I guess that will wait for the marvellous super broadband with fibre optics to get here! At least now I find I can sometimes resume a broken download, which I couldn't previously. Momtchil - no luck with the download manager. I have checked it to monitor my browser, but all I can download is php files - can't seem to find a way to get the URL for the actual zip into the manager.
  2. Thanks once more, I'll try that. And sorry I didn't acknowledge you earlier! Interestingly, a few files I previously had trouble with came down fine via the "new" library! Either every cloud has its silver lining, or maybe it was just luck. Don't know if that points to any reason for the original problem.
  3. Still no progress - I can't get an AVSIM link into Free Download Manager, the only place I can "copy" a link is from the hypertext on the actual download page for the particular file, and that gives me a 4kb php file, not the actual target. My ISP suggests I contact the host websites! We do expect a superb fibre-optic internet to fill this black spot, within the year. Our government promised it! ;)
  4. Thanks Momtchil - I'll try that. I think I paid for "Getright" but not sure if I can find where I stored it!
  5. Thanks again, Chase. I'll try it. Used "Getright" years ago when on dial-up, but stopped when I moved to "faster" wireless.
  6. Thanks for quick reply, Chase. I've already spoken with my ISP and they have no idea why this should happen! I believe, since it is consistent regarding sites and files, it is some unfortunate combination of our disgraceful internet connectivity here and something from the sending end - otherwise I would expect it to be more random, files downloading on subsequent tries and other "safe" files failing (not that you try a second time if the first worked, but I've done it accidentally on occasion).I'll try a file manage. Not sure how that will help if the file always becomes "unavailable" at the same point..
  7. Hi - I have had this problem for some time and have tolerated it, but it's getting to the point that all the "good" files are inaccessible to me! Firstly, I am on wireless - hard to believe that a capital city suburb is a broadband blackspot, but ...This occurs both here and on what an earlier post called the "other" site - Flightsim.com. It occurs on those two sites, and I think something comparable happened on one other "boutique" FS site, but maybe different as d/ls would often just not start - and not just on my system - so I would have to say it's "just the two".I am not using a download manager, and am using my home computer. It has been going on for some time, through various Windows updates.It is neither time nor size related. I have (heaven help me, on wireless) managed a couple of hundred Mb files. I have d/ld large files from both FS sites. But for many files (now) I have the problem originally reported. The download just stops at some point, always within a few Kb of the same place in the same file. Just now I tried the 9.8 Mb "tbs2k5.zip" (Tokyo Bay) which stopped each time at 9.7 Mb. Apart from the sheer frustration, on wireless I have monthly download allocation and only getting 90% of a number of large files wastes it.It sometimes happens on small files, under 10 Mb. At other times quite large ones come through comfortably. It can happen within a minute or so of starting, or after 15 mins or more. It seems file-related. I was able to get a whole series of about a dozen sceneries for Formosa (other site!) except one, the same one, every time. I was able to get it from a computer elsewhere, on regular broadband.If I either let the stalled download remain without cancelling it, I eventually get a "Downloade error" report, "(File) could not be saved because the source file could not be read". If I try to pause and restart, I get the same message. If I then cancel the problem download, and move on to other downloads, I find the cancelled one may lead to a report that I have exceeded my download limit - even if only one d/l is running and I try to begin a second.When I encounter one of these problem files, I always let the one download run, with no others concurrent. If the download is large I only run one at a time anyway.Yes, there is some factor at this end perhaps, but I think also, since it is the same files each time from only two sites, there is something at the server end or perhaps even the file which makes those particular downloads fragile.I don't expect a magic bullet solution but if others are having issues like this, and report them, eventually the bits and pieces may come together and suggest an answer.
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