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  1. Stevo

    FS9 does not equal GMAX

    HiI've always found it's the other way round from what Arno said. I've also had this problem when using the mirror icon but have never had any problems when using the mirror from the drop down menu.I tend to build a lot of vehicles and only ever build one side of them, then mirror then other side using the drop down menu option. Never had any inside out problems as of yet.Stevo ;-)
  2. Hi,Thanks for the hints.I dont really want to use Afcad or use the aircraft as AI, I want them to be static only and reasonably low poly, with engine covers, information boards about the aircraft, and rope barriers around each one. Just like an airshow ;-)I also dont really want the end user to have to download loads of different aircraft.Cheersstevo ;-)
  3. HiNow I know these types of posts don't get many reply's, but its worth a try.I'm currently building an airfield that twice a year (on a particular date) is going to have an airshow, marquees, food trucks, stalls, etc, etc. What I would be greatful of is any aircraft designers who could donate Gmax aircraft models I could use as Static displays. Poly count not important as I can reduce them. I thought in front of each aircraft donated, I could place a information board, on it would be the authors name of the particular aircraft and some info on that aircraft.The reason i'm asking for this is it will save a lot of time for me building each aircraft, and can concentrate on the scenery itself.For example I built a Phantom, took me 2 weeks, I seem to have trouble building things with curves. Whereas buildings etc, I can build in a few minutes.This will be a freeware scenery.Heres some aircraft I would like.Hawker HunterFolland GnatEnglish Electric LightingRed Arrows HawkSpitfireHurricaneAvro VulcanHandley Page VictorTornadoEurofighterShorts TucanoF15F16Jet ProvostMirageAvro LancasterThanks I'll keep my fingers crossed.Stevo ;-)
  4. Hi,Looks like a great program,But here's new one for you.I got the program started after finding 4 dll's that the prog needed, not a problem, found them on the internet. Then it went through its start up procedure fine, took about 20 minutes. Then the program was on, I thought great, clicked open by co-ords, enter my lat and lon, clicked ok and out of no where the computer restarted itself, I thought thats strange, its never done that before (btw, the computer I'm using is my brothers, my comp isnt powerful enough to run the prog) anyway. It restarted and got a 'your computor has recovered from a serious error message'. I though possible a one off so tried it again done the same and again the computer restarted itself. mmm I thought. Next I tried starting FS2004 and going to the Airport I wanted so view, then started LWMViewer2 and instantly, the second I pressed the .exe the computer restarted itself again.I asked my brother and he said the computers never done that before. Its a new computer only a few months oldIts a Fujitsu Siemens Scaleo P3.2Ghz P41gb RamNvidia Geforce 6200 TurbocacheI cant see any reason why the computer should restart using your program, it doesnt do it with any other prog, we've been playing Medal of Honor Pacific Assault and Halflife2 without any problems, quite strange, Its not even a fluck it happens every time.Any help would be great, Im itching to try it outThanksStevo ;-)
  5. Its ok, fixed it. Well I say fixed it, it was my own fault!!!!Didnt realise sbuilder created the bmp's in the scenery/world folder, theres 256x256 bmp's in there and they are flipped, so I was using the wrong bmp's and the agn files where named wrong.It was the first time I've used the program ;)Stevo:P
  6. HiI've created some photo scenery using the great sbuilder, the images that sbuilder made are 8bit 1024x1024 with alpha channel, and are not flipped, which I've read in other post is the case when exporting with sbuilder but i've not found this. The Bgl has been compiled on layer level 4.The photo scenery works great, but I can't seem to get any autogen to show.I've use the Microsoft annotator to add the autogen and I've placed the AGN files in various locations. I've put them in my main project scenery and texture folder, nothing, I've tried putting the BGL, BMP and AGN in a seperate scenery folder on their own, didnt work. And I've tried putting them in the Sceneryworld folder, but still nothing.I've even disabled the main scenery, buildings, excludes, etc, etc and just had the photo scenery and still it wont show.Is this a known issue with sbuilder, or can it be
  7. HiI have UK2000 part 7, I have measured the Multiflight hangers, but even so these measurements may not be right either.The New Multiflight hanger is; Length 112.5m, Width 46.7m, Height 13.7m.The other hanger is a standard T2-type WW2 hanger, is about; Length 75m, Width 46m Height around 10m.If your interested you can see screenshots of my soon to be released Durham Tees Valley Scenery at this helpsStevo
  8. HiI think I could be interested in the scenery mod, always looking for new things to do.See some of my work at I'm currently building Durham Tees Valley and also have other fs9 projects going on, but I think I could find the time to participate.mail me at ste.fs@ntlworld.comStevo
  9. Hi,How do you aircraft guys, create aircraft glass, like, for example, the bubble dome cockpit of an f16.What settings in Gmax are used?Is the material given a specific name?Is the texture give a specific name?I build scenery mostly and what to use a see through glass, but for scenery, its a #### of a job to get it to work. If I use a texture with an alpha channel, it is see through but no scenery is visible behind it, only the fs horizon.I've used a simple texture and the set the opacity in the gmax Material editor to 60%, this works well but things like aircraft seem to be drawn in front of it which looks strange.Most aircraft with glass windows dont seem to have this problem, thats why I thought I'd ask here.stevo
  10. Didnt notice the date on the post sorry
  11. Hi PaulWhy dont you give Rwy12 a try, I know you said you havent got your head round it, but its not that difficult to use and a big library of 65 people has recently been released, see it here you get stuck mail meStephen Legg
  12. Try Rwy12 Object Placer, it has a number of GA aircraft, as well as lots of other items to add to airports.You can get it here, it's a big download 39mb website is at
  13. HiNav frequencies in FS are 108.00 to 117.95Com frequencies in FS are 118.00 to 136.97this means you cant use any freq between 108.0 - 117.95 as a Com frequency and you cant use any freq betweem 118.00 - 136.97 as a Nav frequencySo that is why you will be getting the error your trying to use a Nav frequency as a Com Frequency, Stay in the Com freq rangeJust as a point relating to Com frequencies, even thought the Com frequency goes to 136.97 in FS, I cant get any frequency (for ATIS anyway and using Afcad) above 135.97 to work. The ATIS for my local airport is 136.20, but this wont work in FS. I've had to setttle for 135.20Can someone try this to see if it's trueStevo
  14. Hi Your House needs to be an editable mesh, and not an editable poly. If you convert to a editable mesh, then in the selection menu select edge, scroll down the rollout until you get to edit geometry, its just above extrude next to divide.Hope this helpsStevo
  15. sorry thought it was.His screen name was bobbern.;-)