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  1. hello..the correct format for flattens has been given by Luis in the pinned topic above (exclude Autogen...) :" To put the elevation value in the bln, simply add a comma, and the elevation in metres, for example:21,0-62.8405616143641,17.9049018297125,3-62.8405595003106,17.9044590943,3-62.8427041476847,17.9044213750783,3-62.842709204644,17.9037198867089,3...... "I think you forgot to edit your file with a comma beetween lon and lat, then to specify the altitude in meters.regards, pascal
  2. hello Bert,to exclude the trees, the tag was : "Airport_Backgrounds_ExcludeAutoGen "best regards,pascal
  3. Hello Everybody ,Thank you Luis for this tutorial, just some information, in complement, about this excellent tool FSX KML by Innova Software : thanks to the Author, see also : need also the last Google Earth Beta_4.0.2416 (freeware) which allows polygon and path creation capabilities.In Google Earth, you just draw your polygons and you can even customize colors... in the example below ( near Granville in Normandy / France ) I put white for Autogen Exclude, Green for Airport Background, Brown for rocks, Yellow for beach etc... : polygon must be saved to KML format in Google Earth , then imported into FSX KML.(note that you can edit later your poly in google Earth with the tab "properties").In FSX KML, you "Add" each file and notify type or class for each poly in the "description" tab :, the "Build" button let you compile your file in the new cvx format.(note than you can access to resulting dbf , shp , xml source files).Here, the result within Fs : think this is may be less accurate than the method you describe above with SBuilder and BLN2SHP (tested also) but easier to familiarize with this new format, at least for people who can use Google Earth.Hope this helps , best regards pascal
  4. hello eveybody,Rob, I think Holger and Loke are right, first, check this :"The other thing...if you have a scenery in your library with higher priority than default scenery and including your airport, there might be a flatten file there that overrides the default one."I just made a rapid test with FL915140.bgl to delete the flatten of 6s9... it works ok with default FS9 ( see the sloped runway below) :, as Holger suggests there is still a little flatten interfering (with the apron surface) : you can delete it (runway too) with Afcad by Lee Swordy... so, you just keep identity Airport in Afcad and AB grass poly to suppress regards , pascal
  5. re,1) have you install scasm ? (see scenery builder documentation) :"You need to obtain the SCASM Scenery Compiler by Manfred Moldenhauer and place the file scasm.exe in the "Tools" subfolder of Scenery Builder. SCASM is not distributed with this package and can be obtained at:www.scasm.deNote that version 2.96 or higher is required"2) and do not forget to select all the polygons with your mouse (they become "green hightlighted") before to press the compile button... ;-)good luck
  6. Hi Rob, If there is no another solution (that to modify the original FL fs file), you can use Scenery Builder by Luis sa : can "oppen" the original FL.bgl file : in a new project, option append / LWM bglthen, find your polygon , delete it and save the project.compile the bgl and that's done... but it's still annoying to modifiy original files.hope this helps, best regards pascal
  7. hello,may be some info on this page : this helps... best regards, pascal
  8. Hi Holger and Horst,Many thanks for these infos and links !The work of Joachim is very interesting and I hope his next "dissertation" will explain how to program these custom mask regards,pascal
  9. Hello Everybody,Yes, that's correct but don't forget to place with your modified ones, any textures called by your bgl, to avoid memory leak.I have a question too, about modified textures for landclass tiles :How can you modify the "masks" of these textures (ex.008A2M11.bmp) which seem in different format ?best regards,pascal
  10. Hello Paavo,Thank you very much for this new version.Your work for the fs communauty is regards,pascal
  11. Hello Aqui,Try with : "fx_firework5.fx"For a big one, you need : "Cntrl.fireworks.fx"best regards,pascal
  12. Hello everybody,Thank you arno for this tool : I just tested it with a few FSDS2 objects and it works fine !I placed them with a "standard" placement XML file :<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>you must compile the XML file (just drag it over bglcomp.exe) with your "FSDSmodel.mdl" in the same directory.As arno and Luissa said, you can also build XML library or special Rwy12 library format.Arno : if you want some FSDS macro with simple animation (water mill for instance) to improve your program... no problem !question : has anybody tried to make dynamic library with fs2004 style mdl code ?thanks again and best regards,pascal
  13. >but that would give the possibility to convert FSDS objects to the new format.That's a very good new Arno ! thank you for this project.Best regards, pascal
  14. Hello Phil,as far as I know too, an API object FSDS scasm macro works normally even if animated : I usually place this type of object with Groundmaker for instance.Hope this helps, best regardspascal
  15. Hello,Noticed in the documentation :"This program allows to change some data in the new format bgl files ...""Before the first change in a bgl file, JABBgl will create a backup copy in the "JABBgl Backup" folder ..."So, JABBGL modify data elevation in the file you selected and doesn't generates additionnal BGL (excepting backup one..)Many thanks to Jacky Brouze for this programm.Hope this helps, best regardspascal