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  1. I'll recreate my departure from Nugg's tomorrow, bumping up the veggies above NORMAL. Right after I did the patch to 2.1 I started P3D and moved autogen full right and flew around The Big Island of Hawai'i. Found I had a very nice ... stutter... every... second ... so I... turned the sliders back and it's smooth as can be for me. During my four hour trip today P3D was just flying forward from the cockpit. GPS wasn't on, I didn't cycle outside views, nothing. Just let it cruise at 4K' and kept track of what FSUIPC was telling me was still left in the system. While I have a texture replacement package, it's not the one that keeps getting mentioned and does not change core files. With the issue for GPS and possibly some XML incompatibility, I can't help but wonder if any XML parsing issue is having an effect on the autogen system. Because what are those darling little sim-prop binary (.SPB) files? Compiled XML code...
  2. The textures? Or the other changes made to the core files by the add on? Earlier today, Jeroen mentioned OOM and default P3D, so I fired up P3D and went to everyone's favorite airport, Nugg'S!!! It's first on the list, sits in north Texas and allows for a flight along a somewhat flat terrain. Took the default Carenado Bonanza A36, pointed it north, set the AP for 4,000' and let P3D run. I started at 1325 and at 1730 I shut down P3D, as the fuel was below 30% and dinner was waiting. Four hours and no OOM. Setting were my usual, kinda high except for AG bldg/vege at NORMAL. Once the VAS settled in at 1,480,800 it started to drip away, eventually sitting at 1,186,200 when I shut down after 4 hours. And while P3D was running I browsed the LM forums and there's a thread about someone with pretty much the same system specs who was getting an OOM after 30 mins with the A36. Only difference? He has a global texture replacement add on that changes some core files in P3D. So who's going to run the test, where they see if they can replicate their OOM by swapping back the default core files that are replaced with the texture replacement add on? Things might look a little different, but if it pinpoints a cause for OOMs they would be deemed a hero for all ages! Because when you see all the postings and so, so many have a commonality to them, it might mean it's time to take a real close look at what's being replaced and to not accept hobbyist assurances that nothing could possibly go wrong by adding some package into a simulator.
  3. Seeing as the poster of that comment has been shown the door, me thinks we don't have to worry about his judgement anymore! B)
  4. So people should disable default files to fix one airport? Do you know what those files do to the area? Disabling all the bridges (BRX) is going to fix an add on airport's elevation? Or disabling all the objects (OBX) in the area is going to fix the elevation? There are five airports in the APX file, so disabling all five is going to fix an elevation problem for one airport? None of the above would fix the problem (IMO) for the add on airport elevation issue. Trying to use default parameters to find a solution, without knowing (not thinking) what the add on does is a bad recipe for a pleasant flight!
  5. Airport Wizard, as mentioned above. There's a demo available, last I looked.
  6. Land classification is going to register by what is read last (higher up in the Scenery Library inside FSX), which is why you can "sandwich" certain properties of an add on like UTX.
  7. Bought time... Took long enough... :lol: Thanks Stephen and Paul. May this help to make my journey into the unknown a little less scary. And Thanks to Max for the OP!
  8. Hey! Where'd all the pictures go? Still working on putting the pieces together for a 3570k system and I am wondering if anyone has used the Indigo Extreme products for between the IHS and heat sink (water block for me)? I'm pondering over using Liquid Ultra on the cpu die and then the Indigo sitting on top. Workable or not?
  9. No, it's just Windows acting up. I first encountered it during the beta for Flight. Decided to install my Win 7 upgrade from XP. Afterwards Windows gave me grief about installing the Flight beta, the GFWL package, Microsoft Security Essentials. You know, all the unknown software of the world... Found through a Google search "Take Ownership" and have used it ever since the upgrade to clear up simple, little problems like writing to the Start Menu. Download is here; http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/add-take-ownership-to-explorer-right-click-menu-in-vista/ Instructions are on the web page, but it's a registry tweak that adds a right-click menu choice to Take Ownership. In your case Richard, when you get the dialog box shown above you would navigate within a Windows Explorer window to the start menu location shown, right-click on the folder and select the Take Ownership option. A DOS window will pop open for a short bit and then close. Then you could select Try Again and it *should* continue with the installation.
  10. No, FSX scenery doesn't port back to FS9.
  11. Flight files aren't in PSD format, they are in DDS. But if you want to use Paint.Net and work with PSD files there is a plug-in available; http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/18128-photoshop-psd-file-plugin-newest-version-230/page-6? Just used it in my very old version of PdN to open a paint kit file from an add on airplane for FSX. Like I know what I'm doing in a layered paint kit... :lol:
  12. I'm not much of a plane person, they are just used to look at scenery..., but the thought of the Stearman in an Avsim paint sounds cool. Through the logo and Avsim on the top wing and everyone will know the place to hang out!
  13. Other than the middle picture that shows a little tidying up is needed with one taxi node, I don't see your "severe problem". Pic #1 and #3 look normal, especially after looking at the airport in Google Earth.
  14. Mediafire caps file sizes at 200mb, so there will be many. Of which they could also be uploaded to Avsim, if Gerard was so inclined?
  15. Saw a posting at SOH that the malware gobblins got into the site and it's off while being cleaned.I bought their A-10 Warthog, Christen Eagle and Diamond Twin Star. Makes me wonder if I've flown the Eagle so far? Think I'll clear up that dilemna tonight! :( The developer also has a presence on Facebook, FWIW.
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