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  1. And with no disrespect meant, you're the PERFECT customer for the drivel that's written above! See, if I hook up the hydrologator to the influx capacitor on the whizzbanger preprocessor it will make my mesh turn out better than anything ever seen!!! And for that the cost, today only, is ... And since people know little about mesh, it sells well! It all comes out of the same source. I've been (<--- past tense) a customer of both and that's why I make my own. Any more, you're just as well to look for the free mesh that covers most all the world.
  2. meshman

    weird night textures

    Looks like normal FSX to me. What's the problem again?
  3. Make a flight at midnight and see if any of the textures show. My guess is that they won't and what you are seeing is FSX making the transition to full night texturing.
  4. meshman

    FSGlobal Mesh

    You can get the same results by downloading the free mesh that is available around the FS world. Yes..., the marketing hype will say "buy our's, it's special" and that's a bunch of... marketing hype.
  5. meshman

    Speeds chopped for downloads?

    Just trying a sample file today and getting a "baudy" 14KB. That's half the speed of SimViation and about 25% of Flightsim. But I guess it's not a problem, at least to Avsim.
  6. meshman

    Milviz compatibility with V2.1 vs V2.0

    There's just sooooo much that could be addressed by some of the postings, but I'll go make a grocery shopping list instead! I will say though, the thought of having Commercial Members prowling the forums, stalking any and all who might mention them or their product(s) scares me. And would make Avsim such a toxic environment that I would not want to come here. So I have requested some clarification from the staff as to what is or is not and what will or what will not be acceptable behavior by Commercial Members.
  7. Wondering if there is a system change that wasn't announced or some other problem that has shown up in the past day or so? Trying to download a file that should take <5 minutes and the speed is 24.0kb, also known as dial-up speed on a 28.8 baud modem. Avsim normally runs at full speed on my cable hookup. Yesterday when I was trying to download the file and saw the speeds I went and did a speed test and got my usual 25MB rating. So what's changed at Avsim?
  8. meshman

    Milviz compatibility with V2.1 vs V2.0

    If you are not positive as to what a Commercial Member can or cannot do while a guest of the Avsim forums, you should send a PM to one of the higher ups and ask. I'm pretty sure... they will be happy to fill you in on what is permissible. Having one guest place demands upon another guest doesn't seem like it falls within the definition of permissible actions. I'd love to have a discussion about EULAs and how developers feel they can alter them whenever the whim strikes, but it's not the time or the place. But someday, somewhere, a Commercial Member is going to learn what the term "unilateral reformation of a contract" means and how dimly courts view such attempts.
  9. meshman

    Milviz compatibility with V2.1 vs V2.0

    This isn't the Milviz forums, Colin. You are in the Avsim forum and you don't get to make the rules...
  10. meshman

    Does ORBX Global need UTX?

    UTX has been enhancing FSX for a loonnnggg time! Whatever FSX may be on a texture basis; be it default, GEX or whatever the textures used, the better road, coastline, river, lake and other features of UTX makes FSX better. From my point of view, of course. You can't compaare a vector-based product to a texture-based product.
  11. meshman

    Lockheed Releases P3D V2.1

    It's been pointed out to YOU before. What part of the YES that he wrote did you / do you not understand?
  12. It doesn't add anything unless YOU tell it to.
  13. meshman

    Version 2.1 OOM and possible memory leak.

    I'll recreate my departure from Nugg's tomorrow, bumping up the veggies above NORMAL. Right after I did the patch to 2.1 I started P3D and moved autogen full right and flew around The Big Island of Hawai'i. Found I had a very nice ... stutter... every... second ... so I... turned the sliders back and it's smooth as can be for me. During my four hour trip today P3D was just flying forward from the cockpit. GPS wasn't on, I didn't cycle outside views, nothing. Just let it cruise at 4K' and kept track of what FSUIPC was telling me was still left in the system. While I have a texture replacement package, it's not the one that keeps getting mentioned and does not change core files. With the issue for GPS and possibly some XML incompatibility, I can't help but wonder if any XML parsing issue is having an effect on the autogen system. Because what are those darling little sim-prop binary (.SPB) files? Compiled XML code...
  14. The next "P3D only" airplane we won't know anything about... I doubt it would be for sale. A P3D only for the community would be a long ways off, as 3pd still have too much of an investment in the FSX clientele to turn their backs on them and go only with P3D. IMO, of course.
  15. meshman

    Version 2.1 OOM and possible memory leak.

    The textures? Or the other changes made to the core files by the add on? Earlier today, Jeroen mentioned OOM and default P3D, so I fired up P3D and went to everyone's favorite airport, Nugg'S!!! It's first on the list, sits in north Texas and allows for a flight along a somewhat flat terrain. Took the default Carenado Bonanza A36, pointed it north, set the AP for 4,000' and let P3D run. I started at 1325 and at 1730 I shut down P3D, as the fuel was below 30% and dinner was waiting. Four hours and no OOM. Setting were my usual, kinda high except for AG bldg/vege at NORMAL. Once the VAS settled in at 1,480,800 it started to drip away, eventually sitting at 1,186,200 when I shut down after 4 hours. And while P3D was running I browsed the LM forums and there's a thread about someone with pretty much the same system specs who was getting an OOM after 30 mins with the A36. Only difference? He has a global texture replacement add on that changes some core files in P3D. So who's going to run the test, where they see if they can replicate their OOM by swapping back the default core files that are replaced with the texture replacement add on? Things might look a little different, but if it pinpoints a cause for OOMs they would be deemed a hero for all ages! Because when you see all the postings and so, so many have a commonality to them, it might mean it's time to take a real close look at what's being replaced and to not accept hobbyist assurances that nothing could possibly go wrong by adding some package into a simulator.