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    Other than FS, which I have been using since, probably Version 2 or 3, we have 3 horses and I ride regurly .<br /><br />I recently joined Rotary Club of Woodland Hills, Ca and am impressed by meeting good people who do good things.
  1. Please tell your friend that I agree with Chris. I have e-mailed my thoughts (mostly negative) to sales@simpilot and not received a reply. The program is not user-friendly and does not live up to its hype. It came wih not one page of printed material and the help files are clumsy and hard to use. I intend to ask pcaviator for a refund.If you or the developer would like to contact me, my address is jwhearst@msn.com
  2. I have to agree with everything you said. I will add that I was very disappointed to find that, for a program that expensive, it did not include a single printed page of instructions. The help file is helpful but it does not print out in sequence.Concerning the voices, nowhere does it tell you NOT to use the default Microsoft voices. I found by trial and errror that the program included AT&T voices which are a considerable improvement. Not great, not even okay, but an improvement.Does anyone remember Robert McKay's program several years ago, which provided a number of voices IN REGIONAL ACCENTS, was much easier to use (it included a handy chart of the responses you should use.) Unfortuantely, Robert's company apprently ran out of steam when the next version of FS came out with the semi-verbal ATC.I e-mailed my thoughts to Simpilot but, surprise, surprise, have not received a reply. I agree, save your money.
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