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    Other than FS, which I have been using since, probably Version 2 or 3, we have 3 horses and I ride regurly .<br /><br />I recently joined Rotary Club of Woodland Hills, Ca and am impressed by meeting good people who do good things.
  1. Thanks,, Jeff. I feel stupid. Must have turned "Show saved missions" off.
  2. All of a sudden, I am unable to save missions. This iis espeically unwelcome when I suspect I'm going to blow an approach and want to save just before I do it.I go through the procedure and assign a name to the mission to be saved and the program appears to accept it. but when I do blow it and have to stop there, the "saved" mission doesn't appear when I want to load it.All the adventures I've purchsed are available. Anyone got a clue?.
  3. I'm having a differnt prin problem. When I press Print or ctrl P, I get the following:An error has occurred in the scrift for this pageLine 28cError The specified mod could not be usedCode 0URL res://fragment.dll preview jsDidn't used to do this. I can print okay from other progams. Any ideas, guys?
  4. If any of you experts would like to model my home and suroundings to put into FSX, I would be happy to pay a reasonable fee to you or to a charity of your choice. I can supply pix.Who knows, might be the start of a new buisiness. I'm sure there are others who would want this for their homes.Jay Hearste-mail jwhearst@msn.com
  5. I mistakenly opted for e-mail notification of all new forum entries. How do I reverse this?Thanks.Jay Hearstjwhearst@msn.com
  6. Here's my scenery issue:I have several scenery add ons that I bought and downloaded, but I can't get them added to the FS X scenery library.I click on Add Scnery and go to the place where the files are. The name appears in the top space, but when I click Okay nothing happens. Funny thing is that I did get some files loaded but have no idea what I did different.Any suggestions?
  7. Solved it, with help from John at Goflight. Just needed to install Service Pack 1, which somehow got deleted. All modules now work fine.
  8. Okay, problem's back, but mutiplied.Using FS X and the Goflight bridge add on, now the radios don't synch with the screen, one of two P8 button modules doesn't wrork, and neither does the LG - landing gear & flaps.Here's the kicker - everything works fine with FS9!!!ould not find Sim connect on my computer.Anyone got any ideas?
  9. None of the above worked. I detached all peripherals except keyboard and mouse. When I chose the Cessna 172, I watched the trim wheel go forward on its own!. I could move it back with the mouse, but it repeated the performance.I have disinstalled FSx and am in the process of reinstalling. Takes forever, but I will report on success or failure in my next post.As always, I appreciate the interest and help I get from our community.
  10. Thanks, guys. I will diconnect the yoke and see if that helps. The auto pilot counteracts the problem and maintains a level flight.
  11. Hey, guys - All of a sudden, my elevator trim has a mind of its own. No matter how I try to control it: on the screen, with keys, or with peripherals, it wants to head down. Happens no matter which aircraft I choose.Really would appreiate any suggestions.
  12. You guys are way too technical for mr, but I have a major problem that some of you may be able to help me with.All of a sudden my elevator trim has developed a mind of its own, making it impossible for me to maintain level flight without auto pilot. I disconnected all peripherals except for CH yoke and it still happens. to varying degee with different aircraftHELP, please.ThanksJay
  13. We are talking about DBS Studio' Follow Me program?Cute program, sure better than the arrows. BUT it took me two weeks to get it active!!! Their procedures after you place your order are cumbersome and not well explained. I think there are four steps involved. I will be hesitant to order any more of their products. Have to admit they anwered my e-mails, althogh their answers were not clear.
  14. I ordered the program yesterday abd have never go through such Mickey Mouse to get an add-on downloaded. It's 30 hours later and I am waiting to get it activated.It better work better than the above posts or I am going to charge it back,
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