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  1. Hi there, I too have had the same experience as the both of you. After a major video upgrade (8800gt), FSX with Acceleration is very enjoyable to fly. I have tried reverting to FS9 on two occasions but the performance was no where in the league of DX10 so I have left behind what doesn't work and only use what does work. I am looking forward to what will be offered for FSX Accel/SP2 and hope things keep going this well until the next time to upgrade comes along. Hopefully there are others out there who enjoy this version of Flight Simulator as well.Tony
  2. Hi there,There is a thread and the Project Airbus site about this. I haven't looked at it in a while so I don't know what the results are. Might be worth taking a look over there.Tony
  3. Hi there,If you go to the MCDU FSINN site you can download the VIP model set for your flight sim. These are models that are very low tech representations of the real thing but they do let you know what you are actually flying with. These also do have some of the major airlines painted so for example if there is a Air Canada 767 coming in from somewhere that is what you will see. You can download a regular packeage or a lite package as well. I am sure these packages are available elsewhere but that is where I got them from. I hope this is what you are looking for.Tony
  4. Hi all,I have been slowly updating my ai in FSX and have downloaded the 2 Air Canada files that were recently in the library. I have the main Air Canada traffic working the way it is supposed to but am having problems with the regional flight plans. I have all the planes that are required for the flightplans installed and the aircraft titles the way they are mentioned in the included text files. I can compile the files properly into the bgl file using ttools with no errors. When I load FSX it will go to 90% load where it starts loading the traffic, it will sit there for a little bit and then say that FSX has encountered a problem and has to close. I would imagine that the flightplan file is ok as it compiles ok. My question is, does ttools look to make sure the required aircraft are in FSX when compiling? Is there a problem with the aircraft that I am trying to use? They are PAI Dash 8-1 -3, CDAI CRJ-200 -700, HTAI B1900. Do any of these have compatability issues with FSX. Thanks in advance for the help that you can give.Tony
  5. It's very impressive on my machine. Running on unlimited frames i saw jumps over a 100 in the default flight regularly. Back to enjoying the SP. Have fun all :)Tony
  6. Hi there,Vancouver+ is from FSAddon (http://www.fsaddon.com/) and is a very comprehensive scenery of Vancouver, BC, Canada and it surrounding area. The Fraser Valley, Squamish and Whistler are well represented as well. You can also find other various websites dedicated to this scenery. Hope this helps you a bit.Tony
  7. Hi there,I had the same problem with my newly built e6600, 2gb ram, NVidia 7600 GT etc. I was flying around Orcas Island and decided to reload into Seattle instead of flying there. I departed Seattle and had the out of memory error. This was the first time I had ever seen it with FSX. I never had this problem with my old computer (P4 3.0 GHz, 1mb Ram, ATI x850 xtpe). Both systems had Vista installed. I had been playing around with graphics settings and it was looking pretty but slow when it crashed. I turned down the graphics settings in all tabs and haven't had the problem since. FSX still does look real nice though. At the time though my memory tool showed that it was right full so it was definately the case. Most times when I am flying the memory is at about 75% and stays nailed there the whole time. I am also using the latest drivers 158.xx (whatever they gave me when i downloaded last Thursday). Hopefully this gives you a little answer to what you're looking for.Tony
  8. I am rebuilding my system with some up to date parts and would be interested in knowing if I should set up a RAID system or not. I have ordered a ASUS P5B Deluxe, 2GB OCZ 800 MHZ (two sticks), Intel E6600, 2x Seagate 320 GB 16mb cache SATA 2, and a cheap video card to tide me over until DX10 cards are more readily available (EVGA 7600 GT KO). I will be installing this in combination with some of the equipment that I have already, in particular the 160GB WD HD. The plan is to use the two seagate drives in RAID if it is beneficial and then keep all important files backed up on the 160 gb drive. What do you guys think and if you have any other good ideas I would be interested in hearing those as well.Thanks,TonyP IV 3.0 HT1 GB@400MHzWD 160 GB HD WD 60 GB HDATI X850ProSaitek X45
  9. Hi there,I am wondering where I can go for help in getting my user id and password from VATSIM. I have built a new computer and didn't get my login info moved over. All the ways of getting support over at vatsim require that I have a user id or remembering all the other details from when I signed up. Obviously I don't have that so I can't get any support. Any ideas?TonyP IV 3.0 HT1 GB@400MHzWD 160 GB HD WD 60 GB HDATI X850ProSaitek X45
  10. Hi everyone,I've downloaded the updated files for FSG and when I try to fly now in the southern states flight sim gets to 27% loaded and then crashes. I have tried moving where I have the scenery files located and I have also created a new config file. I am not sure how or if I should create a new scenery config file. I still am able to fly in areas that were not updated but I have not tried Alaska yet. Any bit of advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.Tony
  11. Hi there, I am not sure of the answer to number 1 but number two I can. When they request you to taxi to XX gate there should be an option to turn on the progressive taxi. When you do this there will be yellow arrows on the taxi way to guide you where ever you need to go. Hopefully this will help you. :)Tony
  12. Hi All,I would like to congratulate Mario Noriega on getting the plane he has been working on for a long time out into the library for download. Many people have been following this since the beginning through his weekly photo diary in the screen shop forum. I have not flown it yet but am going to take it out as soon as I have it installed.Tony
  13. Hi there,You may have tried this already but when I bought my 160GB WD it came with a utilities dist that also containged some instructions on how to format the disk properly so that xp would recognize the disk at the correct volume. I have not checked but this utility disk may have the correct formatting program for you to use on it. Hopefully this will help. Best of luck figuring it out.Tony
  14. Nigel,I too have the same problem once in a while and it is usually fixed by calibrating the joystick again. The other possibility is that you may need to clean the switch mechanism out with a small can of compressed air. Hopefully this helps out a little.Tony
  15. That could possibly be your video card overheatingTony
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