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  1. rjmck


    No matter what I try, I cannot taxi the SH360 at 15-20kts without riding the brakes continually ... at lowest settings it wnats to streak away at 30kts or more ! Any suggestions please? Is there a joystick calibration needed?/ Ron
  2. I have just purchased the Reality XP GTN750 Touch to install into my newly acquired Carenado Sabb 340 . Using the Addons menu install feature, I have been able to install a popup window which is lsited as Unit 1 (managed). Problem: nothing works, except the mouse pointers on the knobs... completely black screen. I would appreciate any clues as to how to get it working. Ron
  3. rjmck

    reality xp

    does the reality xp gtn750 work with this aircraft??
  4. No matter how I configure the fuel flow, the B787 will only empty one tank at a time ... this creates a very insignificant imbalance in the aircraft (which I do not see reflected in any way) .. any solution?? Ron
  5. rjmck

    JustFlight L1011 TriStar Released

    Has anyone tried to integrate the CIVA INS gauges into the JustFlight L1011? Having the ADEU card reader as part of the deal makes programming so much easier. Ron
  6. FSX now has a vintage airliner that is a total joy to fly and looks so good too: thanks to the team that has given us "Lockheed L-049A Constellation v3.0".This offers us the chance to try 1950's style navigation on transoceanic or transcontinetal flights where VORs and NDBs are few or non-existent.An example:1. Plot a great circle route, say from Auckland to Sydney -- ocean all the way. FSbuild will do it for you, with each waypoint about 100nm apart.2. Each 30 minutes, plot actual position. FSX doesn't let you do radio triangulation, so you can get the data using shift-z for lat/lon position.3. Using Bohumil Stadnik's Orthodromic Calculator (ortho-cities.zip) you can now calculate distance and bearing to nearest waypoint -- which lets you then adjust for wind drift. Or you can calculate your corrected bearing to next waypoint along. If you work at it, you can also calculate the wind speed and direction, check it against the "winds aloft" chart you downloaded before taking off http://aviationweather.gov/iffdp/ ), and adjust your heading accordingly.So a lengthy flight can keep you busy and interested, moreso than just watching a 747 FMS do it all for you. And what a sense of achievement when land finally comes in sight and you are right on target!Just avoid any temptation to check out along the way on the GPS they've included in the package. I have removed mine.Ron McKeirnan
  7. I had the same problem after I purchased Redux 3D lights -- so annoying that I ditched the product and went back to the default fsx lights.Ron
  8. rjmck

    Menu character corruption?

    I too am having this problem: the menu is blurred from minor to unreadable at times -- and the ATC window is faded and completely blurred and unusable.I have a radeon X1650 card and am running Vista Business 32 bit -- but this problem only seems to have begun since I recently upgraded the ATI graphics drivers. If I can find my earlier version I may have to revert to that.Ron
  9. I am running fsx on vista 32bit business edition:computer is 3ghz pentium 4 dual core with 2gb memoryvideo card is ATI Radeon x1650 with 512mb memorywith the default B738 parked at terminal Brisbane YBBN, I am getting around 8-9fpsBUTam using only 56% cpu and 59% ramwhy am i not getting better fps with that 'spare capacity'?is it to do with other settings?any suggestions to improve this frustratingly poor fps appreciated.Ron(display details:screen 1360x1024 - global textures:high - filtering:antiostropic - anti-aliasing: video card - lens flare and bloom:off - a/c shadows:off -level of deatil:medium - mesh complexity:79 - mesh render: 76m - texture :1m - water effects:1.x - scenery complexity:dense - special effects: high - autogen:nil - traffic: nil )
  10. rjmck

    iFly 747

    Having used the iFly 747 several times now, I must say there needs to be some work done on the FMC ... it is very intolerant of any mistakes in data entry etc.. and just crashes FSX. That gets a bit tiresome.Once you manage to get a clean FMC load, it is certainly a joy to fly!Ron
  11. rjmck

    iFly 747

    Congratulations to the four gentlemen who have created the freeware iFly 747-400 just posted in the AVSIM library.They may just put PMDG out of business on this aircraft!My initial flights have been excellent - and systems are very complete.The 300 plus page manual is a real bonus too.I just need to sort out some SIDS and STARS for Australian airports and all will be well with FSX flying for mine.Ron
  12. Similar problems since I installed SP1 ...when taxiing or at gate, aircraft does unexpected bounce - even if stationary. Outside view looks ridiculous, seeing a lumbering 767 doing a "hop" and a great cloud of smoke gushes from the wheels - and a "grunt" sound accompanies the bounce too!I will investigate the scenery issue, as I have noticed this at airports where I have a second bgl file for afcad overriding the default scenery bgl.Ron
  13. In FSInn the top button on your mcp panel 'S' for Standby chnages to 'C' for Charlie when you click on it.Ron
  14. FS Panel Studio for FSX lets you do this fairly simply.1. create your pop-up window with gauge(s) .. give it a unique ID2. create a new transparent gauge, using somehting like the ADF_T gauge from the dhc6_sw1.cab as a basis. Edit the click xml to reflect the popup window ID.3. locate the new gauge in the main window where required.4. repeat process to place a new transparent gauge in the popup window to toggle its close.That's it.Ron
  15. rjmck

    Vista black screen

    I am getting acceptable results running FSX on VISTA..for example, on ground YBBN get 15-20fps; airborne over Brisbane get 25 fps...I think problem may be video card which has only 256mb ram.Ron