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  1. Jim+1 on a copy of the gauge too please. Thanks.Maurice
  2. For an excellent freeware version kmiav2.zip by FRF Studio is about as up to date as it gets for KMIA. Maurice
  3. Same problem here also. Started a couple of hours ago after downloading some files just this morning.Maurice
  4. Just finished a test flight with it and I didn't notice any hit on performance and no blurries either. It really is a big improvement over the default. Go ahead and try it out. The download comes with the default texture in a backup folder.Maurice
  5. Rana, I just posted a reply in your forums regarding the beta version. This is for the folks over here to let those with the same problems know that the FPS drop is a lot less than before. Maurice
  6. I'm getting the same FPS problems regardless of whatever aircraft I am flying. Also using fs autostart but I converted my map files to .gif format as Matt Fox suggested. I also am using 2 monitors off of one video card. Systems specs areP4 2.8 at 3.11 Gig Pc3200 ramXFX 6600 GT Will try your beta version and see how it goes. Should the images be converted back to .jpg or left in .gif?Maurice
  7. Thanks for the reply. I already figured it out exactly as you had said and took it for a quick spin around MIA with no problems.
  8. The installer does not give you the option to install to a temp. folder and transfer files manually like I did in version 1. Does it overwrite any pre-existing files in the flightsim folders?
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