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  1. fsx

    Accu-Feel Released

    This sounds amazing. Just so I'm clear...does this Accusim module also predict the physics and flight dynamics of aircraft geometry and engine data?
  2. fsx

    FSX vSync FIX

    Great when new finds like this come along.!But for those of us that are maybe not so .cfg savvy, what does this tweak actually do?ThanksErich
  3. Whether a game or a simulation of reality is really in the eye of the beholder. Any sausage can muck about in an aeroplane for a bit of gaming fun. But if you want to master complex systems and combine that with true world navigation techniques, I guess you can class it as a simulation of real world aviation.
  4. I don't know if FSX sound developers require SP1 to do do whatever they need to do, but I'm sure FSX sound packs will be coming through the door in no time thereafter.
  5. fsx

    SP1 Beta3

    I think this new 'communication with the community' stance is great too. Thanks Phil.
  6. I most definitely have this with the Dubai scenery (suddenly disappearing and appearing objects including shimmering)to the extent that I've uninstalled it. The Vienna and St Maarten sceneries however are fab!
  7. fsx

    Reducing Startup programs.

    thanks much. I will be
  8. Guys,I'm looking for a program that can end all non-essential background programs. Any advice. Windows seems to be running far to many applications n the background and I have no idea what half of them are. Currently running 59!Also - how do I stop programs automatically loading in the quickstart menu ?ThanksEric
  9. Thanks for this recommendation. Lotsa fun! I love the photoreal scenery in this package.I've always wanted to try R/C for real and have never actually reached the point of giving it a whirl. One day soon..:-)Nice findEric
  10. Al, I agree. The models look superb, but they are awful to fly. Very 'flimbsy' in handling. Too light on the stick and too rapid in response.
  11. >>Maybe you should post the question on the CLS forum ?I disagree - i think posting such questions on the devs forum will only ever lead to obvious results.<
  12. Maybe you should post the question on the CLS forum ?
  13. fsx

    FS9 Backup

    Thanks guys.
  14. fsx

    FS9 Backup

    Guys,Is it possible to back-up my entire FS9 folder and simply 'drop' it into the MS Games folder if for some reason I later was in a position wher i had to reinstall everything ?Would this not cause registry conflicts ? An if so, what else do I need to backup apart from the FS9.cfg ?ThanksEric
  15. fsx

    New Project AI

    >>Whilst I am sure that PAI will endeavour to improve the models, they still remain an ideal place for the 1st timer to pay a visit to. Not only do they provide all the major packages, there is also a wealth of AI related experience to call upon within their forums.I have no doubt that given time WoAI a relatively new group will overtake PAI (in packages available) but PAI should not be discounted altogether, and we should also remember, they blazed the trail that many have followed.<