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  1. >I have been thinking of getting a TIR4. I was wondering if>anyone gets a stiff neck from using it? I assume you don't>move your head very much, then in the vc the movement is much>more. >>Can ya clip the reflectors onto your ears and stick one on>your forehead? Then no hat is necessary? Just kidding!>>I read up on it and it was stated that there is no way to turn>it off.>Is this true?>>What happens when ya sneeze? lolNo that is not true, you can either use the default key mapping and turn it off. (which is good when you have to answer the phone or whatever) I have my off/on switch mapped to my hotas so when I'm on a long haul I can just turn it off and lean back in the chair, then turn it on again when it is time to land etc.No stiff necks here ;-)
  2. >How many people are using version 3 and are completely happy>with it? I'm looking to get ver3 as it's much cheaper than 4>in the UK (from RC Simulations) as Ebay doesn't seem to have>any :((>>My eDimensional 3D glasses arrive later this week too, so I>want to be able to use both in FSX. Has anyone got any happy>tales to tell me about using both with FSX?>>Thanks>DaveyGet Track IR4 you will be much happier and it comes with full 6DOF out of the box. Track IR3 you have to buy the addon to it to enable the 6DOF if I recall correctly.
  3. >>hmmm I dont even have an application data folder under my>username in docs and settings.... and I ran a search in C>drive, no luck...It is a hidden folder, you have to enable show hidden files to see it. On the My computer menu or explorer select 'tools' then 'folder options' then the view tab and make sure 'show hidden files and folders' radial button is selected.
  4. >>THIS IS A ONE TIME EVENT PER>GAUGE!>>There, was that loud enough? :-lol LOL!!!!:-lol :-lol you crack me up...now that is pure humor!
  5. >It serves a constructive purpose of letting the reader in on>the truth about this forum, and people like you. Anyone who>doesn't see things your way, or the mods way, gets booted.>That's a real nice open, inclusive "forum" you've got here.>lolWe all disagree on different things; but all you bring is flames and unecessary strife that has no constructive purpose to futher our hobby and community. Your post sole pupose is nothing but rabble rousing and angry mob stirring...absolutely pointlessYou obviously have a thing with avsim, why don't you email Tom directly since that appears to be where all your energy in this email is focused.
  6. >>I also add my vote to asking for Microsoft to allow FSX to go>on sale now since it has already in so many stores.:-) I'm sure that decision goes far above his pay grade ;)
  7. >Great! Having real objective data will help validate those>vague claims.If the bits are the same for the 2nd Demo as the retail version; then I can't seem to see why everyone's fps have tanked on the retail. I think maybe folks should stop adding all the stuff from fs9 and just try and enjoy the sim as is default settings.Also try the the Autogen tweak that PC12 posted.No I'm not a a really excited user per say; but I can appreciate what has been put into FSX. I will still fly FS9; and when the 17th gets here I'll buy the Deluxe version of FSX to fly along side.
  8. >By the way, in case you missed it, you can save out config>settings to a file and then just post/send the file, rather>than post the contents. That's one of the reasons we added>this feature. Like I said before TD, if we would just take the time to explore FSX we would discover all of the jewels you guys have put into FSX. Believe me FSX is a significant change other than just graphical from fS9, but alas some can't see the forest for the trees; or is it see the trees for the forest ;)
  9. mrfuni

    track IR

    The reviewer should have been clearer with his statement.TrackIR would be an indispensible tool; but is not necessary for FSXPesonally I can not fly in FS9 without it, well I can but you know what I mean :) For GA and low and slow bush flying it is a must. For Big Iron, I use it but do more of that type of flying in the 2D cockpit.I really suggest that all simmers give this device a try; your flying will never be the same, adds total immersion to a really dangerous approach.
  10. What I found very interesting in the 2nd demo (don't have the retail yet) was the clouds reflected off of the water, and the rain on the tarmac was pretty awesome. There is a lot that you guys at ACES have done with FSX that will pleasently supprise quite a few fellow users if they just take the time to explore. The sunrises are simply awesome!!! and the relective windows, all these little nuauces make FSX worth it in my opinion.
  11. >With an increase in RAM, you do not speed things up, you make>things happen, more room to play, you have enough room but>your still a slow boy. But this slow boy in a small space did>little steps at a time,....>Huh?????:-doh
  12. Peter, I have to agree with you...When I fired up the latest demo I just left the settings where they defaulted to...which was higher then I expected. I tweaked a few things down and man this is a nice experience. I will be buying the full version, and flying it along side fs9
  13. Why don't you try it with the default settings, that were set after the installation? You guys go run and immediately jack stuff up and then start complaining. ACEs told us that low to med settings were fs9's max. So why do you insist on cranking this thing up well past that?
  14. >Hey guys,>>Lets keep this thread on topic please.>>Thanks,>ThadI concur...lets stay on topic.
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