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  1. I posted this yesterday to the support forum over at QW and got a response (reload the saved flight). Tried it and it didn't work, tried some other things as well (saving while taxiing instead of while stopped, etc.) also to no avail. I am posting the question here in the hope that there is a larger user base here who may have been through it. I still have some additional ideas to try; uninstalling FSDT KLAX V2 & using FSX default KLAX is one of them. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Flight DL1404 headed from KLAX to KSLC. At the hold short line for RW25R the ground cart is somehow re-attached to the aircraft, even though I disconnected it before pushback. Images listed below are not posted, since that requires a third-party host, but the sequence indicates the problem. Image 1 Completed pushback at gate B 53 after cold & dark start, using external (cart) power & then APU. Notice no cart connected. Saved flight here. Image 2 Hold short at RW25R. Saved flight here. Quit flight. Then loaded flight, panel missing the FMC information, so I did the ATC route uplink again, and set the SID. But huh??? the ground cart is somehow re-connected. Can't disconnect it from the QW pull down menu, which shows it as disconnected. Image 3 In the air after take-off from RW25R. Flying fine even with the cart. Does the cart affect the aerodynamics of the aircraft? Doesn't seem to, although I would expect it. Image 4 Still flying OK but sure looks weird. QW pull down menu still shows cart disconnected (red), but it most certainly is not. Those connecting cables must be really stout. Image 5 Over Long Beach on SID OSHNN. Nice view except for the cart, still dangling.
  2. Just getting back to FS (last time was FS4).I searched here, searched the web through Google, searchd FS Insider and looked in the FSX directories on the computer and can't find anything resembling an instruction manual (such as a PDF file) that can be downloaded and printed. Does one exist? I know I can print the various modules in the Learning Center but I'm looking for an easier way to do it. Sorry for the nuisance question.tnbriggs
  3. tnbriggs

    Wings of Power

    Thanks for the info. I had checked the website, couldn't find anything definitive there or any way there to ask the question. Once I proceed with the purchases if all works well I'll repost here with the results. Thanks again
  4. tnbriggs

    Wings of Power

    About to purchase FSX. Does anyone know if Wings of Power Heavy Bombers & Jets(for FS2004--Shockwave Productions) will work ok in it? Thanks.tnbriggs