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  1. Hi thereIt seems to me that the cause of your problem is your display settings.I have the same problem when I have my "display >> weather" settings to low. Try increassing the "cloud draw distance" and the "3d cloud percentage" settings. It may work.Cheers
  2. HelloI haven't heard of anything similar to what you are looking for; however you might want to visit this site:http://afcadwarehouse.net/There is an enormous database of afcads there.Cheers
  3. Hello I downloaded the LOWK stunning scenery but I have some problems with it and I thought this would be the right post to ask help from. First of all there are some autogen buildings in places where there shouldn
  4. Hi again.I searched the site and installed all the updates that are found there. I also downloaded the troubleshooting instructions and found out that two archives in
  5. Hi thereAfter a fresh install of fs9 I installed the Hellenic scenery project (HSP) base scenery v2 and I have a problem with two overlapping scenery buildings over the center of Athens. The Kallimarmaro stadium overlaps with a default football stadium that shouldn't be there.I found out that the football stadium disappears if I remove the Athens.bgl archive in
  6. Hi thereJust wanted to ask if the paintkit that is now available in the avsim library (sf260_repaint_kit_v1_1.zip)is compatible with the fsx version of sf-260. The reason I ask is because this file was uploaded 5 years ago. Thanks in advance.Regards
  7. Hello.I did a search in the forum but i couldn't find an answer to my question.Is it possible to have in the vc, the mouse view activated and be able at the same time to press with it the buttons in the vc without deactivating the mouse view?Thanks in advance.Jim
  8. Hello guysI am trying to model a telecommunications tower and at some parts I want to apply transparent glass. I managed to create transparency where I want to but I find it difficult to apply reflection and confine it at the desirable parts only. Whould it be easy for someone to help me create a glass looking material with some tips? Thanks in advance.Best wishesJim
  9. HelloI created some scenery with the "Object Placement Tool" and "scenery shortcut" and my problem is that when I fly near some objects my plane crashes even when I am around 30 feet away from them or more. Is there a way to reduce this invisible crash radious?Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello and happy new year!I started experimenting with gmax (included in the fsx copy) about a week ago. My question is how can I apply the "array" option on a group of polygons and not on an entier object. I want, if possible, the new polygons created to be part of the same object with the first polygone.I tried to apply array with only the desired polygon selected but it din't work.The reason I ask is because I want to array some polygons on a cylinder and I end up having 16 cylinders in one place.Thanks a lotJim
  11. If it is an fsx bug it is a vary amateurish one. Overall I found quite a few things that weren't given attention. Anyway let's hope that microsoft or somebody else will release a patch for that.Best wishes
  12. Hello I purchased fsx deluxe today and I noticed, as you can see in the picture, this triangles in the middle of the trees. They are only present on the rock of acropolis (all other trees look fine). I guess there are some textures missing. Could someone please tell me if this is a general problem or something went wrong during the installation? If it is just me could you please guide me how to repair it without reinstalling fsx (I wiss it didn't need 35 minutes for that). Thanks.
  13. >>However, the origianl poster said that a plane "flies over it">and never lands. If there was an afcad problem, wouldn't the>plane NOT depart the starting location? So you'd never see it>doing even a missed approach?>Mayby I wasn't clear at that part. When I said a plane flies over it (LGSA)I ment that it had taken of from an other airport and I had followed it all the way to LGSA.Sorry I didn't mention it from the start.
  14. Hi PeterI did a fresh reinstall of fs9 and the addon sceneries and I searched very carefully with the help of a "duplicate finder" programme so now I am sure there isn't a second afcad file for LGSA. Even though I can't see any traffic.Thanks for your help.
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