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  1. The starter on a helicopter is released at 58% N1 to ensure there is enough airflow to continue combustion. If it released to early you get a HUNG START where the engine can't continue to speed up to idle RPM. ( ALot of things are happening inside the fuel control unit at the same time, Air pressures on bellows and counterweights spinning to open little valves and it all depends on N1 Speed. a HOT START happens when there isn't enough airflow to cool the internal parts of the engine. and on the start, airflow is N1 speed. When the fuel in a helicopter is interduced makes a big difference. At 10% N1 with fuel and it will go HOT, 15% N1 and fuel is added good start. 75% of the air going into say a Allison 250 C20B engine is used for cooling the internal parts of the engine....... Ramble on or what...LOL
  2. I have made my own gauges to monitor the fuel and tried in Gallons/hour, Liters/hour and lbs/hour and converting to Gallons and the results are the same. as you can see above I'm not using a tooltip. I guess I would have to figure out if I burn 8 Liters in 12 minutes, how many liters would I burn in 60 minutes and then configure(Trick) my gauge to read what it should be. Or maybe the fuel_flow_scalar= 0.9 should be adjusted to reflect a more accurate readings. the default installtion = fuel_flow_scalar= 0.9
  3. I did sit and run the engines using a stop watch to time it. They sputtered and quit at 12 minutes 4 times I did that. Same results each time. No unusable fuel either. LOL
  4. I'm trying to get the fuel flow in the baron 58 to match what is used in the tank, but I have found that it's not evn close. I put 4 Liters in each of the tanks for a total of 8 liters, then I run the engines at 4 liters per hour each ( I make digital gauges to watch all this) I can see they both run at 4 L/hour and I see the fuel in the tank going down. The problem is that it should take 1 hour to empty the tanks yet it only takes 12 minutes??? Here is my code if any one could help this is baffling me. Thanks, Cal Jordan(A:RECIP ENG1 FUEL FLOW, liters per hour) (A:RECIP ENG2 FUEL FLOW, liters per hour) + (>L:TOTAL_FUEL_FLOW, liters per hour)(A:FUEL TOTAL QUANTITY, liters) (L:TOTAL_FUEL_FLOW, liters per hour) / (>L:TIME, hour)%((L:TIME, hour))%!3.2f!
  5. Seems to me when I tried it it locked the throttles in the air so I fixed that and it worked good, other than there wasn't an "Arm" function. Well I went back to the drawing board and got one to work with the Arming feature. Click the arm on the ground and it doesn't do anything, in the air it will arm and on landing the Engines go into reverse, spoilers deploy and flaps go to max. at about 60 knots Spoilers retract, flaps retract, and the engines go to idle. I surprized myself. and only used 4 cases to do it. But thanks for your help. everything helps with this stuff. As my first gauge I should have picked a toggle switch. LOL But I have learned alot doing this. Patients for one, and if you think you have pulled all your hair out, there is always a bit more to pull... Thanks again.
  6. Thanks, I got your code to work, I had this before but didn't like it because the engines go to 0 in flight when it is turned on. I guess back to the drawing board. I think with the armed would be of more use.
  7. I have been trying to built an Auto Reverser, but hit a snag. everything works as it should until I land. The reversers come on if the aircraft is on the ground and airspeed above 60 knots, then they turn off, the probblem is I don't have a clue how to change it so they stay off. The engine is set to go to "0" to get the reversers to turn off. And as I see it, the aircraft is on the ground and so the "CaseValue" stay the same and It won't speed up the throttles because they are set to "0" when I disable that part its fine until I hit 60 knots the the reversers come on. ???? any help would be great I should have picked an easier one for a first project......... This is the code....(L:CaseValue, number)(A:SIM ON GROUND, bool) (A:AIRSPEED TRUE, knots) 60 > + 2 == if{ 2 (>L:CaseValue, number) -16383 (>K:THROTTLE_SET) } (A:SIM ON GROUND, bool) (A:AIRSPEED TRUE, knots) 60 < + 2 == if{ (>L:CaseValue, number) 0 (>K:THROTTLE_SET) } (L:CaseValue, number) 0 == if{ 1 (>L:CaseValue, number) } els{ 0 (>L:CaseValue, number) }
  8. I'm trying to make a rotary switch using 10 pics of the gauge. When I try to run it, it will rotate the guage up to 10 and Back to 0 but I can't for the life of me get it to go from PICTURE_9.BMP to PICTURE_0.bmp If it was VB6 no problem If PIC_NUMBER = "9" Then PIC_NUMBER = "0" End If If PIC_NUMBER = "0" Then PIC_NUMBER = "9" End IfThis is the click events I have that work up to 9 and back to 0I need help getting my variable PIC_NUMBER from 9 back to 0 in the click event. I'm using 9 cases to change the BMPs of the switch.(L:PIC_NUMBER, number) - 1 (>L:PIC_NUMBER, number) (L:PIC_NUMBER, number) + 1 (>L:PIC_NUMBER, number) Thanks, Cal
  9. This is what I have used for the Airbus A340-600atc_type=AIRBUSatc_model=A340atc_id=C-GRFNatc_airline=Canadianatc_flight_number=256atc_heavy=1atc_parking_types=GATEatc_parking_codes=CDNui_manufacturer=Airbusui_type=A340-600ui_variation=CVAThe parking types and codes must be defined in the afcad for the airport you are at. whenI land and tune to ground it will asign a GATE used for CANADIAN only. If one is available.I think that is what you are looking for.
  10. I was thinking that myself as I ponder how XML works, I have a little time with Visual Basic 6 and this stuff is throwing me for a loop. I was thinking of a clickable program for gauge creation e.g.Text boxes and drop down lists, where the bitmaps are located. Just name or choose a parameter from the engine list name the variable..... Getting the list and parameters together as I learnin', Lotsa, notes, the wife is even getting into the gauge making, she asked last week if I could make a gauge to eject the user from the game and computer and send them to bed. I've been working on that for a solid week now......Too many variables and parameters......Take offs are optional... Landing are manditory.Its better to be on the ground wishing you were in the air, Than in the air wishing you were on the ground. Have a good one, Cal
  11. >>could a default light switch be used?>>No, not really. The only thing that could be accomplished>without having the model's source file is to strobe the LL>on/off, but the actual system is a "wig-wag," meaning the port>and starboard lights strobe alternately.>>But, a simple gauge to strobe all lights in unison is easily>accomplished.Couldn't you use bmps that alternate on and off? Using xml and the planes texture. You want these for in flight effects and not on the ground right?Just starting in xml,gauges and textures, just a thought.
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