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    Megascenery Earth Question

    I have been running my older PC for years without upgrade. I noticed MegaScenery Earth was on sale and was thinking of picking up my State. Since receiving my PPL I thought it would be great for preflight FSX flights. My fear is that it will bring my system to a halt. Does anybody have opinions about this product? Does it create a FPS drag on your system Mine Q9400 4 Gig Ram 1 Gig Video My avg FPS with most A/C is 18-20 FPS. thanks for opinion.
  2. GaryTrammell

    CNN Mentions FSX used by Malaysian Cpt.

    Love IT!
  3. GaryTrammell

    CNN Mentions FSX used by Malaysian Cpt.

    Didn't The FEDs just raid a business because it wanted thier customer list? ...... hmmmm KSSC eh? I flew over sumter for my Long CrossCountry Solo Flight just a couple month ago. Really liked how the Shaw Approach Controllers Treated me even when I flew close to Poinsett Restricted Airspace....
  4. GaryTrammell

    CNN Mentions FSX used by Malaysian Cpt.

    FOXNEWS REPORTING It has now been confirmed that earlier reporting by media outlets concerning the recalibration of the fligh simulator yoke by Malaysia Airline Pilot, Captain Zaharie Amad Shah, whom is known to be the Captian of the missing Malaysian Airline Flight 370 to be mis-reported. Earlier report state the the Pilot, Captain Zaharie Amad Shah, recalibrated his CH product yoke 3 days before the incident. New information obtained from the Kremlins news source RT and ex-NSA concractor, Edward Snowden, show that thier was no recaibraltion of said flight simulator yoke. These new reports show that the famed pilot used FSUIPC to adjust the AXIS assignment pages for a new Siatek Yoke purchased from an online retailer 2 days before Malaysia Flight 370 was to depart. The Malaysian Government is now looking into Online Retailers selling Flight Simulation products to find out if Captain Zaharie Amad Shah had other purchases that may not have reached him before he allegedly moved him family home. Greta Van Sweatstain will have more at 9pm EST on FOX. This is how it seems to be progressing on the major News outlets..... They are going to run out of 777 pilots to interview soon and will have to start featuring Vans RV-10 kit builders.... Lord Have Mercy.
  5. GaryTrammell

    CNN Mentions FSX used by Malaysian Cpt.

    That is what is so absurd about the news reporting of FSX and his sim.
  6. GaryTrammell

    CNN Mentions FSX used by Malaysian Cpt.

    OMG Greta van sweatstain just reported his flight sim had landing strips in the Maldives, Diego Garcia & other islands...... So does I now suspect cuz I'm a pilot and a simmer?
  7. Yes, I did, I did wsome of the things that were mentioned here and ot now works GREAT much better then my old setup.I didnt try locking FPS.Thanks
  8. Let me Be Clear.I DO appreaciate peoples help, But the way it was put was just wrong and I was a little taken aback or insulted. I may have been a little sore at other remarks he has made in other post. He also could have put it a little different. Now i sorta feel ganged up on. Oh Well, Ive been wrong before. Anyway, For those who say A waste of money how do you account for my performance boost? And I guess thats about it.Sorry if I was jumpy. I will now SHUT UP and eat my Humble Pie! == Added in an edit ====THe more i sit here and think about it Erich the more I know you are right and I WAS in the wrong. I was extremly defenseive. I was even rude. So Bill, I am SORRY and i wish i could take it back. I do have to say that what i said about his guages still stands. They are excellent.With Foot in mouth and hat in hand I say to ALL sorry. And thank you ALL for pointing in the the right direction.== End Edit ===
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  10. Im not sure about the mobo. Its a Asus p5N-sli. I had some 266 in it before, now i have the 533Mhz, so its double then it was. Like i said I did have a good boost in performance and have not had any CTD's that I had before with my old Vid Card. I am now also OC'ing my e6400 and its stable at 25%.I might wait for my wife to purchase some new shoes so i can have an excuse to buy more ram. *lol*Thanks for the Tip!
  11. BillYou know, I have read TONS and TONS of post But I have to say yours are always the most NEGATIVE and DEMEANING. SO you know I am happy with the performance boost I got going to the 8800. And how do you know I aint going to go to vista? do you have any clue as to my future plans for my PC? One more thought, seems like early in the year i posted here and got a real nasty post from you. *frown*Its my opinion you dont represent ESDG very well.(PS. one more thought. Your guages are excellent, I fly the Citation II and CJ1 and enjoy the guages but, You should keep writing software and stop responding to posts in forums.)
  12. I Might Do That. OH NO No Vista Here. I have it at the office. Its HORRIBLE crashes all the time. cant use half my programs from work. Maybe go 64 bit soon.BTW my XP boots in seconds too. Ofcourse NOTHING is on it except FSX. No Office, No Internet, No AntiV. no Nothing, Services have been shut off except for vitals ones.
  13. OK Its a Done Deal!I purchased the 8800 GTX 640MB Evga.And Some PC5300 RAM (4GB)AND The Verdict!Well I think my old 7950 had probvlems. so far tonight the system runs much better. A little boost in frame rates and a nicer looking video. Also, the old card had cause alot of CTD with a d3d9.dll error. None of those yet. I also OC'ed my E6400 to over 2.4 GHz and that made a real difference.Thanks for all the help. Maybe next Christmas I can get a QuadCore.
  14. WOWThanks for All the help guys, I "Think" i have it worked out now.Removed & loaded DRVR.DELETED FSX.CFGCHANGED NVIDIA SETTINGS.NOW on the another problem. Can I get windows xp to see my 4Gb Ram? it only sees 3gb?Gary Trammell