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  1. To All:I didn't want to add this as an addendum to the first post for Midwest Virtual Airlines that Brian made as this pertains more to the available positions within our Virtual Airline. I encourage all that feel they have the right stuff to contribute to take a look at the following positions available at MVA.Position AvailableSenior Vice President-OperationsTo be considered for this position, the candidate will have a minimum of five (verifiable) years VA experience in this capacity. If you meet these requirements, please feel free to send Midwest VA your resume.Position AvailableSenior Vice President-SecretaryTo be considered for this position, the candidate will have a minimum of five (verifiable) years VA experience in this capacity. If you meet these requirements, please feel free to send Midwest VA your resume.Position AvailableSenior Vice President
  2. Ken_Rodriguez

    Midwest Virtual Airlines

    Hello Brian,Is your website fully operational? I tried navigating to your site on several PC's without any luck. Getting the good ole' Page Cannot Be Displayed error message from IE7 and FF. Aside from that, finally someone who modelled MEP. I've flown them only twice in real life and hav to say that I fell in love with their service.Best Regards and Good Luck.*EDIT* Nevermind, I got in and am browsing along.Regards.
  3. Ken_Rodriguez

    Frame rates died!

    Hello,Sorry to bring back on old story here considering that we have found the issue with the tcas.dll.Norman, I noticed that there was no response to you about the effects on the CLS A340. The only result I have seen from this is that the TCAS in the CLS does not function. I have not seen any panel errors upon loading or during any phase of flight.Kind Regards.
  4. Ken_Rodriguez

    PSS web site is down

  5. Ken_Rodriguez

    PSS B757

    So Ron,I'm curious to know what you thought of your purchase.
  6. Ken_Rodriguez

    Engine Haze

    Tis called the blur tool.Regards.
  7. Ken_Rodriguez

    S/C How does it work? (on the CDU)

    Cool. Thanks John. Although I didn't ask the question, it was one that I had in mind.:-)
  8. Ken_Rodriguez

    autoland = hard landing ?!?

    I have not noticed any flare upon landing with the Autolanding feature on. I'd like to see a fix for this in both the T7 and 57.Regards.
  9. Ken_Rodriguez

    Load Editor, Fuel Planner...

    PLEASE...PLEASE...PLEASE????? LOL! Okay Norman, I got it out of my system. Now can i pleeeeease have the Load Editor...LOL.Just bustin' some chops in here.
  10. Ken_Rodriguez

    Landing Lights in 2D

    Keith,Now that you mention it, a reinstall was what fixed the issue for me when PSS updated the bugs. (I was a pre-order customer). Sorry for the ill advise. However I am glad that you have solved this issue as I too was a bit perplexed by it when I first taxied at night without any ground illumination.
  11. Ken_Rodriguez

    Landing Lights in 2D

    Hi Keith,I had the same problem here the first time I loaded the plane at night. I clicked on the runway turn off lights in 2D on the overhead and this seems to have brought up the lights you speak of. A little bit of a glitch but effective none the less.Kind Regards.
  12. Ken_Rodriguez


    I believe that PSS has announced that the Load Editor and such will be released as a seperate download because there were issues with it just before they uploaded the 757 files to the server.
  13. Nate,Are you by any chance using any add-on software such as FS Navigator or anything of that sort? The reasong is that I saw your post and decided to load a flight both in the FMC and FS Navigator as well as the flight planner in FS and was able to slightly reproduce your problem when I engaged the auto pilot of FS NAvigator. For sure this is an isolated issue. If the above is not the case, then I would e-mail the support team and see if they can help you. Otherwise, I'd look at the system you are running FS on. When all else fails, a fresh re-install of FS is in order.Ciao'
  14. Ken_Rodriguez

    Get Some Sleep

    Yep,I have to agree with Dan. You guys have been working exhaustively to please the community at large and I for one am very appreciative of all of your efforts. While I am not experiencing the bugs that are still being reported by some since you released the fix, I am sure that if I were, I'd probably expect to wait a few days until these issues were resolved. Thanks again PSS for a job well done.
  15. Ken_Rodriguez


    Awesome. Look forward to re-downloading with the very few issues I've encountered fixed.