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  1. Is there a way to start the 737/777 without VFX Central or just make 1 major update for the products? Every time you have to restart FS because of a (minor) update. I understand piracy is an issue but there are other ways to prevent this. Regards, John
  2. Easiest thing is go to your flightplan folder in FSX (so C:/FSX for example) PMDG/flightplans and your aircraft and delete that flight. Within the FMC not sure if you can do that. Cheers, John Rossie
  3. @Dan I took his comment serious! Was glad with his reply. I'm not landing with tailwind only when no other option is available. Even when speed for flap 15 my ROD is about 1200 ft when picking up the GS which is way too much. I've flown a zillions times with the 738 and when speedbrakes are used it's normally in the decent not on final. I need speedbrakes, gear down (too early) to adjust it. Regards, John ROSSIE
  4. @Kyle, please elaborate me. When you're on AP picking up the GS at 180 kt 2000ft, flap 5 and the speed runs away... How do you mean "poor technique"? I'm in this since FS4, multiple hours on the real (KLM) sim so if you don't know the answer don't answer it because you just insult people with it. @Spin When picking up the glide I'm gaining about 20kt... It's just a nose dive! Did in the real sim a hot and high approach and was stable at 1000ft, fun to do. Not sure if it's a model problem because I'm just one of a few who's having this problem I guess. Regards, John Rossie (hope you're happy now Kyle)
  5. Thx for the answers. I know from KLM and Transavia they go normally to flap 15 and gear down between 1800 and 2000ft. With the PMDG when you keep the speed even at flap 15 speed it runs away even when the wind is calm. Trottle is Always at 37% in AT and when disconnect it goes to 32%. Didn't use the override function for my throttle. On the other hand, in TO and you set the AP on above 400ft it pitches even up to 10 anu and corrects itself. And trust me, I follow the needle and trim is set as told in the FMC. With tha as mentioned before, with all other PMDG addons, no problem. I'm using ASN and FSUIPC (paid). Maybe there is something I missed? Kind regards, John
  6. For me the approach all goes well untill intercepting the GS. I normally pick it up from below but the ROD is minimal 1100 ft at 180 kt between 2000 and 3000ft (when airport is at sea level or adding the elev of the airport). 1100 ft or 1200 ft is way to steep which means I have to land manually all the time which is fine but shouldn't be mandatory. With all other PMDG aircraft (MD11, 747 and T7 no problem and all smooth... How to solve this ROD at short final with the NGX? Regards, John
  7. Did you check your FMC, Aircraft and Page 8 in Equipment? Hope it helps. John
  8. It could also be a scenery problem. Sometimes it helps to move the scenery up in your library or reinstall the scenery. Hope this helps. John
  9. @Kyle I wasn't asking for a release date but why isn't PMDG telling their costumers that they are working on SP2 (if they are???) or that they made progress etc. That is communicating! So far I can't find anything yet in all the PMDG forums. So instead of using big words like defending etc you could also answer in a normal way like my message and it has nothing to do with not listening. John
  10. @Kyle If you can implement it in the T7 it won't be rocket science to do so in the 737? If it's a different code Ok, but why is PMDG so lousy in communicating?! Many of us are waiting for years. Of course you can say a few months extra won't hurt but communicate! PMDG is great in simulation. less in communication! John
  11. It's only a 2% saver so modeling would be nice for me. Reg, John
  12. Yes, that's the one. It should be the same as programmed in your FMC. I Always set the alt when programming the FMC. But you should be able to adjust it also inflight. Sometimes you get another FL then filed and programmed. Then you have to change both.
  13. It happens when your cruise alt doesn't mach with the given alt on your upper panel. Just adjust it to your cruise alt and it'll go away. Reg, John
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