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  1. Is there a way to start the 737/777 without VFX Central or just make 1 major update for the products? Every time you have to restart FS because of a (minor) update. I understand piracy is an issue but there are other ways to prevent this. Regards, John
  2. Yes, that's the one. It should be the same as programmed in your FMC. I Always set the alt when programming the FMC. But you should be able to adjust it also inflight. Sometimes you get another FL then filed and programmed. Then you have to change both.
  3. It happens when your cruise alt doesn't mach with the given alt on your upper panel. Just adjust it to your cruise alt and it'll go away. Reg, John
  4. I don't know why but I cant post a link... Anyway, you can find the CDE at Avsim.com. John
  5. Is there also a way to make the TUI one turn into the Arke fly PH-TFC? Couldn't find one yet. Although I'm not sure if that one gets a new coat one of these day's...
  6. "Is this the final version of this livery, because I am missing some things on it."You're missing the P&W engines probably... ;-)John
  7. Both vids pretty nice. With winglets it's easier to see what kind of flex it's got:http://www.flightlevel350.com/Aircraft_Boe...Video-8038.htmlhttp://www.flightlevel350.com/Aircraft_Boe...Video-8043.htmlJohn
  8. Still the surprice FS9, FSX or both...John
  9. JOR

    73NG error

    Thx Mats,That did the trick!!!
  10. Hi,Since a few days I have the following problems:On the pos init page I have one line 1 the coordinate N37 55,4 E023 56,6 and on line 2 N51 0,0 W 000 0,0 (standing on EGLL). So my flt planner is lost.On take off I get the next error message:PMDG notification CG not within tolerance aircraft unflyable. I have the trim set at about 5 like normal. You can manually fly the aircraft without problems, but the AP won't engage anymore.I have had in all those years never these problems. I re-installed it again but still the same. Anyone how to solve this?Edit: I don't have the 744, but on other models no problems.Thx,John
  11. I didn't buy the 744 just because of the lack of wing view. Why bother all the details of the wing if you can't see it...?! Maybe you could skip the books falling over with some turbulence and give the wing view instead ;-) (or the possiblity to choose).John
  12. I know from a MD11 with eng # 2 trouble (read cut off) and landed without the centre main gear down. This was, like some people already said, to reduce drag.
  13. Thx Mike!"Nice go-around! I love it, but can't save it :("When you DL the Google player you can save it.
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