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  1. The mailbox was not full, but the forwarding server was, that explains why you were getting that message.It's a holiday in the US today, so nobody is around to answer calls. However, I just cleared out the forwarding server so your email should work.As for the RPM, there is nothing to "Fix" really, because at its core, there is nothing wrong with the software when we run it on our machines with the DA42. However, the DA42 from Eaglesoft has a FADEC gauge built into the configuration, and it tries to manipulate the prop, so if you have a joystick attached to your computer that includes and throttle, mixture and prop lever, try temporarily removing the prop control and see if the problem goes away.Also, if the problem does NOT go away, it's possible that your panel configuration in your DA42 did not load the FADEC gauge, so make sure that hasn't happened.
  2. Did you install the version for the DA42? It doesn't sound like you're actually running the Mindstar G1000, or certainly not the right version.Have you emailed us (Mindstar Aviation) for support yet???
  3. glassman2005

    Best Garmin Guages

    It works with any airplane you want to put it in.Level of completion mentioned in this thread does not tell the whole story. The real G1000 is always changing, and exists in many different versions. Everything you need for flight is present in the Mindstar G1000, including many features not available in any other simulation.
  4. Ok, I have to reply now. I typically keep my mouth shut during these kinds of discussions, but pleeeeeeeeeeese, those of us who have been working in professional systems development for a couple of decades know full well that if you write programs efficiently using modern techniques, you can get BLAZING performance out of GDI+.
  5. glassman2005

    G1000 ?

    The latest revision of the Mindstar G1000 has the RMI needles, DME and ADF all functioning.
  6. Or write gauges like the Mindstar G1000 where you enter the flight plan directly from the gauge!! :)
  7. I believe all the features you've mentioned above are available in the current beta version of the Mindstar G1000. There's also a new support & discusson forum on the Mindstar Aviation website. (As of today)
  8. glassman2005

    So, How's the G1000?

    Did you try this one yet? Works in FS2004 for now, and the installer is being updated to recognize FSX shortly
  9. glassman2005

    Having fun with the G1000

    The Mindstar version has all the flight planning built in, especially in the new beta version, so the FS flight planner is not really necessary.
  10. glassman2005

    Payware Garmin G1000

    The "official" Garmin simulator does not simulate flight dynamics, radio communications, weather, or viewing the PFD and MFD at the same time. Nor does it work at anything less than full screen at 1280x1024, and if you have a dual-processor or Hyper-Threading computer, it likely will only work for about 5 minutes at a time before systems start to fail. These are just a few of the reasons Mindstar built this G1000 specifically for MSFS, so that pilots would have a chance to actually "fly" the G1000, not just flip through the menus.If you have any specific questions about the G1000, please write us at the address listed on our website:
  11. glassman2005

    Garmin G1000 Panel

    The payware one is at
  12. glassman2005

    Payware Garmin G1000

    Just FYI, the next update (in the next week or so) will include the following new items:Projected Position Vector ahead of MFD GPS airplane.Overall brightness control option in PFD menuReference Airspeed Markers on airspeed tapeWind Direction Vector on MFDTraffic Reporting Improvements for high-traffic areas
  13. glassman2005

    Payware Garmin G1000

  14. glassman2005

    Payware Garmin G1000

    Just thought I'd mention that the refresh rate on the MFD map is not poor due to performance, but rather, it's meant to simulate the refresh rate of the REAL G1000. (Although the flight plan's magenta line isn't supposed to be we'll look at that.) I actually believe that we programmed the moving map to refresh slightly FASTER than the real G1000 just to make it a little easier to fly.One of the first things you learn when flying the real G1000 is that it's easier to fly the CDI needle than it is to fly the magenta line. As soon as you think you have everything lined up, you realize that you were looking at an older frame of the map. The time delay is one of the main reasons the Garmin Pilot's Guides do not recommend using the map for "navigation", but rather, for "situational awareness".
  15. glassman2005

    Payware Garmin G1000

    Don't confuse "topography" display with "terrain warning" display. In the context of G1000 terminology, "topography" (the TOPO button) is the graphical display of elevation, while "terrain" is where terrain turns red when your aircraft is too low to fly over it. It's understandably confusing because the term "terrain" changed meanings between the GNS530 and the G1000.Also, the relationship mentioned above is between Eaglesoft and Mindstar, but Eaglesoft has additonal proprietary relationships they wish to protect.Finally, regarding those GPS buttons -- they ARE active on the PFD, they are simply not activated yet on the MFD.