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  1. When I first got my A320 I had the same problem and changing the size figure in the panel cfg. was what PSS support told me to do and it fixed it. Could you actually fly it when you first got it Ali or has this probem only just started since you tried to fly it again?I don't know what Rob thnks but it really does sound like a variation on the mouse flicker bug.
  2. TimCan you open your panel cfg. and somewhere in there I think there's a 'window 08' section there's a 'size' line and the value should 2,2 but might be 1,1. If it is change it to 2,2 and see if it has any effect.Tim
  3. Hah!If I ever found myself in that situation then for obvious reasons I and everyone else on the 'plane would probably be going to die anyway, so what the #### ... I'd give it a go 'cos there'd be nothing to lose ...
  4. AliHow long have you had the PSSA320? Is it new or have you flown it before?Tim
  5. Have you tried looking at this thread? "A319/320/321 STILL can't fly"Start with looking at the aircraft size_mm file then work your way through the other remedies. When I first got the A320 I had exactly the same problem but it was the size_mm file that was the culprit.Tim
  6. Probably a more pertinent question ... what's your ias when you capture the glide slope with regard to what the FMC says it should be for the configuration you're in?Tim
  7. Hi Matt,I think we're a bit short on detail here! Could you give us an example of what speed and altitude you are starting from,what are your initial target speeds - and what are your final target speeds? You might also throw in at what distance, height and speed you turn on to final approach. The only times I have had this type of problem with the 'bus was in my early attempts before I got the notion of proper descent planning and speed management into my head.The other thing I've also noticed, and this comes form watching countless flight deck videos, is that in the r/w the speed brakes seem to be used more for 'dumping lift' than lowering the airspeed so trying to control airspeed using speed brakes might not be the ideal solution.Tim
  8. Timvee


    Hi David,I think I had this problem the first few times with my own A330. It's a while ago but if I remember rightly it went away when I turned my ignition switches to 'continuous'. I'll have a fiddle around with it today to make sure that's what my problem was, but if the answers above don't work try it. It might not be true to r/w but I can live with it!Tim
  9. Glad to hear it's all sorted Alex!There's nothing more frustrating than having an add-on that doesn't seem to be working properly and no greater relief than when you get it sorted!Tim
  10. And if the worst comes to the worst and you can manage it, and it's o.k with him, it might be a good idea to send Rob a screen shot or two of your MCDU inputs and panel at cruise level.Tim
  11. Just had a thought, and Rob will bear me out on this one I'm sure! I noticed you've switched from Boeing to Airbus,is this recent because sometimes it can be a bit of a confusing change? They do the same things but in different ways. The panels are different, the r/w controls are different and you have to learn the different sorts of processes which for me took some time. Just remembering you're not flying a boeing and there is a difference often helps.Tim
  12. You don't - and don't need to! At Cruise level IAS indications are unreliable and therefore pretty pointless. If you change your speed display to Mach indications you'll probably find you're round about Mach .82. If you also keep an eye on your ground speed that'll tell you you're going much faster than you seem to think you are!!
  13. Found 'em!How thick am Ix( Thanks JohnTim
  14. Thanks John.I'll have a look now!Tim
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