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  1. >Mine arrived on the 22nd and I'm still working at getting>things re-installed. I have had at least two 48 hour days>since last Friday. ;) Here's what I did.>>Do a google search for and download nhancer.>>Then follow these instructions. >>http://forum.justflight.com/forum/post.asp...999&FORUM_ID=25>>The only exception to these instructions I have made is I keep>it set at multi core, not single core as recomended. I get>much better performance with mine set to multi core.>>I'm using the 8800 GTS (512 mb) and it is just awesome on my>24" Samsung. For example, flying the DF 727 With ActiveSky,>FSGenesis Mesh, BEV textures (haven't installed my GEPro or UT>yet), and all options checked with all sliders to full right,>WOAI and GA Traffic set to 80%, I'm getting framerates>averaging in the 50's and often higher. All of this with>silky smooth, crystal clear textures and zero stutters. This>new system just flat rocks!!! >>Have Fun!!!>Best Regards,>JeffHi Jeff, nice to hear from you again and thanks for the link but i did find these helpful hints sometime last night and have acheived success!The only thing is i don't know what i did with the nvidia driver setting before i installed nhancer but i couldn't delete the fs9 profile in enhancer, it wouldn't allow me so i just created another profile and it took.I also have FSX installed and that was a breeze to config.i suppose now i have to go into the fs9 cfg and make some changes there, to get the best config, because the only thing is i see some lines in the sky that are somewhat distracting, so i'll have to work on that.Regards
  2. Hey Guys,I'm very happy to say that i got my new rig and i have spent most of the night trying to reinstall everything which from the looks of things is going to take a pretty long time.One thing i'm having an issue with though is the jaggies in FS9.I have tried the AA from the nvidia control panel and it doesn't matter what configs i try, it doesn't seem to smoothe out those jaggies.I'm using the GE8800GT and the driver is the latest Much Thanks for any help
  3. Hey Guys, I'm very happy to say that i got my new rig and i have spent most of the night trying to reinstall everything which from the looks of things is going to take a pretty long time.One thing i'm having an issue with though is the jaggies in FS9.I have tried the AA from the nvidia control panel and it doesn't matter what configs i try, it doesn't seem to smoothe out those jaggies.I'm using the GE8800GT and the driver is the latest Much Thanks for any help
  4. >Hey 9Y,>>Yeah didn't mention FSX ;)>>FSX IMO, your best off with the stronger range of CPUs,>preferably a Quad-Core, since FSX is SOO much more demanding>than good old FS9.>>But the new (Intel)Quads do come with a price right>now, since you said yourself your not yet an avid FSX user,>your setup will give you more than enough joy for FS9 at its>max :)>>Upgrade when your really feel the itch for FSX, by then Quad>should be lower in price, so all in your favor by then>hopefully.>>As to your current setup, that looks nice, in the sense that>now it is able to push out all it can. :)>>Regards,>Davis>Good stuff Davis and Jaap, thanks for all of your help! This will be the order! of course when i get the rig i shall post how it's running.Thanks again
  5. >Hello 9Y,>>Looks good for FS9, adequate CPU power. Two things, looking at>a performance standpoint vs. the space within your budget.>>Id opt for the Low-latency RAM, that could give you a slight>boost in performance, as well as opting for the 10k rpm HD.>Will load things a bit faster than a standard 7200rpm.>>Now again, these are NOT necessary, but if you have the>cash to spare it might be worth investing in, to finish off>your rig to push out its max performance.>>Regards,>Davis>OK, how's this now? I noticed you didn't say anything about FSX :-)Intel
  6. >Just post your final setup here BEFORE you make the purchase>9Y, that way it can be overlooked here for possible>missmatches or the likes.>>Regards,>Davis T.How's this thus far guysIntel
  7. Love Tahiti Jaap, As a matter of fact that reminds me got to re-install all of Bill Melichar's scenery :-)So GPU's are the important thing here, yeah! You guys really know your thing, i can't thank you enough for all of this great information.I have to sit down and read over all of your posts and assimilate all of this and make the right choices.I haven't looked at my old rig in a while, I'll post my dinosaur specs in a bit :-)Ok here it is, just don't laugh 1.67 gigahertz AMD Athlon XP128 kilobyte primary memory cache256 kilobyte secondary memory cacheBoard: ASUS A7S333 REV 1.xxBus Clock: 133 megahertz1024 Megabytes Installed MemoryNVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 Regards
  8. >Great advice sofar Jaapsan ;) (yes im back :( )>>@9Y, are you planning to stick with 1024, or are you going to>opt for a bigger screen in the near future?>>Regards,>DTHi DT, I was planning to stick with 1024 for the time being but of course they say, never say never, so i might upgrade further down the road but my present screen is fairly new, so i think i can get a few more years out of it, it a Viewsonic 19" LCD.Regards
  9. WOW Jeff, That was detailed, i think you have given me a proper lesson to configure the right PC and save some good money too, I'm really happy that i jumped in and asked about all of this.Thanks to that addendum I have chopped down the specs of my new rig thus saving money in the process and I'm sure it will give me the desired results for both Sims and just like you my usage will be more to FS9 anyways.I can't thank you enough. I'll be in touch to let you know how things worked out....ok!Best Regards
  10. >I spent just over that. Here's the config for my system. >You can use it to compare to other builders. You can see my>system is loaded so you can definately get the price down.>>I had a friend in Trinidad and went to his daughters wedding>there. Absolutely gorgeous!!>Good Luck!>Jeff>>$2579.96 >>INTEL, Core
  11. >Ohhhh, you can go a long way with 2500 bucks! :-) >>FS9 maxxed out is no prob, even on mid end systems. FSX plays>in another league, particularly RAM wise. >>Nevertheless, 2 fundamental details are still missing, do you>mean the full baloney in New York or Tahiti? Another very>important detail, what kind of resolution or screen config>will that '3D renderer' you are anticipating to get have to>drive? The smaller the screen, the cheaper potentially the GPU>for example. ;-) >>Kind regards >>Jaap Ah yes Jaap, I did not think of these things, "full baloney as in New York".Currently i have a 19" View Sonic that i use @ 1024 x 768 and i'm quite happy with it.Regards
  12. >Well, I was in your boat not long ago. I spent a solid six>months researching virtually every type and brand of>component, and a ton of pc builders. The best advice I can>give is that Alienware may not be your best option. The>system I built would have cost much more with Alienware and>didn't afford me the flexibilty in configuration options I was>looking for. Even more important to me was warranty and>customer service. I purchased my system here:>http://www.avadirect.com/>and you can see alot of customer reviews here:>http://www.resellerratings.com/store/AVA_Direct>>They will take time to answer ALL of your questions, won't>upsell you stuff you don't need, don't provide "artificial>discounts" and they provide FREE lifetime, US based, technical>support, as well as a standard 3yr warranty. They've been>around for some time and their business and government>contracts assure they will be there when you need them.>>I've dealt with and purchased several systems over the past 25>years or so and this is the best experience I have had, Bar>none!>>I hope this helps you.>Best Regards,>Jeff>>You might find this worth a look as well:>http://www.yougamers.com/articles/16583_th...aming_pc_specs/Thanks Jeff this info is invaluable, just have to be in touch them to find out about shipping and support overseas.
  13. Thanks much guys, I can safely put up 2500.00USD for a new system. I have been vacillating about the alienware option for a while because i have heard pros and cons but because i live in Trinidad most of the top end hardware is not readily available and if you order it from an outlet here at home it becomes a special order and hence the price increases, so it's best just for me to purchase an all in one system with all the bells and whistles i can afford in one shot.Having said that i will check out the site that you have underscored and see what they offer as well, thanks much for that.Because i want to use both fs9 and FSX is what has me even more confused, so I'm really looking forward to you your expertise here. Thanks
  14. >Hi there, for a new machine, FSX and - depending on the>resolution(s) you'll be using - more than 256MB GPU RAM is>indicated IMHO. Buying a new Flytendo now, it might also be>wiser to start with 2x2GB? >>Only get Vista if you don't want to do Windows Explorer work>with the keyboard for example. Vista is not very good at that>IMHO, but just to use it's good. >>If folks advise to turn off UAC, please take that with a grain>of salt. Particularly if you connect to the internet with that>same machine. The major change vs winXP - minus some>'disfunctionality' - is, users need to become acquainted with>Vista's security settings. It's fairly simple once you get a>grip. >>FWIW, the prices for the options are very high I must say. You>can buy good 2x2GB modules for well under 200$ nowadays ->likely closer to 100 than 200. Or, the >1100$ surcharge for>the Extreme CPU for example, is ca 5-10% more than I would pay>for the whole CPU. >>For FSX, get many cores and try to achieve the highest clocks>possible. Memory and cores will give you smoothness, high>clocks will translate into frames per second. And again, all>of this can be connected and tuned to the display config>you're using and - of course - your type of FS-use. Bushflyers>could do with less powerful machines than those who want to>fly to New York and a fully loaded JFK. ;-) >>The best would be, that you specify your needs (and budget)>before trying to specify what kind of hardware is required.>Without key info like 'type of use' and the display config>(that's what the computer is driving after all), all advise>here could be totally meaningless. ;-) >>Hope this adds to thoughts, kind regards >>Jaap Thanks much Jaap, just to be a little more specific now, i am still an ardent user of FS9 and would love to have it all maxed out, something that I've never experienced all these years because my current system is mediocre at best.I have had FSX since it's release but have also deleted it quite a few times from my PC because i just didn't have what it takes to enjoy it at it's fullest.Truth be told i want to have my cake and eat it to and be able to use both Sims on the same PC with more than average quality and performance on both, understanding that they each require differnt specs to operate well but just trying to strike a good balance.I would like to spend no more than 2500USD.Regards
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