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  1. >Hi, I get pretty poor fps compared to what I could be>getting; and the problem lies within the refresh rate of the>gauges.>>In PSS's A320 you can adjust it and I have the value set at 4>on that aircraft and I get smooth fps.>>Is there a simular thing I can do with Level D's 767?I recently upgraded my computer to a nice new one with super dooper 1GB DDR2, new 7800GTX256 etc etc.. the reason I upgraded from my last computer was becuase I had had enough of slow refresh rates on the panel of many aircraft.l this is one place where the LDS763 outstrips the competition. Nothing can touch the refresh rate of the LDS panel...I don't know if there's a way to change the refresh rate of the LDS panel but to be honest. when changing the rate on other aircraft it doesn't seem to make much different...My $0.02 worth...Best RegardsRichard
  2. Gggrrr. Signature not working!SorryRich
  3. Here here, I look forward to owning both versions too. "The other company" create add-ons of super high quality and Phoenix also create add-ons of extremely high quality, somehow though, I bet they're both totally different...CheersRichCEO - ATUKv
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