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  1. O.K., works also with Acceleration pack :( , tested and verified. Only difference is location of "C07240". But as topic starter said: Completely on your own risk. Don't even try if you're not at least a little familiar with hex editing.
  2. And a word of warning for those who will try and edit your ai_player.dll the procedure explained by topic starter is only valid for SP2 - Acceleration pack has a different ai_player.dll and editing this version will only stop your FS X from loading.@ Squishy: I don't see any relevance in modified *.dll and your low FPS on a notebook. They can't be anything but low with your hardware specs. Running FS X on a notebook should be condemned by Greenpeace as animal torture anyway :(
  3. Answer to your question is both yes and no, but more no, than yes. The point here is that a 5 minutes holding for departure, and with a reasonably good AI flight plan and good AFCAD, that is the only point where troubles arise, is somewhat unrealistic. In real life ATC sequences approaches in a way there's enough space between two arrivals to accommodate a safe departure, while in the sim runway is locked up when arrival is on extended runway center-line. If there are two arrivals in sequence(and AI ATC approach is sequencing arrivals quite realistically) this is situation where aircraft holding for departure would need to hold for slightly more than five minutes, but not much more, I even saw situations where holding aircraft disappeared just seconds before the offending arrival left the runway. If both AI flight plans and AFCAD's are written correctly, then prolonged time before a "stuck" (and it isn't really stuck) aircraft disappears, is a good thing since it allows some more flexibility and realism in AI traffic flow.
  4. Well, if this is the only solution, then I'd certainly like to have this kind of functionality(invisible runway, no flatten, just display in scenery list & GPS)to be placed on Aces wish list for the next version of MSFS. Thanks for Your reply Luis.
  5. I'm looking for a way to make a runway in FS X that is actually completely invisible in scenery and even has no flattens.For the visual part of the scenery I would use custom ground textures, mesh is so precise it already produces a flat and even airport surface, all I would like to add to this airport (and it's grass, so visible textures are really disturbing) is some code that will make it visible in airport list and in GPS and useable for AI traffic and without any visual element for runway or taxiway elements or flatten. Is something like this at all possible in FS X?
  6. Oh, I see. A little missunderstanding on my side here, I thought there is another one hidden somewhere inside the forums - the one that's available for download from the library found it's place on my disk the same day as published - thank's for Your prompt reply Louis.
  7. Sorry to trouble You with this - a really noob question, but as Elvis said: " I searched and I searched, but I couldn't find . . .", so where on Earth (this forum, I mean) is this autogen tutorial You talk about?A link would be much appreciated, thanks. As we all know, every little bit of information helps.
  8. Hi Matthias, Doug, RobThe dfd_fsx_xml_sound.dll works as a charm on my system, so Matthias, full steam ahead.And a big THANK YOU Mr.Dawson!
  9. As far as I know You'll need to spend some money for a decent Meridian aircraft and panel - look at Flight1.
  10. About Your (and all other tach meters - in the sim or in RL) being slow at idle: It is CORRECT behavior, since thach meter is a pure mechanical "clock"device and is actualy converting the revolutions of the engine brought to the RPM indicator by means of a stiff transmission. The revolutions of the engine are then directly displayed with the pointer, engine elapsed time is generatedby a "gearbox" and is engine RPM dependent. Philosophy behind this is to somehow get the "engine stress" time and in this philosophy considers an idling engine is at almost no stress. Furthermore, at full power the tach time is "faster" than the real time clock, since tach time equals the real time only at 75% of the max rpm. Since aircraft engines have a TBO - time between overhaul this measuring system is a fair solution, since when at low RPM, the engine is not at stress and the "engine time" is consumed at a slower rate and the other way 'round - at above average 75% power the engine time is consumed faster than the real time.So check Your tach agains the clock at 75% of the max RPM and I bet it'll bequite close to the clock elapsed time.
  11. Well, You already spent the money for purchase of the SCFA Connie.After madly dashing thru the web I hardly managed to find a couple of screenshots of the panel that gives You pain. To put it mildly, I was a bitdisappointed with what I saw. Take some time and download aircraft and panel from http://www.flightsim.com - look for supergb.zip in the file library. It is my modest opinion that this panel is probably a very closematch to it's payware "competitor" made by SCFA. And, yes, it's free.
  12. That's simple - reinstall the old bird that worked, but before You do this remove the present panel.cfg file and safely save it someplace out of the sim folders structure for the reference. I do not have the particular aircraft, but can assume it's a pretty complex panel, so moving items around can produce some undesired results.What puzzles me here is Your statement, that it worked and now all at the sudden, it does not. That's pretty odd, since if it worked and nothing was changed . . . or if You have backups of the steps made, You can try to go back one step or two but if You have no backups, only reinstall will help and then try to get the result You have now by moving one item at the time and always saving a copy of the previous panel.cfg.
  13. Hardly waiting - it will be a real time-saver. Congrats! And where do You intend to make it available? Hope Avsim library will be one of the places.
  14. Dai did it for NAV1 in C a long time ago, in XML there's sort of NAV1 hold function in Valmet Vinka, but plane has only one NAV and this solutionmesses up the NAV2 frequencies. For the rest (NAV2 DME hold) I can only say that there is none, or I'm not aware of. Others?
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