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  1. ustyva

    GPS Inhibit

    You beat me to it but I'll do it right away! edit: Done!
  2. ustyva

    GPS Inhibit

    Whoops, it happened again, now I'm sure it's a bug. I captured it with two screenshots. in the first you can see the position jumped way off (not immediate, but short after inhibiting the GPS). with the result of the aircaft banking to return to course. Only a few moments later it jumped back into the correct position.
  3. ustyva

    GPS Inhibit

    Thanks for the replies, I fully re-align after every sector, it works normally now, perhaps it has something to do that I re-positioned the aircraft on the ground (select airport in FSX) on that flight, normally don't do that. anyways it works alright now. thanks!
  4. ustyva

    A/C question.....

    The packs works to the coldest selected temperature of the zones. the other zones are warmed up with trim air. Not a bug, an actual Boeing feature :)
  5. ustyva

    Printable checklist

    Yes well it's not that I can't print them using the print-screen function and print from image or so, I normally print the checklist to PDF file so I can run it on my Ipad without needing to load the whole QRH and searching for the page every time. I can't remember the earlier PMDG documents are print-protected I never printed the 777 checklist because it's on the ecam, but I'm sure I was able to print the 737 checklist in the past. Anyway. thanks for the reply
  6. ustyva

    Printable checklist

    Is it possible in any way to print the normal checklist? The QRH pdf is protected so I can't print from there. Many thanks.
  7. ustyva

    Super charger control

    Great! thanks!!
  8. The four supercharger switches are interconnected, The procedure to switch from low to high blower in the climb is to reduce manifold of one engine. engage the resp. super charger. to high blower. adjust the MAP and repeat for the other engines. could you make them independent? Thanks.
  9. ustyva

    Engine Starting Question

    "most of us" means I don't exclude anyone "Easy start ON" As it is now. = Don't worry I've got you covered.
  10. ustyva

    Engine Starting Question

    You are all missing the point. maybe I didn't write it down perfectly but please let me try and explain again. I know PMDG did not MEAN to insult us, but it can be interpreted like that. There is a difference between a multi-crew operation and the ability of a flightsim operator to handle 4 switches at the same time. I still think this is a very weak excuse for simplifying the start up to this level. but I am afraid I have to live with it. Me and many others will see this as a huge disappointment and not what we expected from PMDG. As Robert said himself. PMDG'ed is already synonymy for making it absurdly realistic. this start sequence simply does not fit that description. Also I never meant to insult who ever you are Mario Donick, I fail to see how I could have possibly insulted you in all this. please explain or even beter, never mind if you don't. Lastly, I really love the DC6 product you have created, every bit of it, except the start up.. so no drama... Peace?
  11. ustyva

    Engine Starting Question

    OK, please don't get me wrong in this post, I write this with the best intentions!! Maybe the feeling gets amplified, after being totally immersed with all the beautiful aspects of the DC6, and then the arcade 'click here to start' option feels worse than ever. Also the 'start' is the first impression people get from this product, but this alone does not support bad reviews. However, that said I agree that the starting is totally not in line with this (and other) magnificent PMDG products, and hence the reason why people are asking questions about it. PMDG's response to those questions in this forum sound like: It's too complicated for you flight-sim people, and that's why we keep it simple. So you can manage. This is not who we are. this is not what PMDG is about, this is a very insulting waiver and it is not the truth. We are long time flight simmers, most of us have studied in the field of aviation and/or have a pilot licence. We are not arcade computergame players. We are the simulator community and we are PMDG customers. Most of all we take our hobby serious. a bad insult like that, creates bad reviews. not good! I am speculating here, but could it be that the realistic start was in development but either not finished or buggy, and hence removed for the release version? I am thinking this based on a video of one of the beta testers and I quote: "I'm not going through the full start up, we will cover the intricacies of this aircraft in a complete series on this aircraft, it is that complex and awesome" Really? "I don't like the start procedure of the DC-6. I wish that it was set up like ____." Fill in the blank without the snark. I can't guarantee that anything will happen, but at least people will know what you all are looking for. "Easy start ON" As it is now. "Easy start OFF" As real as it gets, period. I know PMDG can handle this fine, and so can we. Make it in line with the rest of the product! Maybe you are too busy now, perhaps with the 747? fine! take your time! I won't mind waiting another few months for a patch! In the mean time we can enjoy the DC6 as it is now and be grateful for it, but please don't tell us this mickey mouse click to start is final. Thanks for reading and your understanding.
  12. ustyva

    Fuel Quantity

    Haha I would doubt Wikipedia before you guys! Ok that explains allot! I'll keep my eyes open for the 10 tank version expansion pack
  13. ustyva

    Fuel Quantity

    I've done my first overland flight today, (Glasgow to Coventry) and hence the first time I ever looked at the fuel capacity of this aircraft. I noted that it can 'only' take 20000lbs of you'r finest Avgas! Now according to Wikipedia, DC6B could carry 5500USG, which is 33000lbs. This version will take the 6 roughly 2400-2600NM based on the 1000 torquemeter HP chart, whilst Wiki 'advertises' with 4000NM range. Is Wikipedia wrong? this a feature? are there plans to make a long range version? Thanks!
  14. ustyva

    Engine Starting Question

    Thanks for the explanation! I'm looking forward to that "Possibly, maybe, perhaps considering". It won't be manageable with keyboard and mouse, but with a CH throttle quadrant (six levers and 6 two-way toggle switches) it becomes quite manageable for a single pilot.
  15. ustyva

    Official PMDG DC-6 Livery List [UPDATED]

    I must say, it actually looks kinda cool, but I've downloaded the British Eagle (G-APXZ) Livery from the site. it's listed under DC6A cargo liveries but the file links to a DC6B download which looks like this