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  1. No, not about that one. Even though I get a difference of around 500kgs at 80% fuel load and standard density. I'll open a ticket on my specific issue tomorrow. The fuel distribution logic, how fuel is distributed in the tanks automatically, is not correct. It is distributed in a way that is forbidden by Boeing.
  2. Thanks for the update. The change of payload after entering the fuel was puzzling me. By the way Robert, what's the best way to get to you when I've noticed a wrong system simulation in the 747-8? Via Forum or via support ticket? It's about the refueling logic with high amounts of fuel.
  3. GMT Daytime end exactily in this minute, hence no release as promoted. 😥
  4. EST sucks. Only UTC matters. But unfortunately that's over already for today 😥
  5. I'll try to submit a ticket but somehow I have to figure out what my username there was... In the meantime: That's the panel state I want to reproduce in the PMDG and what doesn't work for me: Link to picture of the real 747
  6. Alright folks, I've been to a couple of 747-400 cockpits in the last days and it is definitely a bug in the PMDG. Turning the Switch on the FO side displays the FO ND on the lower display, not the captains one. Should I submit a ticket or is PMDG support staff reading this? I did also find out that the retrofitted LCD cockpits keep the CRT designation. So that's fine.
  7. No, only FOs switch. Captains switch remains on NORM.
  8. Hi folks, is there a way to put the right Navigation Display on the lower central display? Using the Captains's switch to put the ND on the lower CRT, it puts the Captain's ND on the lower CRT. Using the First Officers switch to put the ND on the lower CRT, it also puts the Captain's ND on the lower CRT. Is this the only way it works? As a side question: I've never been on a -400 with LCDs but to they keep the naming convention with "CRT" on the glareshield and main panel?
  9. At least AeroLogic and Lufthansa Cargo have ADFs in their 77F, so a minimum of 10 planes by today.
  10. So maybe someone disliked your post because it is factually wrong B) There are 77F, which were delivered by Boeing with ADF. And like the thread starter does, I don't like it that the PMDG 77F has no option of adding ADFs, despite real 77F having those.
  11. So I continue here: Bug: During climb with auto time compression up to 16x armed, PFD and ND suddenly started to do crazy things and didn't stop until I restarted FSX. The flight on which this happened was a previously saved one by me with running engines on the runway. The Attitude Indicator and the ND were freakishly turning around at high speed and speed and altitude were jumping between 100-550kts and 5.000ft and 45.000ft. But the ISFD showed the correct data all the time while PFD and ND weere freaking out. Failures were deactivated and not present. No icing conditions outside.
  12. I have the same problem with the 77F at KPAE 16R, EDDP 26L, LIME 28, VHHH 07L So when there is a solution, please post it here. EDIT: When I delete the ILS Freq on the NAV RAD Page, it works.
  13. I'm on delivery flight, AeroLogic KPAE to EDDP
  14. maxsill

    The Livery Thread

    Lufthansa Cargo is there, because they get their first 777 next month. I think any other livery is the job of a community member ^_^
  15. With removing some of the numbers in the price, we end up at 64,99$. I can live with that ^_^
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