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  1. Hi, just got the saitek pro flight throttle. Could anyone teach me how to setup the reserve thrust ... I am currently using registered FSUIPC and I linked throttle axis 1 to control No.1 and No.2 engine and axis 2 for No.3 and No.4 respectively. It is different then setting up the CH throttle since for saitek, the reserve thrust is actually a button rather then an axis..thanksBenPS I didn't install the accompanied saitek Driver (CD that comes with the box), should I install it or just leave it alone if I am only gonna to use it on FS for pmdg 747
  2. Hi, just wondering that is it necessary to format the hard drive in order to install Vista 64.... or I can just install this as if I am updating from window XP home to Vista home... thanks,ben
  3. hi,same story, it is happening right now, and besides all 4 engines have smoke coming out, the winglets are also missing...bencheer
  4. FYI, It is possilbe to go over 250kt below 10000 in HK. pilot:'XXX, request high speed descend'ATC:'XXX, high speed descend is approved'.ORATC:'XXXX, you are cleared for ELATO one alpha arrival, expected rwy 07L, from mango direct to sokoe, all attitude and speed restriction cancel' Frequenlty happens in the morning for traffic coming from the eastBen
  5. Hi, Sometime the FS9 menu bar disappears flying 744 in FS9, especially when flying in VC mode and switching from and to VC mode. When the problem begin, the screen ususally flashs for about a few seconds then the menu bar disappeared, and I can no longer get the menu bar back and lose all the option such as save (even if I press ;) or exit ( need to use ALT CTRL DEL and force it to stop). After I quit FS9, my computer start behaving strangthly. (e.g. Firefox doesnt start..) I also notice that it happen most frequently when I am using non high end graphic (8600GTS), and the problem happens less when using 8800GTS.Have any even had same problem with me?Many thanksben
  6. Hi,everyone, problem solved... Many thanks for everyone....Ben
  7. Hi, I have the same problem, in fact, my problem is even worse.After the 744X touched down, the autobreak doesn't work and it doesn't turn to disarm neither. I still see autobreak 1 on the EICS after I touched down, and no auto breaking action at all.. ALSO, the auto spoilers doesn't work as well, as if 744X doesn't realize that it has touched down...Ben
  8. Hi Ronald, thank you very much.... I appreciate...ben
  9. Hi, Could anyone tell me what is that litte thing beside the flag lever for? http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1292284/L/ benthanks
  10. Hi, Yup, the book helps a lot (e.g. when to press to TO/GA button..), but don't expect it gives a very detail explanation or description of the aircraft. It is also very entertaining, a 747 manual that makes people laugh... ben
  11. hi,Quoted in Mike Ray, The unofficial Boeing 747-400 simulator and checkride procedure manual."The VNAV function is so far too complex for a mere human airline pilot to understand so let's accept the fact that we will NEVER fully understand VNAV. We must be constantly aware of what it is doing and confirm that it complies with what we want it to be doing...""The complex mode is simply NOT INTUITIVE and so it is confusing and difficult to operate. If you get in that position, revert the simple FL CH until you sort things out. I would say 63% of the times when you ask,"What is it doing?? It is because of the VNAV""The VNAV function is the most disliked feature of automated cockpit system.""..73% of pilots used VNAV in the climb phase, while only 20% used the function in descent and 5% use the function in approach."The way he comment the VNAV is quite entertaining and educating, I bought the book and I just want to share with you...ben
  12. Hi, let say the 8800GT will be released on 29 OCT, how long will it take for those manufacturers like EVGA to produce the card and put them on the shelf for sale. I knew the 747X will be available soon and I have a big plan on upgrading my PC before X'mas holiday and spend all my X'mas time playing it....the new video card and a Q6600 or E6850 will be the X'mas present I will buy for myself...thanksben
  13. Hi sam, is that real? I just order an EVGA 8800GTX (yeah, that's true) and I am going to cancel the order.....thanks,ben>Have ya'll been following this? >>http://www.theinquirer.net/gb/inquirer/new...92-scores-outed>>This is the G92 and it will be called the 8800GT. We were>hoping this would be a triple over the 8800GTX. Seems it>didn't work out that way. It appears it will end up "only">providing the same performance as the GTX . . . but the good>news is that it's a single slot card (laptop bound?) and may>only cost 200 bucks. It's due in the 29th, so we'll see then.>>
  14. Hi, I have a questions regarding that topic... I want to get a new video card, either 8800GTS 640mb or 8800GTX. However, the price gap between them are very huge, almost double. My question is that is it worth to spend double amount of money to get a GTX instead of GTS for playing FS9(primiary) or FSX(seldomly)? i.e. will I get at least 60% performance increase with gtx compare with 640mb gts.There are a lot of people making comparsion between them but they are not using FS as a benchmarking tool. I know FS is different from other PC games and I want to hear some advices on that.Beside that, what do you think about the price trend for the 8800 cards, everyone knows that they have new card coming out very soon and the price for 8800 GTS and GTX will drop for sure, but the question is, how many percentage. If the expected price drop is just 10 to 20%, I will get it right now, otherwise, I will wait. what do you think?thanks,Benny P.S. I am using Pentium D 940 3.2ghz oc to 3.8ghz, 2gig DDR2 800, Asus P5K premium, 22" LCD monitor and a 650W power supplier
  15. Hi, I am thinking of replacing my CH throttle with the one from goflight... The CH one is good but goflight's one LOOKS wonderful for PMDG 747, especially the reserve thurst and the flap lever. Having said that, I haven't use that before and I want to hear some feedback from anyone who has a goflight throttle.Ben Thanks
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