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  1. Thanks Ryan!The non-supersampled 16xQ mode worked best for me. Displays are crisp & clear in 2D just how I like them.Didn't noticed any difference by setting the transparency to 4x supersample - should I see any?Cheers,Cristian Ionescu
  2. Hi Ryan,With these settings it looks great however EHSI and EADI look pretty blurry to me. (MD11 2D cockpit) What settings do you recomend to keep the crisp displays?I have a GTX460 running at 1280*1024Cheers,Cristian Ionescu
  3. Hi,I had a similar problem, the speed in the climb stayed at 170 knots and it wouldn't accelerate for flap retraction.The problem only appeared when an approach was also entered in the FMC. If this is your case try one of the following:- delete the approach- OR if you don't want to delete the approach, try at least to delete the approach speed restrictions around the FAF. Don't worry about approach speeds in the climb, you will be able to enter them in later on in the cruise, when planning the approach.Please let us know if this fixes your problem.Cristi
  4. I think the flight simulation is greatly improved. I find it very good. Also the effects of weather over the aircraft are much better.FSX has great potential, if we could only have the smoothness to enjoy it fully.C'mon ACES give us those 30FPS.Cristi
  5. Thank you for your answer, I will try it today and report back.Cristi
  6. Hi,I have a problem using the camera in spot view. I do this in instant replay, mostly to watch and analyse how my landings are.Problem is that in spot view the camera has a strange behavior, I don't know how to describe it, jumps up / down, in / out.Does anyone know a workaround / fix for this.Thank you,Cristi
  7. You guys should be really happy to have wifes that fly with you :))That alone should outbalance the FPS problems :))Happy landings,Cristi
  8. This is really strange, first my spec, which I purchased recently:CPU: Core2Duo E6600MB: Asus P5B DeluxeRAM: 2 Gb Kingston DDR2667GPU: Connect3d X1950XTX 512MbFSX Tweaks: default.xml deleted, AutogenDescriptions replaced, fiber_fraction, texture_band_mult and PoolSize.FPS: locked at 24, and values stays consistent at 24, EXCEPT big airports where I experience a drop to 15-20 FPS.Indeed RAM usage is low at aroung 500 - 800Mb so I see no obvious reason why adding RAM should help.To the original poster:DID you change all RAM with a different type (frequency / latency)? Or just added on top of what you previously had?DID you change channel configuration to dual channel?
  9. There is one more thing to note related to dual cores.FSX is not the only process running.Even if FSX is utilizing only one core, there are other operating system services and application that can run on the other core if needed.Also addons like active sky can be set to run on the other core if so desired.So even if FSX is not optimized for dual cores there are still a lot of things that the "other" core can do.Hope this helps,Cristi
  10. Ok, so I think we are falling in a little trap regarding DX10 cards and Vista.FSX is still very much CPU limited. So you can have 100 8800GTX cards and still there will be little or no improvement.Vista alone also doesn't bring any improvement.While the 8800 card does indeed have much higher raw power it still doesn't get job to do from the CPU at it's maximum capability. Only when DX10 will arrive, only that will enable to switch some of the CPU load to the graphics card.This is a DX10 card but is running in DX9 mode, because DX10 is not installed on your machines, and most important FSX doesn't use DX10 code.So three things must happen in order to see some performance improvements in FSX, based on DX10:1. Hardware: Nvidia 8800 - already available - CHECKED2. OS Support: Vista + DX10 runtime - not yet available3. FSX patch for DX10: FSX must use DX10 code to take advantage of new capabilities - not yet available.Hope this helps,Cristi
  11. Yep,having the same problem with the jets. Can't get them to hold altitude.Try increasing the sensitivities, and reducing the null zone as much as possible.Also try to add: stick_sensitivity_mode=0 to the controls section in fsx.cfg.These two changes improved the handling somehow, but not much.There are also the elevator / aileron effectiveness settings in each aricraft.cfg files try setting that value from 1.0 to let's say 0.6-0.7.See if these help, and report back if you have a solution, i'm also interested as I'm not yet satisfied with the handling.Hope this helps,Crist
  12. Try it like this:http://excitingsimulations.com/FSX/And then download the ZIP file which holds the PDF.
  13. Ok, maxed out sensitivities, minimum null zone and I already see an improvement.However now it's a little hard to fly level.So I will try tweaking the _effectiveness also.I have the CH Yoke also (no pedals).Thanks everyone for your help. It is much appreciated.Cristi
  14. I THINK (not sure however) the textures come by default with a 1m resolution. So increasing that slider won't make any difference.They are already very good, and I enjoy them alot.In my oppinion your fiber frame fraction is set to a low value (.13).This gives you good framerates but might cause more blurried textures.You can see if I am right or wrong by increasing the value to let's say (.33 - .4), ignore FPS for a moment. Now see if that does any help. If yes, try to refine the setting to a value where you achieve a comfortable balance between speed and quality.Hope that helps,Cristi
  15. Ok thanks, that's very usefull information.I'll try it and call you back to report.
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